Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Day Sunshine Run Page for the Scraptastic Challenge

So, to my horror, the other day Our Fearless Leader at Exercise Class announced she was bringing in calipers to measure body fat.

I have a love hate thing going with exercise. Firstly, I do love how I feel directly after I exercise it's just the rest of the 24 hours in the day...I wrote about that back in January.

Our Fearless Leader had decreed a new challenge, this one costing a bit more than the normal $5 bucks we throw into a collective pot. YES, I will be honest. I have never ever won.

It's usually based on losing weight combined with inches or something like that.

This time, approx. $400 is up for grabs and she uses that torture device, has suggested you exercise every day for 30 minutes, and track your food.

Needless to say I was a bit traumatized for a week or two or three after the measuring event.

I finally got into a rhythm by deciding to hit our trails out back. I like our woods, the quiet, the stream, and listening to some good tunes. I figured out being frustrated at work melts away as I sweat.

It's still painful. Don't get me wrong due to that earlier poetic sentence. AND SWEATY! (rolling eyes)

PLUS, it does still snow here 9 months out of the year, so we'll see whether my fair weather running still occurs during snow events....

Anyhow, I thought I'd document my run in a page with a photo of my 'droid which accompanies me so I can stream my Pandora Beatles station.

Thought I'd play along with the Scraptastic Challenge #1 this month that Pinky is hosting. Using your punches! My Martha Scallop is a common go to punch....

AND, I also planned on posting this today due to the fact we get our fat measured again tonight and she figures out a winner. ;-) YIPPEE.

Sigh. I don't plan on being the winner (again!) but I am happy to have rediscovered running. Besides, what would I do with $400....giggle sarcastically....


oh and p.s. running in my book is mostly moving with some parts walking and lots of parts of sweating...just so we're on the same page here.


  1. You are your running style, though:):) Great LO...nice to do one about/for you, too:):)

  2. Love the layout, Mitra. The colors are cheery and makes me feel ready to get up and exercise. By the way, you DO look fantastic, whether you are the winner or not, you did win.

  3. Hahahahaha....I despise running! I can speed walk for hours, but kudos to you for hittin' the happy trail! $400, yeah, you're right...what would a thrift store/flea market picker & craft guru do with all that money? I can't think of anything off the top of my head...
    Awesome page M, best of luck tonight!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your story, although I love to exercise I still struggle with the whole food thing. If I keep track of it then I remember to eat correctly and more times during the day rather than just one big meal at night which is a definite no no. But lets face it good eating and regular exercise go hand in hand so congratulate yourself as you are at least doing something which is better than doing nothing and you also get the added bonus of enjoying your beautiful surroundings. Anyway good luck with you awful pinchy things and I hope even if you don't win at least you show yourself that you improved, even if its only a little.

  5. Eu amei isso!!!
    A imagem é maravilhosa. :)

  6. Hahahaha - Well great page & good for you girl! I have already lost interest in my exercise & bunked quite a bit. I just do not have resolve in that department - do not know why I am so incentiveless as I can hardly squeeze into my clothes anymore! Surely that should be enough?! Now what is a Beatles Pandora Station? Is that a radio station that plays only Beatles music?? I suggest you get a treadmill for the snowy weather - I have visions of you breaking your leg (not a nice vision it was either!)Hope Hump day was good. It's Friday for me this week as that is the big ScrapThat! reveal day so until then I can hardly breathe...

  7. You are too funny! Love the page. I like how you pieced the area for your title. I am not a runner either. I much prefer to walk. I could walk until the cows come home, but running.. now way. And I hear you on the snow. It can be relentless here in WI too.

  8. $400.....wait for me to come and spend it with you!! if I start running now i should get to you r neck of the world in hmmmm 10years as I DO NOT RUN mother nature made me top is a sight for sore eyes or rather I get a sore eye if i run!!! LOL
    You layout is fabulous.....keep at it very proud that one of all of us is sticking to the plan!!!!!!!!

  9. HI..Good on you for exercising, in any form... and who knows, you may just win 400 dollars to spend on your fav thrift store!!

  10. Love this! Looks fab and good for you! You go girl!

  11. No running here Mitra..walking, yes
    Love the scalloped borders
    Alison xx

  12. I think the page, especially the scallops, is great and I could hear the song in my head... I 'run' a lot like you do when I do it... not enough but, hey, better some times to few then never doing exercise... keeping the bones moving! Gretchen

  13. Fun LO and subject matter! Not only are the scallops pretty as a border, but I like how you used those funny jagged border stickers alongside the journaling!


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