Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trout Scrapbook Page for Creative Scrappers

So, the other day I was working out in my garden and got a text saying:  HEY, we caught a stringer of trout. Can we stop by and cook them up. We are turning on your road now. (so, it was more text like but you can imagine that part)

It did give me just enough time to wash the dirt off my hands.

The Rankins (our nickname for one of our favorite couples) was headed our way with Will in tow and a fish knife.

There was a whole bunch of gutting in the barn which I will spare you the photos. OF COURSE I have bloody fish hacking up photos. I am a scrapbooker!!! Fish blood didn't match the paper I was using from my latest Scraptastic OH SNAP Kit so I opted not to use them.....NO JUST KIDDING!!!

In less than an hour, we were eating fresh trout and licking our lips. HOLY BEANERS! I never knew it was so amazing. Lexi is still talking about the cartoon fish where you just pull off the meat and you are left with a skeleton.

Used a sketch over at Creative Scrappers that is up for this week.

It's due by June 1st, so play along quick if you're into it.

Now, I am wanting more trout. I wonder if the Rankins will catch fish in trade for beer.....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Altered Box with Peter Rabbit

Trying to squeeze in a few last challenges in before the month ends!

There is great inspiration over at Scrap Friends with a color palette. 

One of my favorite colors of all time is that light green/blue color that I use often. So, had to play along. Plus, I had this awesome Tim Holtz box that needed some fixing up!

Nice Crane Designs sent me a free!!!!!! (sorry still happy about that) digital image set of Peter Rabbit for commenting on my friend Lisa's Blog. She designs for them and is one LUCKY DUCK!

And talking about friends, Lizzy H. just had a baby. I mean, that now she is a Gramma. So, it got me thinking of baby photos and all that. My theory with this box was that I'd put it into the store that is carrying my stuff here locally with the instructions (and measurements) of how to add photos to the squares I left open. OR, add memorabilia! She also sent me that shear ribbon and those itty bitty little doilies that I used under those prima tiles!

I will show you another project really soon where I used one of those images digitally.....And boy, I cannot wait. I will give you a will want to stop over at Berry71Bleu in JUNE. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New View Page Using Sketchabilities Sketch 71

Just popping in with a quick page I made up to document Lexi's new contacts. One of the many adventures we had while THE MAN was off sipping drinks in Vegas poolside. ;-) I will fill you in this week as I had one whopper adventure towards the end of the week, phew!

Plus, it's nearly the end of the month so gotta get this in before they have a new sketch! Check out the one I used below from Sketchabilities!

Points to whomever spots the sequin who has snuck onto my scanner bed....and has been scanned in on this page. I guess, at least it matches?

I used a new paper pack I won called Good Day Sunshine by My Mind's Eye. I had to use the letter paper for a background as it reminded me of an eye chart. Loved the cloud paper and the punched out sun that came with it. 

And how can you go wrong with a nice fancy dancy accordion bloom. They are so much fun. 

And did you see those funny shades on the front? Part of the eye test involved dilating her eyes, so she had to wear shades on the way home. I just gave her my sun glasses when we got in the car. But I thought it would make a fun page element along with the little itty bitty eye chart I printed and cut out! 

Anyhow, happy Tuesday, the day before Hump Day! Short week here in the US, so hopefully we'll get more weekend soon! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Light & Love Page for Get Creative

Happy Memorial Day from the States! I'm off today from work as are the kids & THE MAN. It's our holiday to honor fallen soldiers from the war. Normally I think we'd have plans to do something but we just got THE MAN back from a 8 day vacation in Las Vegas and he's a bit sideways, poor thing.

Typically we do vacations together, but this was a guy's thing and his Dad asked him if he wanted to go. Now, he lost him Mom when we were in our early 20ties, so I really pushed him to go.

I knew I'd have a bit of a hard time with it. It's hard to be flying solo with the house and kids while getting photos of crazy times three time zones away.

In fact this photo was taken on Wednesday and with the theory that is the hump in the week? I was trying to claw my way to the top of that hump.

Originally I had planned all kinds of fun things like sleeping in the middle of the bed, getting all the coffee to myself, and taking advantage of an empty garage. Not to mention cooking smaller meals and watching tv while eating...By Wednesday, all that had lost it's shine!

So, I was sitting in my front garden at ground level with some of the plants and I thought the light was pretty so grabbed a photo with my phone. Had to add a quote about light and mess with the filters a bit. It was a distraction tactic on my part for my brain!

There was a great sketch I used from Get Creative's challenge that really show cased this photo for me.

I had some flowers from Lizzy Hill that I added purple ink to the edges and then spritzed them with gold glimmermist. I was so happy how they turned out. I had some leaves that Helen had fussy cut out and sent along a while ago, so I added those too. Love how it all went together.

