Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living on Market Street in Corning NY

It's a bit odd to be staying in a hotel in what was previously our hometown.

I mean, we lived in a much smaller town, but when anyone ever asked, you always said Corning due to the fact the name was more recognizable due to the Glass Giant Corning Inc. who has their HQ here. And no, they don't make dishes anymore. Sold that off ages ago, but yes, you may recognize the name from Corelle dishes.

THE MAN is here for green belt training. At least that is what I think he said when someone asked him. Not me, I didn't ask. No questions when I get out of dog, kid & house duty and there is a lot of possible adult time involved. It sounded like fun training with some karate chopping, but he said something about statics and I immediately decided I got the better half of the deal working out of our hotel room. Also, the word test was involved. NOPE, I will say right here and remain dumb and happy in the room, thank you every much.

Was a bit stressed out with no in scrapbook paper...

We have had lots of fun already. Sushi on Sunday, Indian on Monday, and hooked up with the old neighbors on Tuesday for a meal at The Central which happens to be in a great little town near by called Painted Post.

Not to be confused with the town on the other side of Corning which is nicely named Big Flats and the one after that is Horseheads. Yes, naming seems like it might have been an afterthought for the earlier settlers here.

And here is the view when I step out of our hotel room doors looking UP Market Street. Three or four blocks of fun little shops, bars, and good places to eat. All within walking distance.

And my issues with the lack of paper?

Well, I may have just headed up the street to The Crafting Cottage to buy some!

Yes, that is the coffee table here in my hotel room. And yes, I have a huge knife out ready to help slice up foam tape. It was either that or using the nail clippers...

I know! I am roughing it! I was invited up the road to scrap at The Cottage, but so far the evenings have been pretty busy...

You guys want photos of a privately owned craft store? You might drool....


  1. This looks soooo nice & relaxing... & good on for you scrapping in the rough...& make us drool...give us the craft shop piccies!!!! I never knew Corning where actually came from a town called Corning!!! That's all we use for our crockery. I LOVE the stuff - it's so nice & light to handle. I actually scrapped a cars tonight. Felt good. Know how you just GOTTA scrap:):):):):)

  2. Did I actually write where instead of ware. I'll blame the iPad!!!!!!

  3. Well I must add that when I was last on holidays I took a basic kit and there just happened to be a scrap shop in the locality and I may have gotten a few or a lot of papers from there and spent some time scrapping while the man watched dvd's that were of no interest to me.. so enjoy!

  4. I'm ready for the pics...and the drooling! Who knew Corning Ware came from a place called Corning?!
    Alison xx

  5. This sounds like the perfect getaway! So glad you were able to find a quick fix for your paper withdrawals!

    Waiting for those pics of the store!!

  6. Gosh can't take you anywhere & you buy another paper trimmer LOL!!! Loving the stories & sounds like you are having a great time despite the challenges regarding work - I can imagine that's not the easiest when you kinda feel in holiday mode :)))

  7. I'm over here giggling like mad that you're cutting foam squares with a knife. Girl, you are DESPERATE! LOL I can't wait to see your pages that you make in the hotel room.


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