Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Flowers

My new "FAV THING" these days is to use up scraps. I mean, I leave a little pile out and the next project I do, I like to tuck bits and pieces here and there. Yesterday while I was cleaning up my scrap table, I realized I had quite the pile. Enough to make a card and this little wall hanging. I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this new CTMH stamp I got too. These flowers were previously blogged about HERE. I had made quite a few flowers since it seemed a shame once I got all the stuff around to only make a couple. The blue paper also was an inspiration since I had bought it for an unnamed project and it seemed so pretty and spring like I had to use it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrap Challenge Corning Style

The Corning NY Girls!

SNEAKS of my project I made as a prize!

Jean's Double Page Spread

Michele with her two page layout!

Teri and her double page layout of Elaina's One Year Birthday Photos

Julie Jackson and her really cool page of Taylor at a wedding!

I'm super excited to post some pics from a scrap event my friend held down in Corning! Perhaps you read my earlier blog where I challenged some friends to make a page out of old wall paper from my childhood bedroom? Well, here are some more pages! I am going to put one on a day so I can enjoy them all. The first one up is Julie with her version! It was a really cool idea to cut the center out. I love it! I think I am going to try something similar.

My second set of photos are layouts from Teri. She always has the most beautiful photos! Of course her subject is quite the beautiful baby! Love the colors and different sized photos! The ribbon and edge punch are super cool too!


Next set of photos are from Michele. She always has creative ideas. I like the edge she put on her one page and slide the wall paper underneath it. Certainly something I will try. Also, btw, BASIC stands for Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I was curious too!

03/31/2011 Last page for a couple of days! I am waiting on one last page and this challenge is closed! And we can get people to start voting. I will be posting a sneak shortly of what I made as a prize! I love it myself, so I can't wait to announce a winner!!

So, check out Jean's page! She did pictures of her daughters which is so very sweet! I love how she got two pages out of the one sheet of wallpaper! Love the boarder punches, they are so cute! Nice job Jean!

03/31/2011-SNEAK PEEK!

And a photo of the girls from Corning doing the challenge!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friend Card

Just a few scraps inspired this card. A new stamp helped too. Made this card for no particular reason! So, if you wander across my blog and read this, remember one of your friends and enjoy them! Had fun with the flower too!


A guy at work forwarded me this photo of his daughter today. It got me laughing 'cause she was so cute! We all spend quite a bit of time during the day on the phone with headsets and on a pc. Of course we rarely do video, so I didn't even know what his office looked like until he sent me a photo of his daughter! Of course my kids caught me scrap cheating on them and wanted to know WHY I was making a page of this baby and WHY she got to drink Mt. Dew!

I did leave the journaling blank. I will leave that to her Mom to fill out! Hope she likes the page!

I was inspired by a sketch at: I was also inspired to use up some scraps I had hanging around too!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the Apple tree

Had SO much fun with page. I was inspired two ways. The first was when I read a blog about this new software package that I had to download and try:

Here is the link to the software I am trying out:

The second inspiration came from a new blog that is starting up on journaling: I had these two cute photos and I also wanted to tell a story, so I spent some extra time on the journaling.

Anyhow, I do love how this page turned out. A big thanks for the virtual ladies who take the time to blog about things important to them!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have had cupcakes on the brain for a while. Spotted this post on Friday and thought it sounded yummy: A quick trip to Walmart (who has green jello anyhow) and I was set. This frosting is awesome! Big thanks to Julie for posting this at just the right time.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Spotted this sketch Friday at: and thought it would work really well with this photo I took the other day. Plus, another good excuse to use up some Prima flowers I had purchased and some others I had squirreled away. I took the photo from my upstairs window, so it's a tad blurry, but I really kind of like was raining and the snow was gone, so cheered me up a bit!

I also am all impressed with my stitching. I used some variegated string and I must go back and try that on a Christmas layout.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Scrap Challange




Here is an e-mail I sent some of my scrapfriends:

When I was home last, I was admiring the work my Mom had done in my old bedroom. She had stripped off all the flower paper that I picked out when I was eight and chose a nice mellow greenish yellow. She then handed me a HUGE strip of wallpaper and said, make sure you make a page of what it used to look like! I squirmed a bit and thought...oh wow, this paper is really loud and I have enough here for eighteen pages...

I came up with a plan of course that involved Barb at the Crafting Cottage cutting my paper into lovely scallops and matching it up with some cool bling and cardstock. Thanks so much Barb!!!

I'd like to propose a challenge to all my scrappy friends. Can you make a page for your book out of my paper?

I will provide you with a sketch, materials and a due date. The only thing I will want back will be photos for my blog!

I thought it might be fun if I also included a prize. Once I have all the photos, I will upload them and let you know. You can then let people you know that it's posted and to leave a comment and vote for their favorite! If you blog, you can blog about it too! Or use Facebook...or whatever other social media you like.

