Friday, May 4, 2012

A Little Time

So the other day I asked my Dad what Mom might want for Mother's Day. It was a bogus question because he never thinks of things like spa days and chocolates and flowers...and for some reason that is the direction my brain tends to go.....

He of course said TIME.

I hear ya Dad. My eye balls lately have been swimming, my head pounding, and breathing has been hard.

They came up with new tasks for me at work, which at the outset are always difficult, but then later you get your stride and things flow a lot better.

PLUS, I am taking on a new role in the Scrappy Community. (CHECK OUT MY SIDEBAR-yes I am yelling and jumping up and down at the same time!! SO EXCITED. But scary?)

Like anything new, sometimes my breath gets caught short and I have a moment of panic.

What if I am not amazing, what if I am not good enough...

That has been running through my mind for my new work tasks and new scrappy stuff.

I do my best to squash thoughts like these. They do nothing but make me worry and fear is one thing I detest. So, solder on, do what you always do and it eventually makes sense.

Today, it makes sense and I'm breathing. For one thing, I took the day off. The second thing is the lost of internet for yesterday and part of today made me sit back and read a book.

The Hunger Games to be exact. And, I realize that perhaps my trials and tribulations (although it is of course fictional) are just minor in the scheme of things! Plus, running around like a crazy chicken does nothing for making progress.

So, last night I also finished up a project. I glued one washer on my newest OTP item with hot glue. Very impressive, Mitra. But you see I had purchased button magnets and although I started my project with four, I somehow ended up with only one. And a magnet does no good as a closure without another magnet.

See it down there on the bottom?

It is always the last 10% of anything that is always the hardest. THE MAN suggested a washer and I had a DUH moment.

Anyhow, where I am going with this post is that I am going to give Marivic a hand with  her two fabulous shops. If you haven't figured THAT out already...

Have you met her yet? Seen her tags? She packs HAPPINESS in small little cellophane packages.

SERIOUSLY. The inside of my crazy little box there is one of her tags. Not to mention, all the doo-dads on this box with the exception of the cover and the clock are from one of her kits.

Marivic (aside from being one of the nicest people in blog-land) runs Berry71Bleu, a blog with fun challenges, and has two etsy stores Zeus and Zoe and Berry71Bleu, the shop for her tags.

Her tag gave me inspiration to make this little trinket box for Mother's Day. I plan on tucking a locket in here with a photo and perhaps some fancy chocolates...and a spa day gift cert too maybe?

And a side view. See why I need the magnet?

Head on over to play with her latest Mother's Day challenge and tell Marivic I sent ya!


  1. Pretty pressie for you mum...and I just finished 'The Hunger Games' this afternoon-loved it!!Started it last night in bed and read three quarters of it before I had to give up!
    Alison xx

  2. Congrats again :) fun, fun, fun!!! It is always scary finding your feet with any new job or position but you need to be out of your depth in order to grow. It's only in stretching that you fill those shoes. In the end it all becomes second nature and you adjust your life to accomodate the additional responsibilities. Have a good weekend - glad you took the day off - best way to get to feel back to normal again. Hope you eventually got my 4 comments. Sure your mum will just LOVE her gift - well done!!

  3. Congrats! The gift for your mom is just lovely. I know she will love it. :)

  4. (Jumps up and down while yelling) "Congratulations!!!" I'm so proud of you. You are indeed going to find a place for everything on your plate. You always do. :)
    Your MD gift is fabulous and time is a perfect gift. The washer idea is pretty freakin' cool too.

    Love when you's like seeing your brain go live! Hahaha...'Live from New York...'
    sorry SNL flashback there.

  5. So, so, SOOOO pleased for you...wondered where you'd got to...look forward to your blog posts! This is really divine...your Ma will LOVE it & what's inside!!! You'll be fantastic for Marivic. Her stuff is truly gorgeous:):):)

  6. Mitra,

    Oh my! First of all I am glad that you got a day off..and get to sit and read a book. I am so jealous..I tell Helen that my BFF when I need a break is Jackie Collins..So raunchy, hey but I need to feel normal from all this day-to-day craziness that is happening around me..So if jackie Collins is the Tequila to my Margaritas, i say..bring it on..and yes, I need them by the bottle, 3 at the most!

    Love the project you made! Thanks for the kind words about me and I am looking forward to our journey with this together with the other girls.

    Mom would love this..Great idea with the spa, locket, and chocolates...

    Thank you again..btw, it's great talking to you on the phone..

  7. Your Mom is going to absolutely ADORE this present Mitra! Who wouldn't?! Don't you dare be worried that you won't be good enough for my team. I love your pages to bits and I'm so glad to have you!

  8. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  9. Absolutely a delicious to watch,,,, I have sent you a nice your e-mail.

  10. Love your trinket box and the idea of the chocs and spa ticket are ace. Thank u for your lovely words Mitra I so much appreciated them. I'm coming good now. xxx


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