Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Chinese Boxes: FOR THE CUTTING CAFE

I am so happy with these boxes and how they turned out!

A huge hug to Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE who provided these lovely little boxes for me to play with. Check them out here!

One is heading off to my friend who just had her third baby. That one will be filled with yummy chocolates! I am guessing she will sneak one when she needs a MOMMY BREAK! ;-) I have a pretty little antique silver spoon tied on it too for a decoration. (See it below in my pile of goodies I have assembled?)

I used a simple white sheet of cardstock to create the larger one I am sending off. I actually printed this box and hand cut. It is super simple.

Just a few process photos so you can see how I inked it up with stamp pads. I love using those since I have them right on hand and a simple spray of a clear mist or a bit of alcohol in a spray bottle creates a lovely tie dye look.

And here is the flip side of the box. So you can see the printed lines and the clear plastic I used for the little window. I used 12 by 12 scrapbooking paper to print it on my large format printer.

I assembled the whole thing with hot glue. Just an easy peasey, pretty little box for a friend! Here is a top view so you can see how nicely the rolled roses turned out.

One last photo of the boxes! The one on the right is even smaller! I thought it would make a nice present for a scrap friend filled with goodies like vintage buttons. That I cut on my Silly. 

I was trying to decide if I'd rather get chocolate or vintage buttons. I decided getting BOTH would make me happiest!

Back tomorrow with updates from meeting Scrap Rock Stars at Scrapbook & Cards Crop and Create Event in Cornwall, Ontario. I am planning extra zumba this week to work off all the eating I did. ;-)

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 27, 2013


I am sitting at the NAV Center in Cornwall Canada. I have a bag of NEW scrap goodies and I'm waitin' for the infamous Anne (Scrappin' Boss from Another Freakin' Scrappy) to pop in! I AM SCRAPPING IN PUBLIC and I'm gunna meet Anne! I also had a half moon cookie today on the way here so between the sugar high, meeting Anne high and the paper high I'm super excited!

AND YES, that is my new purse that I got after I dropped my last one in the toilet.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Lamp-Strawberry Glass Shade

THE MAN liked my last lamp so much he said I should shop for another at the second hand store. Well, there is a good reason we need a second lamp, but more on that later....

Easy Peasy! This brown lamp base was $2 and almost perfect! It said Walmart on the bottom, so nothing too crazy. But I am sure I got a better price than the first owner!

I did rewire it, but only because it was just a smidge too tall for this glass shade I fixed almost two years ago and have been hoarding. Check it out here. It was also a train wreck!

I say I rewired it, but really I am stretching the truth.

It really went a little more like:

HEY....hey...hey! (Grabbing THE MAN'S ARM)

LET ME DO THAT!! Jumping up and down a little. 

THE MAN:  Fine! But when you are done making the connection make sure you show me. You are not qualified yet! I must check your work.

He wanders off.

I wire, tighten, and drop the protective metal down over the whole thing. He wanders back over.

HEY, I thought you were going to have me check your work! Are you sure your connection won't cause a fire and burn the house down?

I pout. Hang my head.

It's like a Chinese finger trap and has to be carefully pried apart. Which I do but nearly break it.

He takes over for the sake of marital harmony.

You may notice the previous lamp I had still lurking around. It fell victim to a misplaced pillow a weekend ago. It needs me to find/buy a new glass lampshade....

I got a text from a small boy which said MOM PLEASE DON'T EAT MY LIVER...but...

It's a vicious cycle around here!

One of my favorite parts is that finial at the top. I love finials. It was previously very similar to the one at the base of the lamp in the first photo. Gotta love a little spray paint. I paid $2 for two of these and I can't wait to see what I think of for the second one!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Rock Lovin!

Found this lamp the other day at the second hand store for a dollar! It's real marble (or something that looks and feels like real marble, so I'm going with it) and for the record, I probably would have paid a dollar just for the white glass finial at the top.

