Monday, May 7, 2012

Dirt Therapy

A nice long weekend with Friday off inspired me to go chipping on Sunday. Now, it is still early Spring here, so no need to get a whole ton of flowers to start doing the boxes on the deck..but it was perfect time to get a nice load of wood chips.....for the flower beds. Plants are still real small so it was easy to chip around them.

I always love going to Millers in Lisbon. It's probably about a half hour drive from here and the scoops of chips are HUGE and the plants amazing.

I of course had to have a good wander around first. Had a moment in here with the hanging baskets. We are in a bit of a windy open spot so something this amazing would have to be watered constantly to keep it happy, so avoided those.

More wandering. Had a HUGE moment in this greenhouse. I will have to go back to get my flowers for my deck for sure.

AND, Mr. Miller loads me up with two scoops of chips using his tractor. He is a good dude and helps me cinch the load down with the tarp so I am not losing chips in town. This is one of the reasons I drive out. I know he will help when I fumble with the ratchet straps.

And my purchases.....Just a few goodies, mostly peonies because I really like them!

And home to chip up the garden! For the record, I only needed a scoop! But, now I have some on hand and don't have make another trip out later.

On the way home, I got an urgent phone call asking that I stop and pick up frog food. Evidently the small people headed my warning. I told them they had better be enjoying the sunshine or I'd make them help chip the flower beds when I got hom. Guess that meant frogging to them so they had a good wade in our stream out back.

The bull frog's name is Dirby and smaller one is Leopard. He has a birth defect, see his missing foot?
Anyhow, the logic of how much nicer the stream was compared to the bucket won so they got let them go once I got home. Not to mention they googled bull frogs and learned that Leopard was likely food for Dirby...ooops!

And, fast forward to chipping all done!

And just a lil glamour shot of my new geranium that I had to have. So pretty all ruffly and pink. Hopefully I will NOT have to bring it in due to cold, snow or ice, but you never know with the North Country!

Hope your Monday includes some sunshine and flowers....but not any manual labor! I am a bit stiff from all the weeding and pitch forking. Good thing the day job just involves sitting here!


  1. Green with envy here oh how wonderful to live in so much open space!!!!!
    You will cry when you see where we live cramped all on top of each other......did you get my email??????????????

  2. This looks lovely...gorgeous geranium..I just uncovered mine from the weeds that were hugging them to death this morning.....gardening must be in the air:):):):)

  3. Hi.. we had a lovely sunny autumn day here today after a cool 8 degrees in the morning.. Your garden looks great.. my mum loves geraniums and has lot of pot of them...Happy gardening!!

  4. I love, love, love your garden Mitra. The rocks and chips really add so much texture. Totally fabulous!

  5. Don't mind the strange lady sitting in the garden. It's just me admiring the beautiful garden, plants and landscaping. :)

  6. Beautiful post! Wow those pictures are just awesome!! I'm with Irini on the open space envy!! And that nursery - woooow!! Nothing as gorgeous and greenhousey here. Your littlt patch looks so good and you must be fit after trips up the roof versus digging the dirt!!

  7. I think I see some Peony plants in the wagon! I love your Pink variegated Geranium! Gardening is so therpeutic to the soul even when it is between 'this and that' in life! :-)


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