Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Little Box for the Clay Lady's Daughter

Had to use one of the glamour shots made by Ignacio. I so LOVE what he does to my photos I send him!!!

Being on his design team has some great perks! Cool images to use and awesome tweaked photos! ;-)

Here is the box I found at the second hand store. It was so plain! And interestingly enough, quite the blank slate!  Do you see it hidden in there among the rest of the sad unwanted items!? Well, I wanted them, just nobody else did!

The top was a lot of fun. I first painted the top white with gesso and let it dry.

A second coat was made by using plaster and a stencil to give it some texture.

Then, added a bit of color with some ink pads and then shimmer modge podge.

And how do you like that green metal piece! It was in the dollar bin at Wally World and I grabbed it for a paint treatment! Used the Patina paint in Jade on that and also the little feet! Love love love those feet! ;-)

Added a graphic in the lid that I really loved from A Child Garden of Verses Collection at Nice Crane Designs.

Let me show you the whole collection of graphics from Nice Crane Designs. I had such a hard time choosing just one to use on this box!

And you ask, where will this little treasure box go? Well, I made it for a little friend of mine down the road. She is always begging her Mama to have us over for jello and swimming in the pool and happens to be a great fancier of Squinkies. Since her Mama also has a kick wheel and does clay outside in the summer, you can see how this might be a fun trip for me too! Anyhow, I thought we'd giver her a little present next time we saw her.

I wonder if she has a Sponge Bob one yet?

OHHHH! And I nearly forgot, I wanted to make a quick shout out to a friend of mine who is having a sale!

That is one of her cool little flowers on the top of my box!

Go check out Eye Candy Magic and tell Samantha I said hi!

Happy Tuesday and may the rest of the week speed on like a freight train to the weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Innovation, Symbolism, and wanting to nap....

Goodness I have had a blast hanging here on Market Street in Corning NY. I must admit working out of the hotel room proved a challenge.

No matter how many lights I turned on, I still felt sleepy.

It was not for lack of sleep as we got to try out a Sleep Number Bed, which btw, is very nice.

This particular hotel room seems to be dark which in turn makes me sleepy!

Anyhow, I thought I'd throw up a few photos from my lunch time adventures.

This is the Little Joe tower. It is one of the first things you see driving into Corning along the sky line.

It was the first of it's kind in 1912 and was used to pull the long glass tubes for thermometers.

It's still there as a testimony to Corning Inc. and their ability to innovate. They felt the symbolism was important to their employees who work in the glass HQ building next door. Innovation & discovery is their day to day.

It has taken quite a bit to keep little Joe looking pretty as I hear the bats also think it makes a lovely home, but symbolism is important as we all know as scrappers.

Innovation is by the way is why Corning stopped making dishes. They were good at it, but it was neither new or innovative, so they passed the torch on to someone else. Same with PYREX which had resulted from a failed experiment!

Now, take a quick peek at that blue symbol up at the top there.

He is Little Joe the gaffer.

The real little Joe is on the ground at the base. Somewhere I have photos of very small Pratt kids and this statue. It has literally been YEARS since I have visited the base of Little Joe.

The reason I stopped over was that I felt like I owed him a visit.

See, they put a beautiful new sign on our Corning Plant in the North County.

Perhaps you recall my intern layout?

Regardless, here is a photo of my kid and THE MAN in front of the new fancy sign.

I was so excited to see the building all freshly painted, with a new blue stripe and rockin' this sign.

UNTIL THE MAN told me that the old timers at the plant were pissed off about it.

Like really really mad.

They felt like it was a waste of money. Did not get the history or symbolism and basically were being haters.

Now, I get the fact our plant is five hours away from HQ and in the middle of nowhere. But, please, do not be mad about Little Joe.

Embrace the fact your plant manager brought a little slice of history and symbolism to your plant and be proud.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living on Market Street in Corning NY

It's a bit odd to be staying in a hotel in what was previously our hometown.

