Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairy Garden Page for ScrapFriend GD Spot

This was the page I was going to post yesterday and instead, I wrote about the storm.

This page is light and airy and happy so I'm happy to share it.

It is one of my favorites made lately.

Ever make something and every time you look at it, you just feel happy?

This was made for ScrapFriends as a Guest Designer. Being an Aussie site, one must try to keep up with all the texture and dimension you see coming outta there. Here is the cool beaners color pallet to use. LOVE IT!!!

Funny thing about this photo and my journaling. We shared a special night with friends watching the fireflies shimmer on the lawn near the puff balls so I really wanted to capture how everything turns into a fairy garden around dusk. 

Well, if only the fairies killed the dang mosquitoes....

Anyhow, some close ups are in order. 

I have been hoarding that fluffy off white flower for ages. I know, it's bad to hoard. But look how it paid off! Two little silk roses straight from Lizzy Hill, some real skeleton leaves from Helen, and two little sticky pins from Channa's new etsy store.

And the other side with other fun stuff like inked & sprayed gauze a few of the little rosettes again from Channa's new etsy store and a crystal dangle.

And a sideways shot. Love those. You can really see the dimension!

And it's Friday!! Have a good weekend!


  1. Woohoooooo girl congrats on the guest designing!!
    The layout is fab fab fab

  2. Great LO! I love the way you layered in the pink leaves--they definitely say "fairy garden" to me. Also, I love the curlicue stitching--it really does add a lot of extra dimension. Truly enchanting.

  3. I love the creativity and imagination that shows through on this page! The base alone is beautiful, but you really took it to gorgeous with the cascade of flowers and frilly goodies! Brilliant placement of the title too!
    I wish the fairies in my yard would do a little buggy extermination as well! They are out of control this year!

  4. Love the blooms, Mitra. Happy page indeed :)

  5. Made me smile from ear to ear. Gorgeous!!

  6. This really is beautiful! It's so light & airy, like a fairy on the Christmas tree [or however that rhyme goes!].....& that tuille flower is to DIE for. Well, almost of course. Bit of hyberbole...been marking too long. Ignore.

  7. HI.. This is soft and magical and so very pretty! a wonderful take on the color combo!!

  8. So pretty & ethereal - I can see why you love it!!

  9. Ooops congrats on the guest spot too!!

  10. Super COOL news....Congratulations and blow me over...WOW...this LO is superb! The stitching on the paper really grabbed my attention and the soft shabby chic appeal is sensational. Highest of fives to you! :)

  11. Love the page, Mitra, so fun to look at. The stitching was awesome. Flowers are so light and happy like. Great picture too. You win with this one.

  12. Super-pretty..and I love the idea of mosquito-fighting fairies!
    Alison xx

  13. Oh how neat! Love the flowers and the look of those letters for the title...awesome!


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