Friday, March 21, 2014

A Freakin' Badge and more Lent!

I have survived the week!

I am mostly impressed with myself. I didn't cry or kill anyone.

The crying part being the biggest success. I usually cry during the news if there are sappy stories. Animal shelter commercials make me weep. One time I cried during a news story of two ugly twins & an organ transfer. My family giggles when Mommy gets weepy. So it's something I am good at.

THE MAN has been away for training since last Sunday night. He was taking Dimensions of Leadership III. I asked nicely if he wanted me to let his company know that he has had quite a lot of training dealing with me for the last 15 years of marriage and probably had covered most topics, but for some reason he declined my kind offer. I was just trying to save his company some money!

So off he went.

Most things are easy with him being away. Dinners are smaller, there is less laundry, I sleep in the middle of the bed....

I did commit to feeding the everlovin' wood boiler at 10 pm each night which involves crossing a dark and icey driveway only to have to feed it again at 5:30 am also in the dark. That is no picnic, let me assure you! Makes me appreciate not having that task during the winter months.

It wasn't until he was sitting down to a nice meal Wednesday night (probably with a real wine glass and two forks) eating with someone who had helped him immensely on his last project when he got the text:

Dad:  Mom is yelling for towels because the dishwasher is flooding all over the floor. She wants to know where to pour the drain cleaner.

Three loads of towels really does not equate to less laundry.....not to mention a mid week floor mopping. Or not being able to use the sink because it's really really plugged for a whole night. I did NOT cry. Wanted to!

I did finally get the clog cleared and did a small victory dance.

I also threw the last stick of wood from the wood pile on the stove. And bought myself a pretty posy for the center of my table. Goes nicely with my new to me doily from the second hand store and the $2 silver platter I picked up to display it all. Love my Easter centerpiece!

AND on the topic of Easter & Lent, we did something nice for the middle school where my kids go. We bought a bunch of supplies and took them in saying they were "extra" and donated them. I included lots of pencils! Lexi said kids are always losing their pencils.  We had been brainstorming Lent ideas and wanted it to be low key yet helpful.

So now I feel like I am deserving of an award for getting through this week, but like they used to say in school:  Do ya wanna a medal or a chest to pin it on! I always wanted the medal. I always felt like I had chest enough to spare! ;-)

Happy Friday!

P.S. Wait until you see next week's idea for Lent. I'm pretty excited!

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  1. Sounds like a mega week for you, I am sure you will be happy for hubby to be home, and brave girl for not crying!,

  2. Awww... I am SERIOUSLY impressed with your Lent giving....& it's great you're involving the kidlets too - all power to you! And of course, you DO have the power, having conquered the Blocked Drain!!! Makes one appreciate the Males in ones life, I think;);)

  3. I swear, it never fails....they leave and something goes terribly terribly wonky. Last time he left didn't you have the dog/frog/porcupine scenario? No wonder you sent the text you did....LOL...we did have very similar weeks...YUCK! You deserve a slice of Twinkie cake for that!!! :D
    p.s..your centerpiece is GORGEOUS and those freaking eggs are wonderful. My gosh how wonderful they are on our tree!

  4. Love your Lenten ideas,
    Alison xx

  5. Oh I'm sorry, doesn't sound like the best time was had by all! Ooooh awful about the dishwasher overflowing & WHY?!? What on earth could have clogged it up so badly?? I chuck some caustic soda down our plug holes every month or two when I notice the water draining more slowly but that sounds pretty serious. Love your pretty purchase & you definitely deserved it! HOpe this week is better for ya!!!

  6. Your table centerpiece is absolutely beautiful! So sorry your week was less than wonderful! Seems like these things tend to happen when the men are away, but at least you conquered the clog!
    Great idea for Lent (schools can ALWAYS use pencils!).


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