I mean, we lived in a much smaller town, but when anyone ever asked, you always said Corning due to the fact the name was more recognizable due to the Glass Giant Corning Inc. who has their HQ here. And no, they don't make dishes anymore. Sold that off ages ago, but yes, you may recognize the name from Corelle dishes.

THE MAN is here for green belt training. At least that is what I think he said when someone asked him. Not me, I didn't ask. No questions when I get out of dog, kid & house duty and there is a lot of possible adult time involved. It sounded like fun training with some karate chopping, but he said something about statics and I immediately decided I got the better half of the deal working out of our hotel room. Also, the word test was involved. NOPE, I will say right here and remain dumb and happy in the room, thank you every much.

Was a bit stressed out with no paper...as in scrapbook paper...

We have had lots of fun already. Sushi on Sunday, Indian on Monday, and hooked up with the old neighbors on Tuesday for a meal at The Central which happens to be in a great little town near by called Painted Post.

Not to be confused with the town on the other side of Corning which is nicely named Big Flats and the one after that is Horseheads. Yes, naming seems like it might have been an afterthought for the earlier settlers here.

And here is the view when I step out of our hotel room doors looking UP Market Street. Three or four blocks of fun little shops, bars, and good places to eat. All within walking distance.

And my issues with the lack of paper?

Well, I may have just headed up the street to The Crafting Cottage to buy some!

Yes, that is the coffee table here in my hotel room. And yes, I have a huge knife out ready to help slice up foam tape. It was either that or using the nail clippers...

I know! I am roughing it! I was invited up the road to scrap at The Cottage, but so far the evenings have been pretty busy...

You guys want photos of a privately owned craft store? You might drool....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Garden Layout for Get Creative Challenge

ohhhhh little garden of mine all built up with boulders off our land...how I love you!!!

Fun time of year, summer. Plants are kicking it into overdrive.

Thought I'd create a page all dreamy to keep their pretty faces in my brain when the snow flies.

WHICH here is right around the corner. In fact, got a load of logs dropped recently so we can start working on more firewood, sigh.

Can you believe it? THE MAN wants to teach me how to split wood 'cause my Mamma can split wood. SERIOUSLY???

MOM, thanks a lot for showing off eight years ago when I had toddlers and now they are big, he thinks I should help...this may end up in a hospital visit. Some days I have trouble walking....

Used this awesome sketch from Get Creative's Challenge but flipped it. 

Lots of fun bling on here. I got a wee bit crazy. Do you see that branch up there drawn into the sketch? That gave me the liberty to really layer it up....

So yes, the SKETCH MADE ME DO IT, honest!!!

See that little fabric green and pink flower up there? My neighbor shared that with me. She has discovered Etsy, poor thing.

Between hooking her into scrapbooking and etsy, I am sure her hubby may want to hurt me a bit.....now he has to stop at every craft store between here and California when they take road trips....

Used more of that doily boarder paper from Linda's Shop which is called the Funkie Junkie that I was talking about earlier this week. See, once I get something new, I have to use it and use it...

Also got that cool beaners key from her! All the little elements I bought came in pretty little cellophane baggies tied with that light pink rumbled ribbon, which I am reusing. Also reusing a bit of packaging that you can see sneaking out right at the top with a little rose...

The Garden Scrabble Tiles are also recycled and something I blogged about here

And, I think for all you people squinting at my photo (I do that when I see garden photos to see what plants they have that I don't) that I will post a picture up that hasn't been altered. 

YES GINORMOUS Lizzy Hill sized rhubarb right there in the corner and some fox glove...

Almost to the weekend! Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Times 4th of July Page for Creative Scrappers Challenge

You ever print photos and then try to make a layout work only to realize they are way too big. Yeah, that happened to me here and in the theory of not wasting, I decided to use them anyway, just off set one.

Love how that turned out to be the photos of Lexi and her cousin which I cut in a circle to make a wee bit smaller and used a heart doily under it.

Very very fun sketch here from Creative Scrappers.

Here is a close up of the flowers and glittery ric-rac with a new product I just got in my hot hands so now I think I need to use it EVERYWHERE.

Do you see, hiding under all that bling...a doily boarder?


