Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Sooo, some exciting news to share with you guys here today.

Marivic is now carrying Scrap FX Chippy in her Zeus & Zoe etsy store.


Seriously? As good as that chocolate cake I blogged about yesterday.

I have plans ladies, serious plans.

Want to see what I bought? First off, these crazy wings. I think they need to be white with some serious shimmer. I am thinking a fairy...might need to wear these...might even grab that vintage ceramic head and arms I saw at the second hand store and make a real 3D one...but only if Shirley can help me with the sewing...

Next, up this crazy branch....I am not sure what I will do with this, but I know recently I had a layout to make that had a branch drawn into the sketch and I wanted a made time, this would be fun to paint up and add more leaves to and flowers....
And lastly, this dress form. I have always envied those people that make these dress forms all pretty with some bling and pretty additions. My turn!

And, while you are at it? Ask Marivic to make you a custom kit.

I have a serious hankering for some vintage goodies since I have not scored lately at the second hand store. I just told her "summery colors" and she is making me something fun. I can't wait! It's always very exciting to get one of her packages as you never know what it might hold. They are jam packed full too! And, I have seen some of her handmade flowers...can't wait to touch one in real life...hope she sells those!!!

SORRY about all the drooling...but at least these babies do not involve calories!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see what you turn these boring pieces into with the Mitra touch. Im sure they will be gorgeous.

  2. I have Scrap FX sitting on my counter right now - it's the new Prima :)


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