Monday, March 17, 2014

Disco Eggs for Lisa at You Made Me Ink

I was innocently grocery shopping the other day when these disco ball Easter egg decorations called to me! They wanted to be grundged up and then blinged up!

Here is a close up! Rolled my own flowers (used the Tim Holtz pine cone die, love how the flowers turn out!) and made my own bird nests!

I also plastered the little gaps in the mirror, added some modge podge and also some spray mists to enhance the color. 

Oh wait, you want to see what they looked like before? ;-) 

This is another set I'm working on now. I wanted a set to sit in this bowl on my table! They are a wee too bright for my taste so they will get the same treatment. I also snipped off the little ribbon hangers!

Hope these work for your Easter Tree Lisa!



  1. "Disco eggs" that really pulled me in for a closer look!

  2. Oh, really magnificent. Love, love, love the little nests and eggs. You really have your "disco" on, Mitra.

  3. Really clever! Love your vision.

  4. Fabulous fabulous transformation....& I see snow behind them still - makes such a pretty is a clever clogs, Ms Mittra!!!

  5. Love disco eggs - wish we had them here... esp like the egg nests, tones down the startling disco colours nicely!

    have finally caught up on reading your blog (I have been avoiding the computer lately, was spending way too much time here) and much as you would deny it - you are a very kind, generous person - am loving the Lent gifts - so thoughtful!

    Will read more often now. xx

  6. I do, I do, I do...I DO LOVE THEM!!!! The kids thought they were the bomb and they were the PERFECT finale to the Easter Tree!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! :D

  7. These look really great. Your flowers & nests are also amazeballs!!

  8. These are awesome! Very clever, Mitra!!!

  9. So wonderful and happy and I cannot think of anyone nicer to give these to than Lisa - and by the way, her butt is not bigger than her heart!


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