Seriously. I got it from Linda's Shop which is called the Funkie Junkie...hmmmm I wonder if she named her store after me.

Here is a photo I borrowed from her website and a direct link right to this product.

I inked the edges of mine up and misted it a bit. I think misting will really make this product shine in my world.

THANKS LINDA for having such a cool shop!!!

And SIS IN LAW if you are reading this. Your kids are famous again! All published in blog land.

She was the one running around taking photos like a mad woman of the cousins looking cute.

YES, we made them all wear red, white and blue.

I will be making her a double page spread of all the cool photos she took that day.

Happy Nearly Hump Day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

So, a bit back I blogged about some junkin' finds that I was really pleased about.

Thought I would give you a progress report photo on the metal piece. THANKS HELEN for saying put mirror in it. I was thinking it might be a frame. I thought wrong, I guess! Love it as a mirror!

What fun!

Here is what it looked like before two different colors of spray paint, gesso, and several applications of Ranger Vintaj Metal Patina paint.

My new favorite thing, are these glazes...and playing with metal. 

It is still just a work in progress as I really want to add some flowers...which I still have not found yet. Bring on the shopping!

Good thing we are visiting our old stomping ground this week where those things are right around the corner.
We are in Corning NY, which is for sure a fun destination for anyone included to learn all about the history of glass. 

And then there is the matter of getting the mirror nice and clean too and some hangers for the back. Just might HAVE to keep this project...

What do you think so far?

Here is a close up so you can see all the various shades and the little itty bitty little metal pieces I made to cover existing screw holes. Aren't they adorable?

I might be in love...but it's the green patina....

Hope your Monday is going well and you are getting a lot of things accomplished!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairy Garden Page for ScrapFriend GD Spot

This was the page I was going to post yesterday and instead, I wrote about the storm.

This page is light and airy and happy so I'm happy to share it.

It is one of my favorites made lately.

Ever make something and every time you look at it, you just feel happy?

This was made for ScrapFriends as a Guest Designer. Being an Aussie site, one must try to keep up with all the texture and dimension you see coming outta there. Here is the cool beaners color pallet to use. LOVE IT!!!

Funny thing about this photo and my journaling. We shared a special night with friends watching the fireflies shimmer on the lawn near the puff balls so I really wanted to capture how everything turns into a fairy garden around dusk. 

Well, if only the fairies killed the dang mosquitoes....

Anyhow, some close ups are in order. 

I have been hoarding that fluffy off white flower for ages. I know, it's bad to hoard. But look how it paid off! Two little silk roses straight from Lizzy Hill, some real skeleton leaves from Helen, and two little sticky pins from Channa's new etsy store.

And the other side with other fun stuff like inked & sprayed gauze a few of the little rosettes again from Channa's new etsy store and a crystal dangle.

And a sideways shot. Love those. You can really see the dimension!

And it's Friday!! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Calm After the Storm & More Potsdam Sandstone

So the day before yesterday I was talking to work on Skype and heard a noise. It was a significant event because the noise I heard was more a lack of noise and the sound of electronic devices shutting down. And just then, my internet connection (and subsequent phone call) died.

Yes, oh brilliant me. The power went out. The fan, which is constantly humming a happy tune and spreading air was the most missed since it was brutally hot. Had closed a few windows due to impending storm so body heat started ramping up.

I am like the post office. I can work through most anything. Got the mobile hot spot and called work back on the cell.

Wandered around the house watching scary rain and hail fall from the sky.

It was dark like night, but seemed fast moving.

Power was out from 3:30 until 7ish.

Wasn't too horrible. I cooked out on the grill using a pan and aside from burning two fingers (hello, again, I am brilliant) dinner wasn't all that bad. And although the storms were fast moving, part of the grilling was done in the rain.

BUT, like I said, it was hot. So being wet wasn't bad either.

Turns out we were the lucky ones.

Now we just wrapped up our roofing project on our house. So, if we had not had a good push last weekend, this microburst could have been a very bad thing.

Downtown Potsdam did not fair so well.

