Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trout Scrapbook Page for Creative Scrappers

So, the other day I was working out in my garden and got a text saying:  HEY, we caught a stringer of trout. Can we stop by and cook them up. We are turning on your road now. (so, it was more text like but you can imagine that part)

It did give me just enough time to wash the dirt off my hands.

The Rankins (our nickname for one of our favorite couples) was headed our way with Will in tow and a fish knife.

There was a whole bunch of gutting in the barn which I will spare you the photos. OF COURSE I have bloody fish hacking up photos. I am a scrapbooker!!! Fish blood didn't match the paper I was using from my latest Scraptastic OH SNAP Kit so I opted not to use them.....NO JUST KIDDING!!!

In less than an hour, we were eating fresh trout and licking our lips. HOLY BEANERS! I never knew it was so amazing. Lexi is still talking about the cartoon fish where you just pull off the meat and you are left with a skeleton.

Used a sketch over at Creative Scrappers that is up for this week.

It's due by June 1st, so play along quick if you're into it.

Now, I am wanting more trout. I wonder if the Rankins will catch fish in trade for beer.....


  1. Love your take on the Sketch & you have scrapped with a FANTASTIC range....Brilliant!!

  2. wow you have been busy! where do i start? I love the layout made from the CS sketch.. looks fabulous..fresh fish sounds yummo! the peter rabbit shelves are amazing, the contact layout, and I love the round layout/frame and the quote you have used.. wonderful creations.. love them all!

  3. This is a great take on the sketch..the colours & patterns look fantastic together! And I must say there is NOTHING like fresh fish. Today for lunch DH had a snapper for lunch that he caught this morning..smoked in his smoker..know what you mean by yummy taste of fresh fish:):):)

  4. Fab take on the sketch the papers...consider yourself 'pinned'!
    Alison xx

  5. Congrats on getting that page done in record time! And thanks for using a Creative Scrappers sketch!! I just love this layout and the stash is awesome. IS it Americna Crafts what's her name? Amy Tan is it?? I didn't buy it as I thought it was too bright but I just love all the pages I am seeing with it - regretting now :(


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