So, the first one is back already! OK, Shirley lives next door...and stopped over yesterday. But, I am excited to see her interpretation. You see a whole lot more of the paper. The contrast in years is really cool, PLUS, you get to see her granddaughter! Love it Shirley and thanks!
AND, here is the second one! It's a RAK! I love it and it's all mine! Marilyn made it for me! What a cool job she did with the beautiful colors she added behind the wall paper scallop! There is a cool journaling tag too, a cool little note under the number 8! Very pretty!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Lisa!

What a fun card!

Love my Orange Rose with the Glitter!!!

Shh! Don't tell her.

Got my inspiration from Sketch Support! Love the cupcake layout! There are some awesome pages posted there too. Check them out.

Sketch Support: Add-on Week, Part 4

Lucky Go Green

Ah! My two favorite little subjects and my favorite stamp! I had all these little scraps left over from my marathon rainbow flower making session and thought it might be fun to do a page with scraps and St. Patty's Day bling!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Pink Room

When I was home last, I was admiring the work my Mom had done in my old bedroom. She had stripped off all the flower paper that I picked off when I was eight and chose a nice mellow greenish yellow. She then handed me a HUGE strip of wallpaper and said, make sure you make a page of what it used to look like! I squirmed a bit and thought...oh wow, this paper is really loud!! I had Barb at the Crafting Cottage cut it into some scallops.

I also took a quick peek for a cool sketch on the Ideas for Scrapbookers website.

Pam had this really great one that worked! Love the idea of the circle and how her layout moves.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Scrappin' on Sunday

Had a few girls over on Sunday to make up these boards. We had so much fun with the glitter modge podge and the little birds! I really enjoyed making these flowers too, they are awesome!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tattered Flowers

I was inspired by a blog I read today to play around with making some of my own flowers. This background paper I got in a kit with two prima flowers...and I wanted a whole lot more, so made my own!

I posted this Sunday, but wasn't finished with the journaling or the title.

And blogging around today, I found great inspiration for a title on the second link! It's much prettier in real life with lots of sparkle.

Chris Shaw Week

One of the most memorial events I have attended latey at the school was during "Chris Shaw Week" (heard it referred to that at Zumba class so that is what I'm going with!). I haven't seen Chris Shaw perform, so it was a treat for me. Lexi spent HOURS on this bag that was part of the week's work. It was supposed to represent items she would bring on a journey. They also wrote a song with Chris. I included the one her team wrote. I even found a song they sang on iTunes! Of course I was a million miles from stage so didn't get a great photo, but I wanted to remember the occasion. Her bag did finally make it home in pieces so I saved some of the little items she had carefully drawn for my page.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Pratt sign with new flowers

LOVE these new flowers..had so much fun with my hot glue. Picked up these letters the other day in Canada and thought I'd make myself a wall hanging. PLUS, I am having some girls over on Sunday to make something similar.

The inspiration for the new flowers came from the following blog. It's in Spanish, but lots of good photos.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Scrap Space

And, my room, throwing up!! LOL!

I saw a blog recently where people posted pics of their scrapspace. I thought it was really cool and was tempted to take a few of mine all neat and tidy...but it only is like that between pages...and only because my desk is next door and I work at it all day...And there is no way I could walk by all that stuff all day...

the rollo family

Snow finally stopped, but it's still one of those sleepy days at our house where we snuggle down and watch movies, listen to tunes, and I get my hands inky. Well, and my scraproom blows up! Well, not really, but it gets really messy...I have to laugh...typically I don't care for witnesses, but Pratt just came up and plopped himself down with MY IPAD in the midst of the chaos. Which is fine, at least he didn't make fun of me or ask why there is Glimmermist on the wall...I may just post the pic I took of the mess...just 'cause I have to get everything out to make one page...

Anyhow, two whole batches of new paper picked up from Sara's house yesterday from a monthly kit she gets from We B Scrappin' in Syracuse....AND a fun challenge from that store...inspired me to make this page from photos taken over break week of a trip to the God Parent's house...I haven't met the new puppy that is featured, but I hear she is a sweetie!

AND again, my photos didn't work, so I turned the layout sideways...and the sewing machine was out still, so machine stitching as well...

The paper itself is the Twig collection from Little Yellow Bicycle. And if you are interested in visiting the We B Scrappin' Store the next time you hit Syracuse, here is their link:

The Studio Blog Hop Page-Friends

A nice snowy day here in the North Country NY prompted me to spend some time on some scrapbooking blogs..and then I convinced myself that laundry and running to the store for bread and milk could I made a page! This page was inspired by a sketch at The Studio blog. I flipped their sketch as my pictures weren't portrait...I was inspired to sew on the edge which I haven't done for ages...and I love my how my flower turned out...of course some new paper also helped inspire!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chelsey and Heather's Altered Boxes

Love these boxes! They were originally cardboard covered and although I wasn't sure how much the glimmermist would cover, they turned out awesome! Love them! I was so sad to see Chelsey and Heather leave...and I did also hope they would accidentally forget their beautiful creations..but no...alas!

Heather's (in copper) is sporting a really cool Purple Pumpkin owl button! I love it!