Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy Crafternoon Layout: A Room with a View

Lucky me got to hang out at my friend Kristy's house at a Scrappin' Party this past weekend!

My other friend Jean put together some cool layouts and let us loose with snowflakes, pretty paper, and glitter tape!

Fun times! I even have an extra page that is ready & waiting for photos!

Loving those snowflakes & red buttons with twine!

Thought they would work nicely with the photo of the view outside my office window!

I love watching the birds and the sunrise from my desk chair!

Hope your Monday is excellent!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mel Gibson Next Right

Was coming back from the doc yesterday after getting blood drawn when I spotted this sign. For possibly the 200th time, it made me laugh. I'd totally have turned around if I truely thought Mel could be found at the next right....honestly Gibson is just a little town that isn't really on the way to anywhere..

I had decided that 41 is not only the first year of boob smasing, but also the year I get a regular check up by a doc that isn't just checking the girl parts. Hence, the two vials of blood & the early morning trip off the hill. Also funny was having coffee that morning minus the sugar and milk...but anyhow I digress.

I haven't been to Gibson for ages...well, three houses and two apartments be exact. Back when we lived in the itty bitty place on West William when I was 22 I drove through Gibson.

Gaming friends of THE MAN (fellow geeks?) decided that we needed to have a Lan Party at our apartment which lasted the better part of the weekend. A Lan party at the time involved setting up a lot of pcs and playing games together. There was way too much testerone in our little place by Sunday, so I took myself for a drive.

Ended up next town over in Gibson where I pulled off the road to check out a stream. Totally trespassing, but happy to see country I hiked up the creek. Eroding from the creek bank were large chunks of glass. Must have been an old dump for The Corning Glass Works or maybe someone's glass studio.

Anyhow, I still have that chunk of glass.

See it down there in front? It's in the garden at this house too. Kinda makes me wanna go back to Gibson & that creek...even if Mel isn't there! AND this photo makes me want spring STAT!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Half Full or Half Empty

I'm gunna call these pages here half full, since they are missing all the photos, journaling, titles, and more embellishments...but the possibilities....

They are laying in wait for vacation photos from our Spring Break trip! Counting down the sleeps 'til we go!

I am particularly excited about one page in particular.....I'm using the Hopscotch paper pack from Close to My Heart.

It's one of those that kinda grows on you! ;-)

Anyhow, Happiest of Hump Days!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Junkin Tea Pot & Vintage Tea Tins

I really try to get down to the second hand store at least once a week. I was rewarded last week by finding this pretty tea pot & vintage tea tins. The tea pot itself was randomly half off (red stamped items, which I hadn't been paying attention to) so it was extra nice at checkout.

I didn't find anything that needed altering, but I also found that pretty yellow glass plate that I'm using under my tea pot. It's officially spring here, but still we need something pretty with flowers on the window sill to take off the chill!

Happy Tuesday, Peeps!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Beautiful Aura Layout

Finally wrapping up my LAST vacation page from the cruise! I love the colors I and yellow, just like my Aura! You might remember me blogging about this a bit ago...and here is the page I made from that post!

Those gold letters and that dragonfly make me especially does that choose happy chippy!

Love that this page is primarily jounaling with just a small little photo of my hair clip in the upper corner!

Happy Bright Colors too on a Happy Monday!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Easter Shaker Scrapbook Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

I am getting ready! Spring break is just a week and a few days away! I'm starting to make pages up for holiday photos!

This believe it or not is a SHAKER Scrapbook page. Yes. glitter moves under my Happy Easter Egg honest!

I didn't put a huge amount in as I didn't want it be distracting, but more just pretty! How do you love my little bunny dangle! Upcycled that off a chocolate rabbit. We are starting the holidays here early as far as the goodies go!


We might just see some cherry blossoms, so I'm super happy I used that pretty background paper! I can't wait to add a special photo!

Hop on over to THE CUTTING CAFE to get your own file!

Happy Thursday, Peeps!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Rainbow Colored Unicorn Kitten with Butterfly Wings

Got this sent to me at work the other day. The gist of the email was talking about clients and how we try to make them happy. And when you don't get a clear idea of exactly what they want due to lack of communication, they end up with a rainbow colored unicorn kitten with butterfly wings.

