Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift Store Goodies

Moved my old window frame.....and moved things around to accommodate my new fancy bird cage that I made and blogged about earlier this week.

That little tea cup was also a thrift store find for less than a dollar.

And put up my new washboard that I got at the Second Hand store that is truly antique and the washing part is out of glass. IS that not cool?

And that blue plate, holy beaners! It is cracked, but was a whole dollar, just needed some cleaning and works great on a stand.

And, here is a close up.

Linking this to A Diamond in the Stuff for her party this week! (wonder if she will notice I moved her book paper wreath with my frame!)

One more day to the weekend! 


  1. GORGEOUS...& I've totally changed my mind about the cutest bird cage in the WORLD....l think it has Australia written all over it!!! Looks ab fab here with your collection here. A DOLLAR!!! That plate is amazing value:):):)

  2. Love the display, everything looks so very special in the spot you gave it. I have never seen one of those old washboards with "glass" on it. Nice job, Mitra.

  3. The book paper wreath is just stunning! love your display

  4. Wow what a selection of treasures - looks super awesome!

  5. Love your thrift store goodies! :)


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