Monday, March 31, 2014

Passing Out Posies to Old Guys

A few weeks ago a co-worker of mine leveled a Lent Challenge. It's not normally my thing as I'm not that flavor of religion but I thought I could participate. It's been challenging & rewarding.  

(I also filled out basketball brackets for March Madness at work as well, so it's partially a "when in Rome" thing. More on that later! )

Last Monday I blogged about Secret Squirrel Flower Pot Sticks. These little glasses with their flower pot sticks got a batch of daffodils purchased from the local grocery store. 

To say it was dark, gray, and gloomy here this weekend was an understatement. 

It was miserable! Here is a photo of my daffodils. As you can see, in theory, they are waiting patiently under the snow and ice. 

Before I started my weekly shopping on Saturday I found people in the parking lot at the store and handed them a cup of daffodils. It was hard! I felt all kinds of weird!

Most of my targets were sitting in their cars waiting for their wives to emerge. 

One old dude gave me an eye ball, laughed, and said:  WELL. What exactly would you like me to tell my wife!? I giggled. He made me laugh and I all of a sudden felt a whole lot better and less wacko!

Hope you're having a fantastic Monday with a bit of bright and sunny!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Elevated Status of the Fiend

I feel pretty confident that I can say most other crafting people I know do not have a pet gargoyle. Or one that is a cross between a crow, gargoyle, and a troll. For that I am grateful. Only one of us on this planet should be such blessed.

We lovingly call him THE FIEND. For large chunks of the day and also evening he lives behind my large scrapbooking cabinet. Occasionally you hear rustling noises which remind one of rats in the walls. It's disturbing. He also finds things he likes and hauls them back there. Yes, they might be also things YOU like, but since he hasn't figured out how to lift an iphone, we're somewhat safe.

My Mother knowing how much my daughter loves this cat decided to paint her a water color.

This is one of his favorite poses & is what she used for her painting. It's called: I drop on your head and claw your eye balls out, the slealth nija cat I am!

For some reason, THE MAN is uncomfortable with this painting practically over his head when he sits in his easy chair.....

I wanted Lexi to be able to see it from her usual spot on the couch, honest!

My Mom has been very busy this winter. Check out this dragon fly! So pretty!

And here is a panda she was asked to make. SUPER pretty!

Happy Friday! Hope you have some crafting in your weekend and some bright sunshine! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rainbow Ribbon Vintage Covered Tea Box

Just messing around the other day with a tea box. I wanted to send a small Easter Treat to my sis in law and to make something pretty out of the recycling.

Here is what I started with. The scalloped edge caught my eye!

I first covered the entire box in white gesso so the bright colors would not show through. 
Then I used some vintage book pages & shimmer modge podge to cover it. The top was covered with a picture from a book with a pretty girl looking off in the distance. 

The rest of the box got covered in music paper! And then the whole thing was spritzed with grasshopper spit!

No, just kidding. It always reminds me of that when it first comes out. I was using Lindy's Stamp Gang Moonshadow mist. Makes it look older! ;-)

See the caramels? Makes me want some....

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Koi 4 Lunch Layout

Just wrapping up our Florida trip! Just a page or two left and I'll have covered our fun times!

And NO, we did not have Koi for lunch ourselves. We had ice cream after we visited the Sunken Garden in St. Pete's.

The blue heron who was stalking the fish no doubt had one for lunch after we left. The birds in Florida were FISH CRAZY nutballs! This heron was used to people and wanted a nice fresh fish!

I misted up a doily that Shirley (the Best Neighbor in the Universe) punched up for me. It has presents on it and I figured since this was our Christmas trip, it would work! ;-)

I also tucked in the receipt. I think that works well for explaining the location on a page without me having to add all that in the journaling.

And one last side view photo! I do love those fish that I pop dotted to give dimension!

Hope your HUMP DAY is going most excellent!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flower Pot Scrapbook Embellishment for THE CUTTING CAFE

Did you see my post yesterday with the small flower pot sticks? I used the flower pot card from THE CUTTING CAFE. On this piece, I also used the flowers! 

I went to the opposite extreme with this flower pot! I wanted it to really showcase the file that Regina has give us to use! So it's quite large!

I only used pattern paper on the plant pot and some of the leaves I tucked in. The rest of the color comes from mists and ink pads. Of course misted items warp a smidge, but that just adds depth!

This paper plant is headed off to my sister in law for a future scrapbook page. Her daughter Rebecca is quite active in a variety of things so I imagine she'll use it to show case some pretty photos she has!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Secret Squirrel Flower Pot Sticks

I have been plotting this project for about a week!

It's still not completely done, but I thought I'd show you the bit that was paper and all pretty!

I really loved the flower pots we had to work with this week over at THE CUTTING CAFE.

I embossed the flower pot and added gold shimmer paint! The top got scalloped & washi taped!

The flower is a Tim Holtz snowflake.

WOW, these make me happy! I cannot wait until I add them to.....

Oh wait! I can't tell you yet!

You will have to stop back later...but I will give you a HINT! There are five of them....

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Freakin' Badge and more Lent!

I have survived the week!

I am mostly impressed with myself. I didn't cry or kill anyone.

