Friday, May 25, 2012

Looking for Love....

So, the past couple of weeks I have noticed a lot of activity in our back field. On normal days, there is a lone Turkey (hen) wandering around pecking at whatever they peck at.

I did ask at work and was told they eat bugs first, seeds second, and grass third. All of which we'd have in our meadow.

More recently, we got up at the wee hour of 5:30 am and the dogs starting barking their ever lovin' brains out.

Turns out there was a tom turkey out right off our back deck showing his tail feathers for the two lady birds.

If you have never ever seen this in real life, let me just tell you, they all get all puffy and large looking.

Somehow, this must do something for the lady birds? Or not.....

Anyhow, all the barking told them it was time to vacate and they flew to the edge of the field.

Since my element of stealth was gone, I did mange to get ONE photo of the retreat through the sliding glass doors.

To my embarrassment, the girl birds flew into a tree and you could see Tom Turkey lurking under it begging them to come down.

Rolling my eyes.

Since then, they have been out in the field most mornings. The girl birds eating while the Tom hangs out looking all pretty and prancing around.

It is getting to be a bit much.

The whole birds and the bees thing.

I mean, get a room!

Here is a side shot of Tom (Mr. Car Salesmen) Bird. He seems to have a sixth sense when I sneak out onto the deck with the camera and deflates. And I know it's a terrible photo. I only have a point & shoot, nothing amazing!

So, I had to know what the scoop was. I mean, how many more weeks of bird porn do I have to endure and seriously?

They are ignoring him and eating.

So, I ask one of the guys I work with.

He participates in the Wild Turkey Federation and I figured he'd be able to explain further.

So I asked why this silly bird does all this prancing around if they are just going to keep pecking bugs.

There was a long pause.

I gathered he was contemplating his response.

He said finally: Well, they are only out there for about an hour or so, right? Well, typically they eat first and then the hens get serviced after.

WAIT WHAT? Did he just say serviced?

I cannot TELL you how fast I changed the subject back to work...

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh you crack me up!! I am in stitches laughing! I was brought up on a farm and hence the love lives of all the animals were right there all the time... The male of the species had only one job... and if they didn't do it, a new one would replace them!! how romantic is that!!haha!! I hope you get to see some babies soon for all your effort!!

  2. Hmmmmmmmm & I thought servicing was to do with cleaning a room!!! I'm with Lizzy C. On the farm you get used to all sorts of jumping around & up & down!!!!

  3. Never saw a turkey up close like this. Neat pic!

  4. Oh my G*D you are so funny!!!!!!....
    Sounds like the turkeys have their roles reversed good for them LOL LOL LOL LOL........

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....OMG...that was THE best post! "serviced, bird porn, get a room." Awww, you've made my morning coffee even better. :)

  6. P.s....I'm thinking fish sounds good for Thanksgiving now. Not sure I'll ever look at Turkey the same again. ;)

  7. This story gave me a giggle and having grown up in a rural area and now travelled a good part of our country you get to see a lot of nature loving rituals. I've never seen a turkey before though.

  8. Well you did ask! LOL I'm sorry his explanation traumatized you. Bird porn! ROFLOL

  9. hahahaha!!!!! rofl rofl!! Whose birds are these? Yours or are they wild??

  10. Maybe turkey season is still open if the MAN was interested to deck out the table soon with a fresh wild turkey... no doubt not on the top of his list right now!
    Your co worker's discription is priceless along with the quick change to work topics!


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