Off to throw some things together for meal later and I think the coffee is to enjoy the day and hopefully not feed the bugs too much playing paint ball!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Looking for Love....

So, the past couple of weeks I have noticed a lot of activity in our back field. On normal days, there is a lone Turkey (hen) wandering around pecking at whatever they peck at.

I did ask at work and was told they eat bugs first, seeds second, and grass third. All of which we'd have in our meadow.

More recently, we got up at the wee hour of 5:30 am and the dogs starting barking their ever lovin' brains out.

Turns out there was a tom turkey out right off our back deck showing his tail feathers for the two lady birds.

If you have never ever seen this in real life, let me just tell you, they all get all puffy and large looking.

Somehow, this must do something for the lady birds? Or not.....

Anyhow, all the barking told them it was time to vacate and they flew to the edge of the field.

Since my element of stealth was gone, I did mange to get ONE photo of the retreat through the sliding glass doors.

To my embarrassment, the girl birds flew into a tree and you could see Tom Turkey lurking under it begging them to come down.

Rolling my eyes.

Since then, they have been out in the field most mornings. The girl birds eating while the Tom hangs out looking all pretty and prancing around.

It is getting to be a bit much.

The whole birds and the bees thing.

I mean, get a room!

Here is a side shot of Tom (Mr. Car Salesmen) Bird. He seems to have a sixth sense when I sneak out onto the deck with the camera and deflates. And I know it's a terrible photo. I only have a point & shoot, nothing amazing!

So, I had to know what the scoop was. I mean, how many more weeks of bird porn do I have to endure and seriously?

They are ignoring him and eating.

So, I ask one of the guys I work with.

He participates in the Wild Turkey Federation and I figured he'd be able to explain further.

So I asked why this silly bird does all this prancing around if they are just going to keep pecking bugs.

There was a long pause.

I gathered he was contemplating his response.

He said finally: Well, they are only out there for about an hour or so, right? Well, typically they eat first and then the hens get serviced after.

WAIT WHAT? Did he just say serviced?

I cannot TELL you how fast I changed the subject back to work...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift Store Goodies

Moved my old window frame.....and moved things around to accommodate my new fancy bird cage that I made and blogged about earlier this week.

That little tea cup was also a thrift store find for less than a dollar.

And put up my new washboard that I got at the Second Hand store that is truly antique and the washing part is out of glass. IS that not cool?

And that blue plate, holy beaners! It is cracked, but was a whole dollar, just needed some cleaning and works great on a stand.

And, here is a close up.

Linking this to A Diamond in the Stuff for her party this week! (wonder if she will notice I moved her book paper wreath with my frame!)

One more day to the weekend! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Day Sunshine Run Page for the Scraptastic Challenge

So, to my horror, the other day Our Fearless Leader at Exercise Class announced she was bringing in calipers to measure body fat.

I have a love hate thing going with exercise. Firstly, I do love how I feel directly after I exercise it's just the rest of the 24 hours in the day...I wrote about that back in January.

Our Fearless Leader had decreed a new challenge, this one costing a bit more than the normal $5 bucks we throw into a collective pot. YES, I will be honest. I have never ever won.

It's usually based on losing weight combined with inches or something like that.

This time, approx. $400 is up for grabs and she uses that torture device, has suggested you exercise every day for 30 minutes, and track your food.

Needless to say I was a bit traumatized for a week or two or three after the measuring event.

I finally got into a rhythm by deciding to hit our trails out back. I like our woods, the quiet, the stream, and listening to some good tunes. I figured out being frustrated at work melts away as I sweat.

It's still painful. Don't get me wrong due to that earlier poetic sentence. AND SWEATY! (rolling eyes)

PLUS, it does still snow here 9 months out of the year, so we'll see whether my fair weather running still occurs during snow events....

Anyhow, I thought I'd document my run in a page with a photo of my 'droid which accompanies me so I can stream my Pandora Beatles station.

Thought I'd play along with the Scraptastic Challenge #1 this month that Pinky is hosting. Using your punches! My Martha Scallop is a common go to punch....

AND, I also planned on posting this today due to the fact we get our fat measured again tonight and she figures out a winner. ;-) YIPPEE.

Sigh. I don't plan on being the winner (again!) but I am happy to have rediscovered running. Besides, what would I do with $400....giggle sarcastically....


oh and p.s. running in my book is mostly moving with some parts walking and lots of parts of sweating...just so we're on the same page here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creative Scrappers Sketch Mother's Day Page

This little page sat on my scrap table for almost the whole weekend until I decided what I wanted to finish it up with. I started off with a Creative Scrappers sketch which inspired me to pull out four very large 6 by 6 pieces of paper and rip them down smaller. Add in a photo collage from Picasa in a similar shape and my title up the side...

