Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Pratt Family 2010 Card

Heather, one of the girls I met up here spotted an awesome card in the Stampin' Up book and wanted to make it. Little did I know how complicated it would be with the embossing and frayed ribbon. I justified buying the stamp by telling myself I would hand make all my own Christmas cards with it! I did make my own, just not very many!

Shirley (my cool next door neighbor) and I scraplifted a scrapbook layout also from the Stampin' Up catalog. Lacking a really cool recent family photo, I decided to use my card instead. Typically I don't keep them and what I have made from year to year fades from my brain by Valentine's Day. Punching out and making all those various ornaments was quite intenstive!! But, I thought the two went well together.

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  1. Very cool pAge!! Definitely worth All
    of thAt work. GreAt blog-I'll hAve to check bAck often.


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