Friday, September 13, 2013

'Round Here

Fall is fast approaching. I can tell because I broke out a pair of jeans AND a hoodie. Leaves are STILL green so far but I bet it won't be long. In fact, someone just asked me if it was snowing yet in Potsdam. (HA HA but it would not surprise me!)

Pulled out the modged pumpkins the other day and set them all up on the top of the cabinet.

I am a big fan of decorating that only takes five minutes. Any longer and I lose interest. Those pumpkins were made ages ago, so really does not take much effort to get them out and up even with including a minute for dusting the top of cabinet!

Makes me happy every time I walk by!

Speaking of happy, I did a HAPPY DANCE when this amazing cabinet creation came to me by way of South Africa!

I wanted to make sure it was secure, so I glimmered up a frame so I can hang it on the wall. I had visions of a cat investigating and having it break! ;-(

You just wait. Helen will be ooober famous at very soon and this is autographed. ;-) I linked back to her original post if you want to see her supply list and technique.

Lastly, it's only taken me weeks to get this small shelf we made hung.

For the record, some of those scarves aren't actually mine. A small person tossed a few aside a while back and I'm pretty sure at some point she will want them for something, so hording them. That is my disclaimer on the pink peace sign scarf...just sayin'!

I am glad it's hung and ready for Scarf Season which will be bopping along soon with the leaves changing!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is productive. Mine involves some spray paint...


  1. I love how you have lots of places for your treasures and hoarding the scarf is great thinking.....

  2. Those knobs on your shelf. Well, under it...LOVE em.....& a v neat cabinet creation, too....enjoy your remaining summertime......well, autumntime.....

  3. ooo spray paint.. now I wonder where you are using that!!??? fabulous home decorating.. and we seem to have fallen into an almost summer here.. the spring blooms are suffering under the heat!! I hope your weekend was great!

  4. Drooling....your eclectic arrangement has me smiling from ear to ear. I love the cabinet from Helen and definitely THE coolest scarf shelf ever!

  5. Very cool! Great idea with the cabinet and so glad it is now safe and secure and matches your Fall decor to boot!! I am busy adding goodies as I come across them to get a Christmas parcel together for ya sweetie! Loving your shelf too - I am in desperate need of something like that outside for our swimming towels. Kids are in the pool every day now again yet today we have woken up to rain and cold - confusing!!!


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