The crying part being the biggest success. I usually cry during the news if there are sappy stories. Animal shelter commercials make me weep. One time I cried during a news story of two ugly twins & an organ transfer. My family giggles when Mommy gets weepy. So it's something I am good at.

THE MAN has been away for training since last Sunday night. He was taking Dimensions of Leadership III. I asked nicely if he wanted me to let his company know that he has had quite a lot of training dealing with me for the last 15 years of marriage and probably had covered most topics, but for some reason he declined my kind offer. I was just trying to save his company some money!

So off he went.

Most things are easy with him being away. Dinners are smaller, there is less laundry, I sleep in the middle of the bed....

I did commit to feeding the everlovin' wood boiler at 10 pm each night which involves crossing a dark and icey driveway only to have to feed it again at 5:30 am also in the dark. That is no picnic, let me assure you! Makes me appreciate not having that task during the winter months.

It wasn't until he was sitting down to a nice meal Wednesday night (probably with a real wine glass and two forks) eating with someone who had helped him immensely on his last project when he got the text:

Dad:  Mom is yelling for towels because the dishwasher is flooding all over the floor. She wants to know where to pour the drain cleaner.

Three loads of towels really does not equate to less laundry.....not to mention a mid week floor mopping. Or not being able to use the sink because it's really really plugged for a whole night. I did NOT cry. Wanted to!

I did finally get the clog cleared and did a small victory dance.

I also threw the last stick of wood from the wood pile on the stove. And bought myself a pretty posy for the center of my table. Goes nicely with my new to me doily from the second hand store and the $2 silver platter I picked up to display it all. Love my Easter centerpiece!

AND on the topic of Easter & Lent, we did something nice for the middle school where my kids go. We bought a bunch of supplies and took them in saying they were "extra" and donated them. I included lots of pencils! Lexi said kids are always losing their pencils.  We had been brainstorming Lent ideas and wanted it to be low key yet helpful.

So now I feel like I am deserving of an award for getting through this week, but like they used to say in school:  Do ya wanna a medal or a chest to pin it on! I always wanted the medal. I always felt like I had chest enough to spare! ;-)

Happy Friday!

P.S. Wait until you see next week's idea for Lent. I'm pretty excited!

If you want to read my Lenton Exploits here are some links:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cat Food Can Alarm Clock

I have been on an alarm clock kick lately.

I mostly blame Lisa over at You Made Me Ink for talking me into downloading this file from the Silouette Store due to her super cool project.

She made hers out of paper which is oober cool.

As I was reading her post my head starting thinking of using a can, real knobs for feet and a clear acetate front.

I could have just ORDERED an alarm clock kit as I see that Tim Holtz is selling one. ;-) Or waited until I found one for real to alter at the second hand store...but this way is pretty fun too! Despite cutting my finger on the sharp can edge. I highly recommend recutting the can edge with a smooth edge can opener vs just pulling off the lid and using it.

Besides, I had a GOLD cat food can. Can you see the gold peaking out from under the modge podged music paper?

That prompted me to paint the paper alarm clock frame gold to match!

Here it is all shimmery in the sun! No matter how you photograph this, it's difficult to get a good photo of the vintage girls who are decorating the inside.

I can however more easily show you the top where you can see more handmade flowers from Lisa, some hand dyed ribbon and the edge of a vintage hankie peeping out!

Hope your HUMP day is going fantastic!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 Mile Loop: Layout for ScrapFriends

Was playing around with the ScrapFriends/Kreative Koncepts color challenge the other day. The awesome part about a color challenge is pulling out a pile of paper you haven't seen for a while!

My double scalloped paper, little banner edge, and ribbon are making me quite happy!

Here is a close up of all that yummy goodness! Those flowers were gifted to me from  Lisa at You Made Me Ink and I'm totally enjoying them!

And a little about my page:  My oldest is snowshoeing! We have been doing that a lot this winter! Grooming the trails first with the snowmobile, we've been enjoying our loops in our woods!

Hope your Tuesday is going fantastic!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Disco Eggs for Lisa at You Made Me Ink

I was innocently grocery shopping the other day when these disco ball Easter egg decorations called to me! They wanted to be grundged up and then blinged up!

Here is a close up! Rolled my own flowers (used the Tim Holtz pine cone die, love how the flowers turn out!) and made my own bird nests!

I also plastered the little gaps in the mirror, added some modge podge and also some spray mists to enhance the color. 

Oh wait, you want to see what they looked like before? ;-) 

This is another set I'm working on now. I wanted a set to sit in this bowl on my table! They are a wee too bright for my taste so they will get the same treatment. I also snipped off the little ribbon hangers!

Hope these work for your Easter Tree Lisa!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hope Your Birthday was Royal: Step Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

My father-in-law is celebrating a birthday today!

Again my card is late, but I'm sending something GOOD WITH IT so hopefully he will cut me some slack!

I LOVE step cards. I never would have tried them on my own, but being assigned them on a design team, you tend to give things a try you might not try on your own. Check out all the awesome designs Regina has over at THE CUTTING CAFE!

I love them because you can stack them up and they are super steady!

