Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Calm After the Storm & More Potsdam Sandstone

So the day before yesterday I was talking to work on Skype and heard a noise. It was a significant event because the noise I heard was more a lack of noise and the sound of electronic devices shutting down. And just then, my internet connection (and subsequent phone call) died.

Yes, oh brilliant me. The power went out. The fan, which is constantly humming a happy tune and spreading air was the most missed since it was brutally hot. Had closed a few windows due to impending storm so body heat started ramping up.

I am like the post office. I can work through most anything. Got the mobile hot spot and called work back on the cell.

Wandered around the house watching scary rain and hail fall from the sky.

It was dark like night, but seemed fast moving.

Power was out from 3:30 until 7ish.

Wasn't too horrible. I cooked out on the grill using a pan and aside from burning two fingers (hello, again, I am brilliant) dinner wasn't all that bad. And although the storms were fast moving, part of the grilling was done in the rain.

BUT, like I said, it was hot. So being wet wasn't bad either.

Turns out we were the lucky ones.

Now we just wrapped up our roofing project on our house. So, if we had not had a good push last weekend, this microburst could have been a very bad thing.

Downtown Potsdam did not fair so well.

Take a quick peek at that link. You will see ginormous stately trees shredded. And in between the heart break of lost trees and metal ripped off roofs, you can see that pretty Potsdam Sandstone I was talking about a few posts ago that will be around to see more storms a 100 years from now.

Those photos scare me.

I had no clue last night just how horrible things looked just heard rumors about the damage and saw a few facebook photos.

My sweet little town.

That photo above is the roof from the Hardware Store (Can you make out the words Ace on the Building) and that is where all that metal and wood flew off of. Wonder who gets to fish it all outta our pristine river.

In a few days I will wander downtown and see sawdust everywhere. People fixing up what is broken and moving on.

That is the North Country right there. Endurance is a prime character trait. Tomorrow, a post about pretty flowers because that too is moving on. Today, we'll go with sandstone and endurance and cleaning up what has been damaged.


  1. Glad you're Ok! Don't like storms esp with big trees around. We have lost two in the past year, luckily no damage.

    ps we all think you're brilliant and are perfectly happy to ignore any tiny incidents that may point the other way...

  2. That's awful...glad you & your roof were alright...scary stuff. Be nice to be warm & wet!!!

  3. Thank God you are fine! Take care, Mitra.

  4. the aftermath looks scary!
    I gotta love your ingenuity cooking in the dark and rain outside! you are a goddess!

  5. Sounds like you had a very lucky escape Mitra. Glad you have the power back on too. I just looked at the photos and can see so much damage but at least nobody was lost. We had a land slide here 2 weeks ago and it was only yesterday they discovered 2 people in a car buried underneath. We have to live each day the best we can don't we.

  6. Glad you're OK Mitra, take care.

  7. So glad to hear you are OK! Scary stuff!

  8. Well the good thing is you are okay, great picture nothing worse than a summer storm.

  9. Oh dear, yes we can get storms like that around here, mini tornadoey type things... so glad you are ok, and people do rebuild and get on with life...

  10. Aaaw so sorry to hear! Rain can be brutal indeed!! Water is just so delightful and equally damaging at times too!! Your sweet little town :( Well it's made up of the lovely people in it, like you, and as you say - you are tough cookies!!

  11. Oh my word, that's horrible! Here I am praying for rain and you get the worst part of the storms. I'm not certain which is worse, severe drought or this...I'm thinking this. I'm afraid to open the link...
    I'm glad to hear that you and your family and home are all in tact.

  12. glad your own home wasn't damaged...but the storm really DID cause some damage!
    Alison xx


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