Take a quick peek at that link. You will see ginormous stately trees shredded. And in between the heart break of lost trees and metal ripped off roofs, you can see that pretty Potsdam Sandstone I was talking about a few posts ago that will be around to see more storms a 100 years from now.

Those photos scare me.

I had no clue last night just how horrible things looked just heard rumors about the damage and saw a few facebook photos.

My sweet little town.

That photo above is the roof from the Hardware Store (Can you make out the words Ace on the Building) and that is where all that metal and wood flew off of. Wonder who gets to fish it all outta our pristine river.

In a few days I will wander downtown and see sawdust everywhere. People fixing up what is broken and moving on.

That is the North Country right there. Endurance is a prime character trait. Tomorrow, a post about pretty flowers because that too is moving on. Today, we'll go with sandstone and endurance and cleaning up what has been damaged.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Sooo, some exciting news to share with you guys here today.

Marivic is now carrying Scrap FX Chippy in her Zeus & Zoe etsy store.


Seriously? As good as that chocolate cake I blogged about yesterday.

I have plans ladies, serious plans.

Want to see what I bought? First off, these crazy wings. I think they need to be white with some serious shimmer. I am thinking a fairy...might need to wear these...might even grab that vintage ceramic head and arms I saw at the second hand store and make a real 3D one...but only if Shirley can help me with the sewing...

Next, up this crazy branch....I am not sure what I will do with this, but I know recently I had a layout to make that had a branch drawn into the sketch and I wanted a branch..so made one..next time, this would be fun to paint up and add more leaves to and flowers....
And lastly, this dress form. I have always envied those people that make these dress forms all pretty with some bling and pretty additions. My turn!

And, while you are at it? Ask Marivic to make you a custom kit.

I have a serious hankering for some vintage goodies since I have not scored lately at the second hand store. I just told her "summery colors" and she is making me something fun. I can't wait! It's always very exciting to get one of her packages as you never know what it might hold. They are jam packed full too! And, I have seen some of her handmade flowers...can't wait to touch one in real life...hope she sells those!!!

SORRY about all the drooling...but at least these babies do not involve calories!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Soda-liteful Cake Page for Another Freaking Scrappy Sketch Challenge

Soooooo, during the 4th of July week I got a nice phone call from the office I work for in PA. Keep in mind we're five hours apart.

THEY SAID:  Mitra you are totally invited down for our picnic.
ME: SERIOUSLY? What picnic? What are you having?
THEM:  We are having  it at lunch, so if you start driving now you will still be too late.


THEN they had the nerve to read me off their menu which included chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.

I might have taken this badly and swore loudly. I mean deviled eggs AND chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting??? How can you not be upset by this news.

My sis in law asked later, since she was holding down the fort downstairs as to what my problem was. (may have swore loudly wince) There was a bit of complaining on my part. Maybe even a small tear.

SO, she made me my own cake for the 4th. I texted all the losers in PA and said, THERE JERKS, I have my own cake.

Can you see it there in color just hiding out in the corner of that photo? I'd post the whole thing, but then you'd drool all over your keyboard and mouse...

See the cute little star shaped bowls? Another Sis in Law present for our little party.

And here is a sideways shot so you can see all the texture on this page and how I snuck in a few extra photos in my window....

That little denim flower was from Lizzy Hill!!! And the paper/kit used were from Scraptastic and the Summer Picnic Kit.

This page was done for Another Freaking Scrappy's latest challenge and involves just a sketch! That is pretty easy, right? I'd give it a whirl!

p.s. That cake was WAY worth eating too.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dairy Queen Pages for MMD Divas

The cousins were here during the 4th of July Week and we thought we'd take them to one of our favorite hang out spots before going to see BRAVE. Dairy Queen Double Cheese Burgers, Fries, and a Sundae, how can you go wrong?

Dairy Queen never fails to disappoint, especially when you have five kids on a sugar high hanging out on the patio where their laughter competes with traffic and not grouchy patrons conversations!

Had to make two pages, obviously as my sis in law might want one too.

