Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Remember 45 Layout: A month later

Last year on my Birthday with a little stomp, I sent a meeting request to THE MAN and said that I wanted burgers and Angry Orchard on tap for my birthday this year. See, they always ask what I want to do and I'm like ohhhhh nothing, nothing, I don't need to do anything for my birthday. Big Liar, I always want to do something for my birthday and then later I'm super annoyed they are like la-de-dah, it's a normal day.

So, after YEARS of throwing a fit.....

This year they come up with a decent plan. Might be because I sent a meeting request last year???? Anyhow, the oldest planned a massage for us that her and Luke split, Nate took us out for dinner at a burger place, and my Mom who never falls for such tricks made her world famous cheese cake. In all it was pretty epic.

Love those flowers! I always hesitate to pay $10 for flowers, but then I've used them on three layouts and I love the glitter edges! It's a pretty simple page so I needed some pizazz!!! Check out that cheese cake! Lexi decorated it all up!

What a nice day! Welcome 45! (Well, now I'm 45 and one month!)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Merry & Bright Layout for Civil Air Patrol

Another fun Civil Air Patrol evening was our night at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport. It's always nice that they set up a cool spot for photos and it's usually manned by someone who makes you take a group shot before you get in too far. This is great because usually I'm then later I'm like AWESOME PHOTO TO SCRAP!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!

They even threw Luke in with us! Well, I suppose he's our kid. He polishes up nice. I did make him a page of photos of just him and Megan. It's nice, the flowers match so it's like a double page spread, but not too matchy matchy.

All that gold & glitter makes me happy! So pretty those vintage velvet pieces of holly with those Prima flowers! Alright, enough CAP for the week! I'll be back around tomorrow with a layout from my birthday!

I've got to get caught up so I can start doing vacation layouts!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Elmira Enforcers Color Guard: CAP Layout

Hang on to your hockey helmets folks! I've got two Civil Air Patrol layouts to show you! It's good to get these done and dusted! I've been looking forward to this layout for a while. I had an awesome time watching these kids do Color Guard and then watch the hockey game! What fun! Who knew there would be brawls!!!!

I took some liberties with the logo for the Enforcers. I had printed it out on regular white paper and it seemed a shame to not use it, even if was a bit too big. Plus, I loved how I fussy cut around all the boys and that super awesome police dog mascot! I didn't have to write too much on my page as the ticket I saved did the heavy lifting.

It's a pretty flat page but has some shimmer to it due to some glitter I used on the letters on the bottom and some shimmer spray. Who says glitter isn't for hockey?

I'll be back tomorrow with another CAP page, this time with photos of me! Seems like we never take photos of ourselves....I'm even dressed up!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Flying in for a Snow Storm

Last week Lexi, Nate and I were in Tampa, Florida. Tampa as in the place of gators, lots and lots of tourists, and warmer weather. Anyhow, as we were waiting in the airport for the flight back, we met a nice couple who was heading to NY to stay in their Keuka Lake cottage on purpose to watch the snow. See, all week we had been hearing about this HUGE snow fall we were going to get over the weekend with inches and inches of snow. So, these people decided to go to their cabin and watch it fall on purpose. They were previously NY peeps until they became snowbirds and then must have missed snow?

I won't miss snow. Pretty sure of it. Talking about it later, THE MAN shook his head and said freaking old people. He had visions of plowing for hours in the cold and a much less romantic view of being snowed in.

Currently as I write this we're waiting for it to end. There is a fair amount outside, but there really isn't any point of breaking out the tractor to clean it all up until it stops falling. The dogs both peed as close as possible to the house and dove back in with snow flying all over. Duncan hates to get wet. The highway that I can see from my window is empty. We were told to stay home and for once it looks like everyone listened.

The little old lady I sat next to on the plane had needed some help to get her phone in airplane mode. Thinking about the snow storm we were heading back to, I very uncharacteristically struck up a conversation. I asked if she was coming for the storm. Her face twisted and she started crying. She was coming back for her 44 year old daughter's funeral. I thought a whole lot of words in my head (most of them rhyming with the word duck) and gave her a huge hug. She said that her daughter died very unexpectedly and they were awaiting an autopsy for cause of death. I'm not a hugger either, so all of this was a bit out of my comfort zone.

I watched as she tried to read her book and offered to turn on the overhead light for her.

She said that focusing on anything wasn't working as her mind kept whirling.

I decided to keep her company for the two hour plus flight. We talked about gators, dogs, houses, and anything else I could think of to keep her distracted. Her daughters were waiting for her to land and I figured she had a pretty long road ahead of her get through the funeral & hopefully getting some answers, the least of her worries being the snow. I watched as she met up with them by baggage and wished I had something profound to say to all of them. They hugged and headed out into the cold. I hope that they can find comfort in each other and some peace.

We headed to the parking lot and Lexi's car battery wasn't pleased about being left in the cold for a week. Needless to say the car wasn't starting. THE MAN who had gotten us thus far started to melt down a little. He was trying to find a taxi so we could ride home and grab another vehicle to jump the car. I asked at the rental car counter and found out that the booth attendant had a booster. In about ten minutes we were on our way. We were thankful that our local folks are used to dead batteries!

Today I'm thankful for my people and they are all home with me. There is a lot of laundry to do, dogs to play with, and home made meals to cook. There is satisfaction in coming home after adventures. Even if that coming home has it's own adventures.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Happy Cappy Christmas Party!

Mid December found us off to Hammondsport with Megan in tow to go to the Civil Air Patrol Christmas party. It's always nice to get the museum to yourself and their photo booth didn't disappoint! What a fun cool car! Megan and Luke looked really nice too.

I think Megan enjoyed herself. Look at her giving Luke rabbit ears. ;-) Of course I could have used the normal photo, but I like this one! I have another page coming of the event.....we got photos too.

Sometimes you need that perfect embellishment, which is why I downloaded a plane and cut with it with coordinating paper. See it in the background? And I bought some special flowers to match my paper from Prima. They are so pretty! I used them on another page too.

Anyhow, I'm off! Enjoy your Tuesday!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Shopping List for THE CUTTING CAFE in a Fancy Vintage Binder

Every week Lexi and I head off to the store. We're usually not excited about our trip. We have our grocery list split out so we know which stores we have to visit and our errands in order. At the last store where we grocery shop, we struggle to figure out what we're having for dinner for the next week. I think with a little bit of planning, we might just have an easier time of it! Maybe just maybe we won't dread going!

I printed out 52 shopping lists & weekly menu planners from THE CUTTING CAFE where the 2019 Planner Files are available for your crafting pleasure.  I figure we can actually plan AHEAD of time what we might want to eat which will help us fill out the shopping lists. In fact, perhaps I can spend a little time on Pinterest and come up with some fun new meals!

These are easy to take out of the little book so I can just run to the store with the individual pages. I'm actually really excited to use them!

My little book is even adorable so I can enjoy it in the kitchen! I decorated it with a vintage advertisement for Jello and some CUTTING CAFE pop up flowers! The image is a bit of a joke. I can cook, but I'm certainly not a chef!

Hope your weekend involved a little bit of glitter and some good food!