Monday, January 31, 2011

Altered Boxes

I have had a lot of fun with boxes lately. Partially it is because I discovered shimmery modge-podge on a recent trip to Cornwall, Canada. And who says Canadians don't have more fun! The Valentine's Day box I made with my friend Patty. And the oatmeal one I made last night just for fun. They both were pretty much something I was going to recycle until I got the idea to decorate!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few more Valentine's Day pages....

We made up the "Sweet Amour" page at my house yesterday and this really cool card. Mine is a bit different than the one Shirley designed so I really wish I had gotten a photo of hers! I was inspired from scrapping yesterday to pull out more of my stuff today and made two more pages! Luke's page had me cracking up. I loved that photo of him I took at Christmas, but never used...and making the heart on Lexi's page with all the buttons was so much fun. I can never get enough pink and red this time of year!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 Then and Now

I made this page the other day after coming across a photo of me and my first dog, Bo-jangles. And coincidentally, Lexi had taken a photoshoot of our animals that very same day, so I had lots of fun photos to choose from! Had lots of fun with the new rub-on letters that look like newspapers.

AND, my newest big excitement was my large format I can scan my pages and get cleaner edges! YAH!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Made this page the other day to celebrate the Paige in our life. She is such a sweetie. The two girls play so well together. And, plus, there were cookies for breakfast the next day, how can you go wrong! I love the new brads that Shirley got me...they are awesome...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Italy Beaded Necklace

So, when I left the Twin Tiers, I totally downsized my bead collection. Of course, six months later Lexi has decided that she wants to make earrings. She got a kit from Dave for Christmas...and now I am back at it..Well, the nice part about all that is buying more stuff, right? So, sitting with her showing her how to make earrings, I decided to put together this necklace. The blue beads came back from my parents during their Italy they were carefully hoarded until I found a use for them. The beautiful center bead was made by a friend of my parents. I have saved that for quite a few years waiting for the perfect inspiration! So, although I haven't gotten to WEAR this necklace yet, I am really psyched to!

Valentine's Day

13 years ago I got married on Valentine's Day, so deep down I have had a thing for hearts, roses, and all that since. I LOVE scrapping Valentine's Day. I have more stamps with hearts than ones for Christmas..So, wanted to show you a few projects that I have been working on.

The Snoopy Cards amused me to no end today. I have had a thing for the litte beagle. Probably after Lexi said that Forrest looked like Snoopy...I made these cards for the teacher presents. I love the red glittery paper. It's from Stampin' Up as is the die cut that I used on my Sizzix machine to cut that scallopy rectangle. The stamps were from Close to My Heart...and the ribbon was just left overs...

The scrapbook page is missing the photo (black rectangle). We are making those at my house next weekend along with a super cool card that Shirley is dreaming up. I love the sparkley title and sparkle string. Those both came from the scrapbooking store in Canada. Shirley also bought that really cool heart mask there too and the shimmery red Glimmer Mist. I included it in my photos. Scarlet was the perfect color to go with the tulip red paper from Close to My Heart.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Pratt Family 2010 Card

Heather, one of the girls I met up here spotted an awesome card in the Stampin' Up book and wanted to make it. Little did I know how complicated it would be with the embossing and frayed ribbon. I justified buying the stamp by telling myself I would hand make all my own Christmas cards with it! I did make my own, just not very many!

Shirley (my cool next door neighbor) and I scraplifted a scrapbook layout also from the Stampin' Up catalog. Lacking a really cool recent family photo, I decided to use my card instead. Typically I don't keep them and what I have made from year to year fades from my brain by Valentine's Day. Punching out and making all those various ornaments was quite intenstive!! But, I thought the two went well together.


Ah, nothing like new paper to inspire a page. I totally was going to skip the New Year's Resolutions this year. BUT, then the really cool owl paper arrived and I had this photo of my kids....So, I was inspired. I have signed up for a monthly club where I purchase $20 of the newest paper. A pretty slick way to get around the fact that the closest scrap store is in Cornwall (as in Canada).

I do usually make a couple of resolutions...My friend Dave helped me come up with these...I think the first one will be the hardest. I usually like everyone to agree with me! Of course last years was all about slowing things down and then we ended up moving and switching I think you can only do the best you can with those types of situations. I did also keep the "kitchen" one vague, as you guys all know how much I love cooking, although it keeps getting easier and easier.

Had to scare up last year's so I could double check my progress!

Happy Martin Luther King Day by Luke

This card amused me quite a lot last night when I pulled it out of his folder. What a nice sentiment!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rollo Presents

Sometimes there isn't enough of a good thing. I love the ornament punch from Stampin' Up and the Sizzix ornaments...and so I used them for a title. I think this wraps up (no pun intended) my Christmas scrapping..this page was special as Marilyn and Joe Rollo are Lexi's God parents and always take the time to send special things at Christmas for both kids.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dog Toys

In the spirit of using up more scrap Christmas paper and stickers, I started with the light green paper and the one with the spots. I did use two entirely new sheets of background paper, but I couldn't resist the one with newsprint! Of course, it's in French, which makes it funnier!! The only "new" items on this page were the chip board Christmas ornament, Mother Hubbard graphic, and SNOOPY/WOODSTOCK Jolees. The rest were left overs from last year! I just couldn't resist Snoopy when I spotted him on Ebay, so actually redid this page a bit around that. Love him! Lexi says Snoopy and Forrest look alike!


I thought I'd try this challange from Scrapfit. I have a package of Christmas paper that I have been working through for at least a couple of years...I always make a lot of pages, but there are so many photos, it's hard to fit much on them. Also, I kinda lost my really cool packet of NEW paper from Kristy. I mean, it's here somewhere!! All the the background paper on this page are scraps. I couldn't do much with a sticker letter title, since I wanted to use up these two little numbers...all the cardstock pieces were extra left over from various kits and stashed.

This is what I had to work with:

Workout #35 is all about using what you have!!! So let’s use those scraps! For this challenge you must use only scraps!!! Pick a piece of card stock to start with and than grab those scraps. Let’s even make some embellishments using our scraps! You also need to dig through your left over alphabets to create a mixed alphabet title


Love this paper I got in Canada. I was going to do a daily journal on it for January, since that pretty much is one of the least exciting months EVER, but I thought it would also work for my background on this page

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry House

I so loved these flowers and wanted to enjoy them later, so they made a great backdrop to a few photos of Christmas decorations! And my new favorite thing is a glue pad!! I am adding glitter to all kinds of things!

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

The colors on these cookies were so aweful I couldn't imagine how I'd scrapbook them. Until I got creative with the whole Tim Burton/Nightmare Before Christmas theme and got to dig out Halloween brads and a stamp! What fun, how can you go wrong with a spider brad on a Christmas page!! AND lucky Santa got to enjoy them as well!

Dear Santa

A big thanks to Shirley for letting me borrow her huge snowflake template that I used to mask the white space on this paper! I so love using glimmermist! Had a lot of fun with this page, making my own paper was the best. Gotta love a 12 by 12 printer. Of course the cutie pie holding her new Ice Drago helped make this page extra special with her super cool letter. The one I used was a draft which I thought was really nice because you can see how much thought she put into the whole thing.