Friday, May 11, 2012

Flea Market Therapy

So yesterday was wet and cold. In fact, I thought I saw a snowflake, but it might have just been an apple blossom fluttering around.

On the rare occasion I get sick of working at home, I try to wander out for some retail therapy. Problem is....there is not a lot of that where I am.

Today the lack of cheese in the fridge made me think I needed to head for Canton. I was seriously considering a sandwich, but with no cheese? For sure time to find lunch elsewhere!  ;-)

I decided to go to the indoor flea market. So a long time ago when I was in college, they used to have an Ames Dept. Store right in Canton.

Not sure when it closed, but recently they opened a large chunk of it up for vendors. It is good for a garage sale fix in the middle of winter. Or during a rainy early spring day.

I tried to take an overall photo, but too many nooks and crannies to really get a good feel for it all.

Instead, let me introduce you to Orange Blossom. YES, she is UGLY. VERY. (horrible photo too, but it's from my phone) For some reason I get the idea I should buy this thing and make it better. I think it's the legs I like. So far, resisted the urge.

I also resisted the lure of this itty bitty little baby couch that has seen better days. It is still adorable.

Also very temping was this fancy clock. Lucky for me, I don't have a mantel which is where I am pretty sure this should go. The metal trolley car on the top is separate....

And what did I return home with? The spoils of the Thrift Store? Just a cup of coffee from Burger King next door and a smile! I'll save them all for another purchase....

Happy Friday!


  1. wow there were some treasures there, and I am sure you could give each one a new lease on life... I hope the coffee was good! and did you get any cheese??

  2. Woah! That has your name ALL over it. :) Thanks for the virtual retail therapy for me too. I needed it! Got more goodies in the garage and a desk. I'll send you pictures in a bit.

  3. I think you really need that orange blossom. It looks like it needs your touch to be beautiful. Don't you want to help the ugly duckling? teehee

  4. Well I'm commenting from the iPad for the first time! Wrote a long comment from my phone that got lost so have insisted I Comandeer this and hubby gets another one Lol! I think orange blossom is wonderful and I foresee a great future for her in your workspace! I can just see her all painted up white with verdigris touches and pretty glass jars full of ribbon and trinkets! I think you need to go back and fetch it!

  5. What an awesome place...I agree, Orange Blossom is calling 'Help! Help!'...will you go back, or are you being strong??? All I did yesterday was housework....yawn!!! Ooh, I just saw Helen's comment pop up..have to 2nd that one....G'arn...rescue Orange Blossom!!!!

  6. I fourth or fifth?? the Orange Blossom definitely needs the Mitra touch.

  7. hi there, hope all is well with you has been along time since i passed by. I read your post with interest and look like there are some fabulous pieces waiting to given a new lease of life what i want to know though is did you get the cheese !!!!



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