Monday, March 28, 2011

Scrap Challenge Corning Style

The Corning NY Girls!

SNEAKS of my project I made as a prize!

Jean's Double Page Spread

Michele with her two page layout!

Teri and her double page layout of Elaina's One Year Birthday Photos

Julie Jackson and her really cool page of Taylor at a wedding!

I'm super excited to post some pics from a scrap event my friend held down in Corning! Perhaps you read my earlier blog where I challenged some friends to make a page out of old wall paper from my childhood bedroom? Well, here are some more pages! I am going to put one on a day so I can enjoy them all. The first one up is Julie with her version! It was a really cool idea to cut the center out. I love it! I think I am going to try something similar.

My second set of photos are layouts from Teri. She always has the most beautiful photos! Of course her subject is quite the beautiful baby! Love the colors and different sized photos! The ribbon and edge punch are super cool too!


Next set of photos are from Michele. She always has creative ideas. I like the edge she put on her one page and slide the wall paper underneath it. Certainly something I will try. Also, btw, BASIC stands for Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I was curious too!

03/31/2011 Last page for a couple of days! I am waiting on one last page and this challenge is closed! And we can get people to start voting. I will be posting a sneak shortly of what I made as a prize! I love it myself, so I can't wait to announce a winner!!

So, check out Jean's page! She did pictures of her daughters which is so very sweet! I love how she got two pages out of the one sheet of wallpaper! Love the boarder punches, they are so cute! Nice job Jean!

03/31/2011-SNEAK PEEK!

And a photo of the girls from Corning doing the challenge!

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