Ok, so it didn't actually PLUG into anything since the plug was cut off AND part of the marble was broken. No lampshade of course.

In fact, the dude running the register told me when I was checking out to make sure I really wanted it due to the broken marble. I had already noticed, which is why I was also purchasing a soapstone dish. ;-)

The dish was two dollars. You see it here (the green dish tipped upside down) and the chipped marble on top of it. Ok, so maybe the whole thing was kinda like a trainwreck, but I had some rock love going on!

It took THE MAN five seconds to drill the perfect hole through the soap stone dish for the threaded lamp rod.

This rod which is perfect for lamp rebuilds is sold at hardware stores. I happened to have some from the last project! Once we drilled the dish, I was then able to paint it gold.

The little chipped marble piece was a bit more difficult to fix. We cut it with a saw! I know, I was super excited. Power tools make me happy!

Can you see it perched on it's little clamped board bed ready to be cut with a tile saw blade? It was a bit of figuring to get it steady.

And a little close up so you can see how nice it looks now! It's all even and I added a spray painted washer for a little more depth. LOVE IT!

And it's super duper heavy so hopefully nobody will knock it over during a dart gun war! If they do, well, maybe I can just remake it again!

Happy Hump Day peeps!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Look at Them Doggies

I can always count on THE MAN for an interesting conversation. In this particular case, he was of no help, but I don't blame him. It was early and a very hard question.

For some reason in the wee hours of the am we got in a discussion about model types. I was recycling the Victoria Secret Catalog. I get eight a week so not like a new one won't show up before I want one. I mean really. How many bras CAN you own at $50 a piece?

You know, the stereotypical twiggy long legged beauty rocking the cover of Vicky's looking hot, sultry, sexy, and bored....

Used to be covers like that would bother me. Made me feel like I wasn't good enough. Hell, like I'd never be good enough.

Can't blame Vicky's though. They are just trying to sell me an over the shoulder boulder holder using what they feel is the best possible method. It's my head that is making me feel bad.

Good thing I know something that Vicky's doesn't. Men like all kinds of body types. I happen to know through careful scientific study that they do. OK, so I asked a bunch of them at work. My choices were to continue talking about football, hunting or to change the topic of conversation.

Guys like everything about women. The way we smell, walk, breath, you name it. We are like deer. When they see us, they like to look and think and consider.

Yes it's annoying as hell sometimes but I don't think they can help it.

It's not like us women don't do our fair share of looking too. In fact, that is one of the few aspects of foot ball I can totally get into...the uniforms. ;-)

Women do appear to be slightly less annoying about our looking.

I refer to the young gentleman who rolled down his car window and yelled HEY LOOK AT THEM DOGGIES at Walmart the other day. I was in fact walking my two dogs since we were on route to a campground and they needed to pee.

However, I was later informed he was not referring to my fur babies and that I might just be a little naive.

Which brings me around to my question.

Here is what I asked THE MAN:

If men like to see all kinds of body types, why don't we have models in all shapes and sizes? Or is the industry just lazy so they stick with the one size fits all kinda thing so they don't have to think? You know like only having to grab all the B Cup bras instead of 18 trillion different ones for a photo shoot?

Yeah. He is totally a fashion industry EXPERT. (NOT!) He got that look, backed away, grabbed his coffee and lunch and made some kind of lame excuse like not wanting to be late to work.

Since we are on the topic of sexy, I will leave you with my favorite hot and sexy video. Kinda like a train wreck.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Too Early 4 Fall: Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

The other day while out for a walk, I noticed this massive tree in our neighbor's field appears to have died. It was struggling all summer, but just a bit ago gave up the fight and now is just a skeleton. I would blame fall, but right now 95% of our trees still have green leaves here in the North Country of New York.

THE MAN and I talked about how pretty a tree it was, all massive and alone in Joe's field and felt sad.

I fear it has fallen victim to Dutch Elm Disease.

So, the theme over at THE CUTTING CAFE is fall, but I decided to show case this beautiful tree with it's own page using a very nice graphic file Regina has up for sale. It's a printable stamp set called Welcome Fall.