And in keeping with keeping it real, I played along for two reasons. Firstly, Helen from SA is on their DT and I tend to follow her around blog land a bit. AND, Sara Zenger from little Winthrop NY which is about a half hour away from me is their guest. YES, I ever know her IRL!

Here is their sketch!

So, this page sat and almost got DUSTY until...I remembered Lizzy's lovely flowers and added a couple of my own! The hearts were to represent the bubbles...Lovely pretty little flower cluster.

Page was from earlier this month on Mother's Day when my Mom, my Aunt, and my daughter drove to Lowville to have a nice spa day.

I made it on a page, did you see me? I know, it's rare. I look like I needed a nice massage....

What fun times. I could get a massage every week!

And do you see that little box my Mom is holding? She is holding her Mother's Day present and a project I made Marivic to announce my DT Coordinator Position at Zeus and Zoe.

WHICH by the way, a package of goodies from there? Like getting a massage. Happiness in a bag.

Hope your Tuesday is AMAZING, only ONE MORE DAY TO HUMP DAY, right Helen?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Designer at LESSology: Two Birdcages and a giveaway

A bit back Yvonne from LESSology contacted me and asked if I wanted to be a guest designer for them in May. Did I ever! She wanted to know if I was interested in the Challenge #14: Birds of a Feather Flock together (make a project that incorporates a bird or birdcage).

Luck was with me at the Second Hand store! When I walked in, this brown birdcage was near the door!

When I walked up to the counter with it, the owner said, well, I have this other green birdcage too, if you are interested...just needs a little piece of wire. 

Next thing you know, I am the proud owner of TWO birdcages for this challenge! Both were in pretty good shape, didn't need any repainting really in my book, except the little bird below who was pretty grungy. 

My favorite part of the project was incorporating this turquoise knob on the top! You will never believe how I attached it. I kept stacking up washers until I had made up enough room! Loved adding all the antique doilies and flowers! 

Although, making these nests by hand was a whole lot of fun too. 

I will post a very small tutorial shortly on how to make these. 

Here is a better shot of the nest on the top!

Of course, while I was in nest making mode, I made an extra for Shirley to enjoy! She said blue eggs please!  

Here is another shot of the washers and the "hinges" for the green cage made out of a pearl earring finding. The washes are gold because I treated them to some alcohol ink which really made them pretty, even if you can only see it from the back of the cage! ;-)

And, here is the fun part! The brown cage is up for grabs!

 Leave me a comment with your link that you've played along with this challenge and I'll randomly pick someone and send it your way. Doesn't matter where!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scrapbook Page by Marilyn: 100% Spoiled

Usually I am posting Sunday Stories for you from my Dad, but he's busy writing now, working on the garden, and swatting black flies! He does have a great one I'm posting on the first Sunday of the Month, so there is one in the hopper!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to share this amazing page by Marilyn. Do you see all the little foot prints on the bottom of this page!

She is referring to various pets at her place who get lots of loving when my kids visit. 

We love our fur babies don't we!

The misting Marilyn has done is AMAZING! The little cluster of goodies there at the top are awesome!

I'll be back tomorrow with a giveaway. This time it's something I've made!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oddballs Emporium in Potsdam and ScrapFit Challenge

So, had to make a quick page of a photo from my show. Besides, I had these little sequins I really wanted to use....and an inked up know, fun stuff! AND some MISTING for the Scrap Fit Challenge! 

OK, one more photo. They are REALLY pretty all sparkly...see the misting? Used a plastic doily to get that look with two different colors of it!

And, where might you ask, did all my stuff from the show go? Downstairs of the Alchemistress (which is where I got my tattoo) is a store called Oddball's Emporium. I would LIKE to show you inside photos, but I haven't managed to get back there for a photo shoot with a real camera. Anyhow, my stuff is hanging out with other handmade and vintage items in this store.

For the record, the day I took this photo they were SUPPOSED to be open, but we're a pretty laid back town and there was a little note on the door saying running errands...

We are so relaxed here!

And yes, I have a tat. Do you like how I snuck that in? I am still a bit in denial.


 running off before I write more things that may incriminate me....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Better Homes and Gardens Benches, NOT!

At one point this winter THE MAN spotted the pattern for these benches somewhere and randomly decided he wanted to do some wood working. 

Winter where the walls start closing in. 

These benches have been done for months. 

I did promise to post them at some point at which point he looked sideways at me. 

THE MAN is a private sort of dude. 

The other day I washed the couch pillows. And set them out to dry on the porch and laughed. 

It looked so......Better Homes and Gardeny. Can't tell they are wet from the photo, can ya!

So much so I moved the only plant I have potted up for the summer up to be pretty with the benches. 

