Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just A Song Before I Go: Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

So earlier this past week I mentioned that my grandmother's boyfriend died. I also said my neighbor was growing a squirrel on his face, but now have regrets over making fun of his beard.

When I was growing up, I had four sets of grandparents.  They were not all officially real ones, but since divorce ran in the family I had lots of fun people to pick from.

I like to watch Madman and imagine that things were a bit like that back in the day.

Lloyd Fargo was one cool cat. My grandmother's boyfriend had a motorcycle and took me on rides. Not to mention he owned these huge ass spruce trees in his front yard perfect for making forts under.

They were together for a very long time when I was growing up until some unfortunate incident regarding a kitchen counter and a saw.

One of my fondest Lloyd memories is my first tape. I got the awesomest present one Christmas and it was a REAL TAPE PLAYER where I could record my own voice. And play music. It was small enough I could lug it around and lug it around everywhere I did. It was likely the size of a dictionary to put it into perspective.

Lloyd must have gotten sick of me playing my own self back over and over again and went out to his truck and got me a very old Crosby Stills Nash and Young tape minus the cover and slightly sticky from rolling around in the glove box.

I MEMORIZED that tape!

One of their song titles made for a good scrapbook page title.

I kinda think it fits their relationship. Here are the lyrics that I used:

Just a song before I go

To whom it may concern

Traveling twice the speed of sound
It's easy to get burned

Love this crazy paper I printed out from an old book I had called the Pokey Puppy!

If you get the urge, this page was created for the first of the month challenge over at Another Freaking Scrappy.

Anne is challenging us to:  Scrap or art journal about a favourite song in from your teens. You can scrap some of the lyrics, or the title, or a photo of the band …

Interestingly enough, I was in my teens when I went to my first Crosby Stills Nash and Young concert. Couldn't really see the band from the seats we had due to pot smoke haze, but the music was fantastic!

Hope your weekend is full of scrappy time! ;-)



  1. I LOOOOVE that puppy on the clever! And I remember the 'joy' of being able to tape yourself. It was SUCH a novelty. My GF & I used to 'sing' for the tape!! THink I've still got a copy lurking....& even a recorder to play it on, too!!! I spy lovely have had fun with that, haven't you??!!! Oh, the memories...I was a Cat Stephens, Don McLean & don't even MENTION Harry Chapin...etc etc fan.....the boy bands, Madonnas & Kylie Minogues left me COLD. And Queen. Well! Superb:):)

  2. Love Crosby , Stills and Nash I have a vinly LP still, well my son has taken a heap of my records and I think that is amongst the ones he took, must get them back ! And I had had the golden book the Pokey Puppy and most likely my kids had it. Love the satin seam binding ribbon on your page and the lyrics are perfect for the story you have told

  3. This has a vintagey feel as well as a touch of whimsy! and they were a great band.. and I am not going to ask about the kitchen counter and the saw...???

  4. I'm gonna quote Elf again..."I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!" This page is AWESOME! Oh that vintage puppy and the memories of the tape recorder. Just THE best!! This post took me back to a happy place. Loved the little tease about the saw and counter. There's one in my family too about a cast iron pan and a cranium.... Good times!
    Terrific job Mitra...what a blast to remember those days. :)


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