Instead of hand cutting, I actually converted it to a cutting file in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. Very quickly I had a page of leaves that I sprayed gold and dripped silver on. The file also had those acorns, so I added a hand drawn cap, a crystal and some dimensional modge podge.

Here is a side view of my page.

Really love this chippy feather I sprayed black and glittered up. Perhaps you recognize it Lizzy Hill?

Another look at these amazing leaves. LOVE LOVE LOVE how those roses with gold leaves turned out! Thanks Regina from the bottom of my toes for this cool file!

Happy Monday, hope your week FLIES by! ;)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hitting the Trail: Racing Fall Layout & First Day of Fall

Such a flat page for me to make! Just a quickie to throw right in the end of an overstuffed album to remember trail riding with THE MAN.

We have wanted to check out the trails in Parishville NY since we moved here. So finally checked something off the mental list that has been lurking for three years.

The woods was lovely. In fact, so lovely we stopped in the woods to let me take a couple of panoramic iPhone shots. Kinda want this framed HUGE for my living room! ;-)

The other significance is that was one of the last items on the Summer Bucket List.

(I actually was in the top three for that page over at Scrap Africa. I'm always perplexed when that happens to me. I don't ever play to win.) 

Fishing & Cook your own Fish
Cook over a fire
Go to Lake George
16 Cords Firewood
Potsdam Festival
Atlantic City
Kid Fort
Water Balloon Fight
4 Wheeling on a Beach
Trail Ride
Renaissance Festival
Camping in Sodus Bay
Garage Sale Trip
Roller Coaster

We did it all with the exception of Atlantic City and a Roller Coaster, which kinda would work together at some point. Just ran out of time and ran into needing to get the wood in for the winter. That by the way is all done!

This idea of a Summer Bucket List was a fantastic one for Pratt Inc. It actually really focused our efforts for fun! The next one I want to make is a personal bucket list for Pinterest. I have so many lovely things on my boards (which need some organizing attention). Unfortunately, I forget to go back and actually do them! I think some salted caramel short bread will be first on the list. I have been licking my monitor each time I scroll past it!

I am excited to compile my list. It's Officially the First Day of Fall here and my thoughts have turned to indoor projects! I have been sanding, cutting, painting, and modge podging like crazy.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coconut Candles and Fairy Frame

As fall approaches I think of indoor projects. It also happens to be in line with people dropping off left over garage sale stuff at the second hand stores. Scored these two candle holders the other day for cheap! (huge grin!)

They were nothing spectacular but I thought I could improve them with some spray paint. ;-) Look how sad they are!

I used some ink pads, shimmer modge podge and also a smidge of gold spray paint on my cream colored frame. It is nice and thick and came directly out of my recycle pile. I removed the back off it, cleaned the glass, applied the image I had printed on sticker paper, and hot glued everything back together.

LOVE how you can see through it! SO pretty!

The image is from Nicecrane Designs and is called About Fairies and Angels. You can find them for purchase here. I have made a couple of projects from these cuties!

As I type this I am smelling coconut! I have not lit my candles yet, but they are still making me happy with their scent!

Happy Thursday! Friday fast approaches!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Kristy!

I think my friend Kristy turns 28 today. At least I'm guessing that is how old she is.

Yeah, lets go with that! ;-)

So usually I send her something which I am behind on, so I'll post it here and share it with everyone.

So "technically" I'm sending her something, it's just electronic until I get these glittered up jam jars in the mail to her.

Had a couple of jars left over from the Crab Apple Jelly Experiment. They were lonely and plain.

Had fresh black and gold spray all crazy on them!

She can either keep them for decorating OR I thought they might make nice teacher presents.

