Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bob: A Beach Bud Layout from the MMD Design Team

I have a unique sense of humor. I realized this after my kid sat giggling while eating her breakfast one morning and I wandered down to see what she was up to and realized she was laughing about Bob. Who I also thought was pretty darn funny.

She has made these little "people" out of the beach towels since she was real little. We used to take both kids out on a boat during the summer most weekends and asked them to get their things ready. Of course, their part of getting ready was much quicker than our part, so she had plenty of time to come up with something creative to make the time go by while they waited to hit the water.

I was really lucky to get a great sketch to use from Heather as part of being on the MMD Divas Design Team to make this layout. I love the idea of adding a sun behind a photo.

The paper was some I won from Imaginisce from the Makin' Waves collection. Of course when I won it, it was early spring and I have been waiting to pounce on making a page outta it for MONTHS!

Of course, being the DIMENSION QUEEN I must hand make a flower or two. I have been holding on to this lovely set of new markers and had an idea I wanted to try. Now, I love making stamping ink run using alcohol or glimmermists...what about alcohol ink markers?

Yes, these flowers were made with MARKERS!!!

I have been too chicken to actually USE these new markers for coloring anything in, but they worked like a charm on these Tim Holtz rosette die flowers. Using white paper, cut your rosette. Then, leaving it on the cutting surface, color a few lines with the wide tip. Take them off the cutting surface and mist away. Even the flip side is pretty with the muted colors. 

Let dry and then fold!

The front and the back is below. I can't even decide which I like better!

You then just glue them and add some bling! On the one below, I added a star fish from the collection along with that cute little boy who is snorkeling & the flip flops. I imagine he's the real life "Bob" that Lexi was trying to create!!!

Also included the little name tag she made up that day on my page and some painted orange letters.

And a photo of my journaling. We have still not heard if they broke the record yet, but I am sure we'll know shortly. That would be BIG NEWS!!

Have a great Tuesday and pop back over here tomorrow for a Public Service Announcement that is earth shattering in importance. No, not really. Refer to that part earlier where I said I had a UNIQUE sense of humor.


  1. Hey that is a great Sketch. Love the black base with all the brights on it. Perfect!
    And Oh my gosh I love what you did
    with those markers!!

  2. Love this page. Bob is so cute. Very eye catching with black background and beautiful colors.

  3. Incredible how you think up new & different stuff ...those flowers are AMAZING... They look sooooo great.....gotta get one of those dies..... Love your summer brights....seen the challenge at artastic???? I think th would fit?????

  4. I love your sense of humour!
    the layout is FABULOUS!!!
    I love the misting happening in the corner...and your rosettes are gorgeous the markers are brilliant great job!

  5. What a fun lo! Love the little bits and pieces!

  6. Uh Oh...she has your wacky creative mind. Her towel buddy Bob is the HEAT! It's pages like these that making scrapbooking wonderful.

  7. I can tell that your daughter shares your sense of humor! The marker technique is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Oh and... THANK YOU FOR USING MY SKETCH!!! You so totally rock!

  9. This sketch is unique and you rocked it. I LOVE your marker rosettes and Bob is super-cute!

  10. Oh this is hilarious! i love bob! Your DD sounds like she has a wonderful sense of humour!! and the flowers do look amazing!!

  11. Hahaha - u r so funny!! Bob looks cool and I like that sketch! Great job and congrats on your new DT!!

  12. How awesome is Bob?! Love her creativity!!
    This page is fantastic! I love the flowers! Such a wonderful effect!! The sun and other embellishments go so well with the picture and the story!


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