I convinced her to get a pedicure and meet one of her old bffs for lunch while I took the kids out for some fun. It was our birthday gift to her! Happy Birthday Jennifer, if you are reading this since I opted to publish this layout today just for you. Here is hers. I opted to use a banner on hers as she stated she was "out of it" as far as scrappin' goes and banners are in right now, as far as I can tell. Who says I'm with it either, LOL?

Had a great sketch to work from made by the amazing Heather over at Miracles Momma Designs.

Just a little close up of my handmade sundae embellishment. I really wanted something cool to put on this page, but was coming up short. Found the old advertisement on-line so used that for my title. I made my own sundae and spoon using my Silhouette and some hand cutting for the ice cream itself. 

The piece was pretty intricate, but using some Ranger silver alcohol inks really made me happy about the dish. I added in some double sided tape under it to told it together and get the glitter to stick.

LOVE how it turned out. 

Here is the one from the second page. You can see a bit of the long spoon sneaking in there too. 

Used up some of the last of my Scraptastic Kit from June that was so lovely with the bright colors. And here in this photo you can see some stamping to make that burlap texture. It was a stamp I made myself with the MagicStamp Foam Block from ScrapFriends.
Hope my sis in law LOVES her page and gets a nice three scoop Sundae for her Birthday!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July Challenge over at Zeus & Zoe

Just popping in on Sunday to announce our newest challenge over at Zeus and Zoe! Please check it out and play along if you can! In the words of Jaz herself:

Hello there friends from near and far,

I am so very excited to be hosting my very first challenge at the beautiful Zeus & Zoe Blog.

Once again I am so inspired by the beautiful embelishments that comes in the kit, I am so in love. The vintage fabric feather that comes together with the peacock feather is just ooo-lala !!! and the pretty lil' butterfly just makes my heart go aflutter.

With such a pretty set of embellishments, I have created a pretty lil' hairband for my darling girl, Faith and also an altered old Enid Blyton hardcover storybook. I had so much fun and I would like you to play along with us here;
Our challenge for July 15th: 
Create an altered project that is OTP (Off the page). You can be creative and design anything ie jewelleries, cigarboxes, mini albums, altered bottles, just anything that inspire you. Entries must be received by AUGUST 15, 2012.

Our plan with our monthly challenges is to support other artists by promoting their hand made embellishments, so you are interested, please let us know!

1. You are allowed to make a an altered/off the page
project as long as you follow the challenge specifications.

2. Projects must be linked up to our linky tool in the
sidebar, using the URL of the ACTUAL POST not your
entire blog.

3. You may submit as many entries as you want
and combine your entry with up to 2 other challenges.

4. It is required that you mention in your blog post that you 
are playing along at Zeus & Zoe TOGETHER with a link 
back to our blog.

5. All entries must be received by MIDNIGHT EST on the

15th day of the month the challenge was posted.

6. Entries to be submitted via the linky tool at the top of the

sidebar ONLY, not by e mail and not by linking up in the

comments section please.

Information about our Challenges:

1. Zeus & Zoe Challenges are open to anyone,

anywhere in the world.

2. Our Design Team do their best to comment

on all entries, you can make their job easier by turning OFF

your word verification. Try it and if spam is a problem

you can always enable comment moderation.

3. Challenges are held monthly and each month TWO winners are

chosen. One winner is chosen by our design team, who all vote

for the project they consider to be the best, while another 
winner is chosen by random draw.

4. Challenge winners will always be announced within a week

of the challenge closing and winners are then required to

contact Marivic. 

5. Prizes not claimed within 2 weeks of the challenge closing
will be forfeited.

6. The Merit winner will have an image of their project featured

in the winners post, together with a link back to the homepage

of their blog.

7. Merit winners will be awarded a Winner's Badge to post

on their blog..full bragging rights included!

I can't wait to see everyone's beautiful creations.


Winner will receive beautiful embellishment packs from 

A package of vintage-style buttons from 
 (You will receive similar buttons as pictured)

And we will pick a random winner who will receive a set of vintage-
style set of skeleton keys from Zeus and Zoe Etsy Shop

We hope to see your beautiful projects!!