I made him a poker card with a Royal Flush because he's loves to play. On his last visit, he was teaching us to play Texas Hold 'Em. All of us. The 13 year old is a good bluffer!

And look how flat this card folds! LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday Dad Pratt!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Fun Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

As much as I am getting tired of SHOVELING the white stuff (the internal argument of it being a good work out is losing ground) I don't mind scrapping it so much!

Had to make a fun page of a trip we made out back to cut some wood. The trailer got stuck eight times and we had to winch it out several times. It was fun for a while until I got cold! So, they all posed for a Victory photo for me to cheer me up!

Had a GREAT sketch to use from Another Freaking Scrappy. The challenge opens today, so hope you are inspired by it as well! Come play with us!

May have taken a few wee liberties, but I do have flowers and a huge round element! I am into layers right now. 

Heck, I even have really round flowers! ;-)

Really LOVE how that paper doily that Shirley punched for me turned out. It was originally white with a subtle pattern, but some spritzes and a good crumble made it all tattered. Here is a side view of it. 

And one last photo so you can see the deck is snow free for once!

Hope you are having a GREAT WEEKEND and are full of all kinds of inspiration to get scrappy!


Friday, March 14, 2014

The Second 5 Gifts of Lent: HAPPY MAIL

Last Saturday I dropped my son's glasses off at the eye doctor. They were replacing his lenses because he is growing like a weed and was complaining of blurry vision.

The Nice Lady at the Eye Doc said:  Let me just check and make sure they are in. It's Pratt, isn't it?

I flinched a little and said OH you must have a really good memory!

The Nice Lady at the Eye Doc said:  I sure do! I recall these very frames and spending hours chipping off super glue.

I looked for something to crawl under.

The boy had decided at one point to repair his own glasses. They typically do not warranty frames that have been etched with superglue but in this case, it's Potsdam and peeps are pretty cool here.

On my return trip to pick them up, I brought her a candy bar. The good yummy kind that is super rich and I'd want to eat.

It's not quite a random act of kindness, but I am giving myself credit because:

A) I remembered to buy it
B) I didn't eat it
C) I remembered to give it to her!

Anyhow, my other RAKs this week include mailing four packages to some scrapbooking people I don't know. I mean, I'm on a team with them but I don't you know like chit chat with them. It was hard picking out stuff to send!

And talk about having a hard time? Dropping that soap off at the post office for them to hand out to grumpy people? Boy did I feel strange! But I did it!

I'm two weeks down on Mission Lent!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How Alarming: Embroidery Hoop Altered Art

On Sunday, I was hanging out in my craft room thinking hard.

I was thinking about making the most out life which led me to download a printable from Graphique on Etsy to use on this piece. Life is way too short to be stuck & miserable.

I am sure you have heard the poem To the Virgins, to make much of Time by Robert Herrick at some point or other. It's slightly annoying, but placed over roses and leaving out the title, it's better. ;-)

GATHER ye rosebuds while ye may,
  Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
  To-morrow will be dying.
The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
  The higher he 's a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
  And nearer he 's to setting.
That age is best which is the first,
  When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
  Times still succeed the former.
Then be not coy, but use your time,
  And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
  You may for ever tarry.

I really have no concept of what it might be like to not be enjoying life. (and on a side note, I don't intend to lose my prime just get better and better thank you very much Mr. Herrick)

Things are pretty easy for me. My first world problems this week include forgetting to buy butter and running out of dog food.

I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with THE MAN and not actually LIKE him. It seems kinda important, like having peanut butter to go with your jelly. Or chocolate to go with your peanut butter.

But, like I said, I do not know what it's like.

I used some items on this hoop to illustrate the poem a bit. One is a vintage bingo card from my friend over at You Made Me Ink who also hooked me up with these super amazing blooms. Bingo for how things sometimes are unexpected in life!

The second is the gold outline of an alarm clock and third being a bike. I wanted an image for time and also an one that involved moving away from a situation.

Since I really layered up the hoop, I wanted it to be free standing for display. So I hot glued it onto a piece of very heavy cardboard. The thick line of hot glue got glittered and it's prettier in real life!

And here it is hanging out on my table where I can enjoy it for a couple of days. I'm sending off to a friend just as soon as I find a box that will work. (excuses excuses)


and a little video from Dead Poets!

food for worms, lads!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Palm Trees Layout

When we were in Florida, Lexi kept yelling PALM TREES at every opportunity.

To say she was excited to be in a warmer climate with different kinds of trees is quite an understatement.

The fun part for me on this page was encorporating the map of where we stayed at the Barefoot Beach Resort. I brayered over it with gesso so it wasn't so bright, but you can see a smidge of it by Lexi's foot. 

My favorite part of this page was adding Lisa over at You Made Me Ink's pretty blooms coupled with found shells, a little bit of dyed cheese cloth and a sparkle! Also tucked in a drink stir stick that was lovely green and a palm tree!

Lisa used a new file that Regina at THE CUTTING CAFE has recently released that looks like so much fun!

It's called Paper Flowers and there is a easy video with step by step instruction by Tmika that walks you through making them.

Hope you are having a blast today wherever you are!