Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Don't Eat My Liver

This by the way is what happens to all the nice 
mechanical pencils I buy the kids...which of course aren't cheap! Which may be what inspired Lexi to draw this cartoon last year...

I eagerly anticipate summer vacation in June every year. Starting in early May I have visions of yummy lunch dates with my small peeps, no projects involving foam board that are due in 24 hours, and a serious lack of complaining about the small injustices of having to do homework.  I forget however about the never ending finger prints on the microwave, the monkeys that have taken over the cupboards & fridge, and all the appointments.

We are coexisting since I am also working at home while they nap, nibble, play games on their pc, and avoid doing chores.

Since school starts tomorrow here in Upstate NY, I thought I'd recap all the places we've been this summer that did not involve water, fun, food, and that cost more money than an amusement park!

They both have two new pairs of glasses. (Did I mention how much I hate hanging out at the eye place since time there moves at a geologic pace?)

My oldest has a new hair cut AND purple hair extension since I can't say no.

Both have clean teeth.

Both have had their yearly physical.

Both have brand new sneakers that involved taking a loan out from the bank since they now wear adult sizes.

Thankfully school shopping was at a minimum. The oldest now wears my size jeans so I just bought her what I would wear. I think she plans on "borrowing" anything I have that she might want to wear on a daily basis. The youngest involved some on-line shopping.

Don't get me started on school supplies. For some reason 7th grade involves 8 trillion binders and we need to have the pretty and very nice ones you know that are $5 a piece!

They are off tomorrow in the wee hours of the am. Bus arrives here at o-dark thirty. We ran through a drill this morning and I think we can fit in three showers before 7 am.

Whooohoo to a new school year. NOT.

I will miss the little boogers! Even if several times this summer including yesterday I had that LOOK in my eye which said keep it up, I will roast your livers for LUNCH!

Oh and Michelle Obama on lunches? I seriously HOPE you have come up with a better plan for school lunches this year. I packed lunches for the oldest for all but two days of the entire school year. Did you hear the part where she is wearing my jeans? She can not survive on your portions!

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  1. Oh goodness I hope it all goes well getting the kids back into school.. and yes they grow and keep growing and money just flies out the door in the wind to keep them in the manner they have become accustomed to!!


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