Friday, March 18, 2011

Scrap Challange




Here is an e-mail I sent some of my scrapfriends:

When I was home last, I was admiring the work my Mom had done in my old bedroom. She had stripped off all the flower paper that I picked out when I was eight and chose a nice mellow greenish yellow. She then handed me a HUGE strip of wallpaper and said, make sure you make a page of what it used to look like! I squirmed a bit and thought...oh wow, this paper is really loud and I have enough here for eighteen pages...

I came up with a plan of course that involved Barb at the Crafting Cottage cutting my paper into lovely scallops and matching it up with some cool bling and cardstock. Thanks so much Barb!!!

I'd like to propose a challenge to all my scrappy friends. Can you make a page for your book out of my paper?

I will provide you with a sketch, materials and a due date. The only thing I will want back will be photos for my blog!

I thought it might be fun if I also included a prize. Once I have all the photos, I will upload them and let you know. You can then let people you know that it's posted and to leave a comment and vote for their favorite! If you blog, you can blog about it too! Or use Facebook...or whatever other social media you like.

So, the first one is back already! OK, Shirley lives next door...and stopped over yesterday. But, I am excited to see her interpretation. You see a whole lot more of the paper. The contrast in years is really cool, PLUS, you get to see her granddaughter! Love it Shirley and thanks!
AND, here is the second one! It's a RAK! I love it and it's all mine! Marilyn made it for me! What a cool job she did with the beautiful colors she added behind the wall paper scallop! There is a cool journaling tag too, a cool little note under the number 8! Very pretty!

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