So, just a few glamour shots of a project used to keep THE MAN from going winter stir crazy! And, the pillows? ARE BACK ON THE COUCH fresh, clean and dry.

I am pretty sure I will never have a "picture" perfect deck, but hey it's fun to look at for five minutes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Heather Landry Sketch with Scraptastic

A perfect pair is matching up a new Sketch that Heather Landry has made with the latest Scraptastic Kit

I am making some good headway through that kit! I do think Jessica might have a few left for if you are looking for a lovely kit, check it out. 

Sketch is SUPER EASY too! 

Here is a close up of my die cut trees, sun, and clouds. 

And, a quick word about my layout.

A bit back my boy came home with news that the authors of the Adirondack Kid Book Series was coming to school. He had read quite a few of the books already. Of course, we are less than a half hour away from the Adirondack Mountains and have visited a bunch of the places in the books already, so you can see his interest. 

Now, they had presentations all day with the students, but then also did one at night for the parents. So, I wandered over after supper. 

The cool part about the presentation was that they came up with the idea for these books randomly. His boy was around 11 or 12 and wanted to write a book. With some coaching money, the Dad decided to publish the book HIMSELF. Next thing you know, there is a publisher involved, a series was created and they are working on one new book a year. Anyone who has tried and tried and tried at something knows how much work, time and effort those past couple of sentences took. A few good years, I imagine!

They simply came up with an good idea and started following a dream. Lots of work later and they are speaking at schools and being published. Who knows what happens next!

I like that. Good stuff right there. Keep on Keeping on with what you do well and good things DO eventually happen!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Altered Tart Pan for Another Freaking Scrappy

So, there is a very awesome challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy that will help you get any of your Mother's Day photos off that camera and onto a page! 

Of course, being one of the most laid back challenge blogs in Blog Land, you have a couple of different options to choose from as well!

Here is what Anne has to say: 

Using sketch 10 – Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in some countries – scrap a memory of your
mother or grandmother, or another lady who has influenced your life greatly.

My little altered project used the sketch flipped. I liked the idea of the four squares, it's a nice way to get some patterned paper in use but a super simple technique. 

I opted to go with my Grandma Ireland for this as I figured there was no way I could get my most recent Mother's Day photos done THAT quick.

Grandma Allegra Ireland is my Mom's Mom.
She had FIVE KIDS. 
That always impresses me!

And here are two pretty amazing ones she created right here. My Mom and my Aunt Connie from California. Sorry about the blurry photo. It's a cell phone pic!

They are getting ready to DIG IN to some super amazing desserts we split on Mother's Day! 

My Aunt Connie was on her way up to visit Grandma Ireland's Lake House. It's been in the family since those two girls were wee ones.

It's called Camp A for short since Camp Allegra is kinda a long name for something campy.

Anyhow, I made this little altered frame for my Aunt to bring up with her. 

Grandma ALWAYS wore blue. So these Prima flowers were perfect with a yellow rose for remembering 

And one more shot of how it will look on a wall. There is a huge photo wall at the Lake that I thought maybe this might work for. 

I hope you give this challenge a try! I think it's interesting to think of women inspiring you and how that might have played a role in your life today whether they are related or not!

Do you see the paper I used with text on it? That was deliberate on my part. Grandma Ireland was VERY BIG on the proper use of words. Loved words in fact.

WORDS ROCK! See ya tomorrow for HUMP DAY!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Altered Frame with Love from Across Blogland

A while back I came across this very cheap plastic frame at the second hand store. And when I say cheap, I mean less than a dollar. 

I liked the shape, but wasn't really all that sure on what to do with it. 

My first plan of attack was to remove the backing that was less than desirable. 

Here is a very terrible cell phone photo of the frame with some gesso. I thought maybe gesso would let me "stain" the flowers with some ink. It didn't really work like that had a variety of things I tried until I was happy!

Thankfully Lizzy Hill sent me some A-mazin' flowers to work with! 

Want another shot of them? I KNOW! They ROCK! I added some cheese cloth and leaves and some itty bitty little seed beads...and it all made me so very happy!

Did you see the purple ones at the top near the little bangle that Helen sent me?

Marivic sent me that very cool black pin too! Lots of fun stuff on here from some awesome bloggers.

Now the idea for printing on canvas came to me from Lisa from Kansas. It was terribly easy. She suggested ironing on some wax paper on the back of the canvas. Mine was too thick so I just cut it to be 8 1/2 by 11 and it worked just like paper! Had to feed it through twice to get it to print, but I was really happy with how it turned out!

Now, just need some of those hangers that stick on the back and I'm good to go! Oh, and a spot to hang it....

Hope you slid happily into your Monday after a fun weekend! 

And, thanks girls in Blog Land for your inspiration and for making my project come together so nicely!