Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Cool 4 School: Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

I am already over the whole back to school thing and it's only the forth day...I take that as a bad sign....

Good thing I had a pretty back to school photo to work with to cheer me up! And this adorable little digital stamp from THE CUTTING CAFE.

Want to get your own? It's right here in her shop! Comes with a cool title too!

It made the MOST EXCELLENT flower center! I then did not have to write which grades my little peeps were going into and it made my flower extra cool!

I am pretty happy with the whole layout. Although the dancing owls from Helen also makes me grin!

Now to get back into the daily grind with school...wish me lots of luck with that one!


  1. Best of luck to you and to them for the new school year. A gorgeously bright and cheerful layout

  2. oh my this is one fun layout, the colors are so bright and fun..i soooooooooooooo love your work....hugs

  3. Mitra I love the title with the dotted background behind it and colour wheels on the right look such fun.

  4. Good luck with the school thing.. I have this week and next and then 2 whole weeks of holidays...YYYAAA! Love your layout, love those owls, love the photos like that and i love the frame with I am kinda a big deal.. that looks fab!!

  5. Those dancing owls are certainly VERY cute...& the 'stack' of photos in card dealing mode look fab...your DD is CERTAINLY looking too cool for school....aaaahhhh!! THey GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love this layout. The photos are really cute like that. The whole page is so cheery and bright. Owls add a great touch.


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