Thursday, March 6, 2014

LESSology Clothes Pin Challenge: Scrapbook Corkboard

Did you know that you can stain clothespins?

Yeah, me neither! I used clothing dye to turn mine black, but I hear food dye does the trick too!

I started off with six clothes pins and let them sit in the dye bath for around a half hour.

To my surprise it worked perfectly!

Decorating them was easier than I thought too. I used some pretty little gems from The Funkie Junkie on one set along wtih some black glitter and on the other set I used some Prima Vintage Mechanicals from the same store along with small metal tops I had left over from a previous project. I honestly couldn't believe how well those tops fit in to frame out the image and to think they were almost thrown out!

Vintage Flower Postcards from Nicecrane Designs were carefully cut for the centers!

Now the Paris clips are hanging out in my kitchen to help keep snack bags shut.

The Flower Clips are hard at work in my scrapbooking area. I love this idea! I used up some little scraps of molding along the top edge of some cork board. Now I wish I had made one three times as long with that many more clips!

The clips are nailed onto this cork board and will keep some of my little things handy also leaving room to tack smaller items up for quick viewing to make a page.

Look how organized! That spice container is up next for some paint & overhaul!

I do hope you come play along with us over at LESSology with our clothespin challenge!


  1. These are AWESOME!!!!! I love love love what you did with those clips!!!!

  2. I love the peeks into your craft room and what a brilliant way to decorate the clothespins! We have matching spice racks. Would love to know how you'll change yours. I think mine needs a change too. :)

  3. You really are the Queen of Scrapping Fiddly Stuff...these are absolutely fantabulous....& look how neat, clean & Tidy your work space is. I am suitably impressed. But tell me - where do all the spiders & cockroaches live? I believe in providing free board & lodging in my room....!!!!

  4. I had seen them painted before but love the dye job better! They look great and I enjoyed the peek at your crafty space too!

  5. You are so clever and continue to amaze.. love what you have done with the pegs.. and now they are useful and pretty!


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