My kids have pretty much out grown that stage of school, but she has one younger than me, so perhaps that will get her out of a jam at some point. PUN INTENDED

Anyhow, Kristy hope it's sunny and shiny today in the 'Tiers and that your day is the BEST!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birds of a Feather Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

Have you ever used an electronic stamp? I have before, but I forgot how much fun it is! You can make it as BIG as you want! ;-)

I printed Regina's Adventure stamp over top of the patterned Tim Holtz paper! I wanted it to frame my photo of Luke and Tommy hard at work building a raft.You might remember my blog post about their raft previously.

Take a peek at all of the stamps in the ALL ABOUT BOYS set including this one over at THE CUTTING CAFE. It's WAY at the bottom and really small. I was pumped at how nicely it printed out larger sized and how JUICY it turned out with a bit of Modge Podge Dimensional glue.

Here is a close up so you can see how the letters are glossy.

You can also see my favorite recycled item! A little pop top turned into a pretty little dangle! Add a bit of recycled green ribbon with an accordion bloom and you have a cool boy embellishment! Up at Scrap For Help, that is their latest challenge!

Here is a photo of my banner with silver leaves. I actually had cut out the leaves originally and decided to turn this scrap into something pretty so added the silver in behind the leaves.

I also have some silver on these feathers I cut. AND gold! Love them!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crab Apple Jelly Layout for Fun

Just a little fun page I threw together. I was really pumped after the kids and I made Crab Apple Jelly. THE MAN managed to capture one photo of them and it wasn't the best...but it makes me happy!

Ladkyis suggested I try my hand at it way back in Spring! I had posted a layout about my apple and crab apple trees and she was excited I had a crab apple!

I was mostly pleased then about a rock star blooming tree, but since I tasted the jelly, I feel like I have a GOLD TREE!

I got the bright idea of printing out a photo of my jelly right on my cardstock, but the layout was half done. So I printed it on clear sticker paper and cut it out. It has a vellum look to it, which I really like.

My favorite part of my layout is this little crab! I always think of grouchy little red crabs when I think of the word crab apple. I mean, who came up with that name?

Lizzy Hill made the coolest crab layout the other day and I was a bit jealous! Glad I found a little graphic I could fussy cut so I had one myself for my page even if it's not sea food!

Happppppppy Monday Crabby!

Friday, September 13, 2013

'Round Here

Fall is fast approaching. I can tell because I broke out a pair of jeans AND a hoodie. Leaves are STILL green so far but I bet it won't be long. In fact, someone just asked me if it was snowing yet in Potsdam. (HA HA but it would not surprise me!)

Pulled out the modged pumpkins the other day and set them all up on the top of the cabinet.

I am a big fan of decorating that only takes five minutes. Any longer and I lose interest. Those pumpkins were made ages ago, so really does not take much effort to get them out and up even with including a minute for dusting the top of cabinet!

Makes me happy every time I walk by!

Speaking of happy, I did a HAPPY DANCE when this amazing cabinet creation came to me by way of South Africa!

I wanted to make sure it was secure, so I glimmered up a frame so I can hang it on the wall. I had visions of a cat investigating and having it break! ;-(

You just wait. Helen will be ooober famous at very soon and this is autographed. ;-) I linked back to her original post if you want to see her supply list and technique.

Lastly, it's only taken me weeks to get this small shelf we made hung.

For the record, some of those scarves aren't actually mine. A small person tossed a few aside a while back and I'm pretty sure at some point she will want them for something, so hording them. That is my disclaimer on the pink peace sign scarf...just sayin'!

I am glad it's hung and ready for Scarf Season which will be bopping along soon with the leaves changing!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is productive. Mine involves some spray paint...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jump Layout for Life.Paper.Scrapbook

The new trend I have seen this year at campsites are these huge blow up bouncy things.

The kids think they are super cool. My goal was to get a photo of most of them in the air. Sara, the one adult brave enough to give it a try got them organized. And no, she is not the tallest either. The tallest is with the blue and purple tie dye shirt is only 13! ;-)

I had this great layout from Life.Paper.Scrapbook to play with. 

