Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hope Your Birthday was Royal: Step Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

My father-in-law is celebrating a birthday today!

Again my card is late, but I'm sending something GOOD WITH IT so hopefully he will cut me some slack!

I LOVE step cards. I never would have tried them on my own, but being assigned them on a design team, you tend to give things a try you might not try on your own. Check out all the awesome designs Regina has over at THE CUTTING CAFE!

I love them because you can stack them up and they are super steady!

I made him a poker card with a Royal Flush because he's loves to play. On his last visit, he was teaching us to play Texas Hold 'Em. All of us. The 13 year old is a good bluffer!

And look how flat this card folds! LOVE IT!

Happy Birthday Dad Pratt!


  1. you seriously come up with some of the most awesome

  2. This is awesome!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the cards!!! And happy birthday to your FIL!!!

  3. This is totally FABULOUS & I Loooove the 'pun''s really great grunge looking as well:):)

  4. WOW I think you deserve a comment from him for this one! Looks like a labour of love to me!!


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