Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Old Knobs & New Shelf: SAGE PAINT

Finally painted the shelf THE MAN and I built! Not hung yet of course. Never want to be overly ambitious on that end of things...Don't have any hangers! ;-(

I think it looks pretty in the sunlight sparkling on the antique knobs that came from my Dad. Better photos this way!

Love the gold green one myself against the sage paint. I found that paint in the paint box and there was just enough to get a good coat on that could be aged and distressed.

I found that gold top at a second hand store ages ago so I was pleased to get it to fit over my gold knob. Took a bit of prying with pliers so the edges would slip over the side of the knob. Also some hot glue to get them to stay together!

I am so happy I got this made with the help from THE MAN. He was a rock star though the whole thing!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. this is so gorgeous..i just finally painted my cabinet in my craft room coral.....love your project


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