Although we were camping, I wanted to keep the colors really bright. Love all the bits that the sketch encouraged me to tuck in behind my main photo. Took liberty with the sketch by adding a smattering of sequins, butterflies, glittery glue, and some pearls.

Of course one of my favorite elements is this handmade flower that really just makes me happy. Some scrap paper, a marker and glitter.

Hope your Thursday involves some glitter or at least something bright and cheerful! We are getting some steady rain I will need a little extra glitter!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Normal Night

Last night just after I made THE MAN work out to the hated Debbie exercise DVD, our neighbor Joe showed up with two buckets.

It was near dusk and he was after the drops under our apple trees. The bruised and battered fruit were going to be supper for his pigs. Or at least a snack.

It always amuses me when Joe comes over. I look down at whatever I am wearing and think, wow I am sweaty and nasty...and then look at Joe and well, he is wearing his pig feeding outfit of a rag bag dirty t-shirt and muck boots and suddenly I am not self conscious. He's a desk-jockey like us during the day, but honestly I don't think I've ever seen him wearing anything dressy.

My point though was it was any night in a long series of evenings where the normal just happens. I had forgotten it was the Eve of 9-11 until I looked at Facebook later and saw some people posting tributes.

Had planned on posting a page today, but it did not feel right.

The news this morning said they polled Americans and something like 65% of us felt that this one event will impact our lives forever. I can agree with that.

I remember that day clearly.

I was sitting in the dining area of a past job watching two huge screens showing live feeds of that day's events. Although I was surrounded by people, I felt so alone. Saw the tower fall. Felt like I fell with it.

Went home that night wondering what was next for our country. My stomach was churning and I kept my little person close. It was not your normal night nor did that normal return for weeks, months or even years.

Lost a job shortly there after due to the economic down turn which caused a massive career change into what I do today.

THE MAN had to put up with a year of my bellyaching as I figured things out.

We got stronger as a family and then grew as a family.

I had a baby growing in my belly that night who is now big and strong.

Which just proves that life goes on and things keep growing.

We have to keep remembering though.

Got my crock pots out in the wee hours of the morning. Cut up apples for some sauce and am making pork for supper. It will yet again most likely be a normal night and that is nothing to take lightly.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Cool 4 School: Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

I am already over the whole back to school thing and it's only the forth day...I take that as a bad sign....

Good thing I had a pretty back to school photo to work with to cheer me up! And this adorable little digital stamp from THE CUTTING CAFE.

Want to get your own? It's right here in her shop! Comes with a cool title too!

It made the MOST EXCELLENT flower center! I then did not have to write which grades my little peeps were going into and it made my flower extra cool!

I am pretty happy with the whole layout. Although the dancing owls from Helen also makes me grin!

Now to get back into the daily grind with school...wish me lots of luck with that one!

Monday, September 9, 2013


It's that time of year again. The time of year where you mow and get bonked in the head with apples. Of course, that also means you can mow and eat a fresh apple or two or three...

No Seriously. Here is the floor of my mower. They get under your feet, under the brake, drop in your lap, behind your's fun times mowing under our many apple trees. Lucky for us our neighbor will come over and collect some for apple juice and cider. And if you are unlucky like my kids, you get stuck helping.

Had to make a page up with the super cool apple treat box from THE CUTTING CAFE.You can see my cut polka-dotted embossed apples above. The nice part about this file is that you can use just the apple for a page embellishment. OR, you can make a treat box. OR, you can make both as many as you want! Now that is value! ;-)Also if you look really close you can see I cheated and used real stems for my apples....A stem is of course included in the cutting file, but I kinda messed up when I was cutting..and then got too lazy to go back and cut them again....AND, if you look really really close, you can see Lukey up in the tree where he is pretending to help pick apples.

Personally I am betting the one on the ground is picking more apples...

I did have a great sketch from over at ScrapFriends to help me. Used apples & hinges in place of numbers...

Those four strips looked like belts or strapping to me, so thought they would benefit from some hinges!

Lots of fun!

Have a great Monday!