Immediately I was upset by this image. The wings were upside down!

I pointed this out to the engineers who were like, oh yeah you are right. How did you see that?

I thought to myself, wow, how did you not see that?

Then I thought, I need to take the rest of the day off. Someone just gave you a rainbow colored unicorn kitten and your glass is half full while you complain because it can't fly right...

Anyhow, I showed this to Lexi, my resident Photoshop Expert. She was like, cool gradient on that kitten, but I'm pretty sure I can make something better.

I present to you Lexi's Fioxcaowl.

A mixture of a cat, owl, and fox and goldfish.....oh and by the way, she is the one who made my blog banner! Love it!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Happens at Camp Stays at Camp: Layout for Kraft + Challenge

Recently THE MAN got invited to Poker Weekend at Camp. Somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania & about a half hour off paved roads...there is camp. Involves tire chains, a few guns for target practice, a whole lot of quarters for poker, and some beer. It's a true man holiday! ;-)

Loved using the kraft base and the woodgrain paper. WITH GOLD LETTERS for a bit of a shimmer shine!

I might just be playing along with a challenge! (for once!)

The Kraft + Challenge this time round involves a kraft base with something that shines! I also added some pretty faceted clear drops on top of the snowflakes for extra bling shimmer.

There was an awesome sketch to use. I overlapped my photos so I could get both larger sized ones on my page.

And one more photo of my whole layout! Mostly just to prove to you all that I've got snow free sidewalk for once! We were enjoying a bit of a thaw...hopefully soon, spring!

Thanks for hanging with me!

P.S. Feel free to comment on the beer can on the bumper or that that truck looks badass! ;-) THE MAN will be reading comments on this blog post....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rainbow Ribbon Tags & Birthday Card

Oh Grandma Skip! Why you gotta try to escape!?

She just celebrated her her 87th birthday last week at the Nursing Home. This week she busted out and was found in the parking lot. Seeing that the snow banks were over her head, she didn't have far to wander!

Thought I'd send her a pretty card and some chocolates. I made a card with a fairy graphic because she is teeny tiny!

And the beauty of Facebook...I didn't get to see her on her birthday, but then I did 'cause my cousin's wife posted this funny photo of Grandma and a birthday treat!

Love that glittery green paper and those ribbon roses! I also made up a bunch of those bottle cap embellishments because I made tags as well.Of course everything had to get a rainbow ribbon!

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma! Enjoy your chocolates! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upcycled Sewing Table for my Big Shot

Do you remember the table I have been talking about like FOREVER!???? Finally got it done. The stone top was NOT going well. In fact, let's just all agree to not bring it up. THE MAN feels really bad about it even. He is already a rock star for going along with all my mad creations especially when it's winter and any painting involves running the wood stove in the garage. 

However, the new top we made out of an old drawing board that was in my LAST studio makes me REALLY happy. I even used a black ink pad on the edges!

Hold on, you should see what it looked like before....I had to sand MY OWN PAINT off it. And it was that old dry nasty sawdust that made me sneeze for two days. 

That spot of Ranger patina came right off with the orbital sander!

Two little foamies make the table even. My studio is an enclosed porch so there is a smidge of as slope. Boy does it make me happy! I love having my Big Shot out all the time so I use it more. 

Happy Hump Day peeps!

Monday, March 9, 2015

My Digi Girl Layout

Lexi and I took a little trip to the coffee shop the other day to check out a piece of her art work. Heavenly Cup in the Post has loads of art work up to celebrate National Youth Art Month.

She is learning photoshop so is standing next to a digital piece of hers.

I'm excited about her Photoshop skills, in fact she even has a license at home to use!

I was also pretty pumped at the photograph I printed for my background on 12 by 12 white paper. She has been wearing those boots a lot and since we were on the stairs, it was easy to take a photo!

I wanted a really funky page so added some stenciled plaster that I inked up. Also some butterfly paper, hot pink doily and butterfly paper!

Hope your Monday is awesome!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Art Meme Post for Helen

Just a little post about me, 'cause Helen was blogging about this on her blog....and of course a sneaky peeky because you always need a photo in your post! ;-)

I am originally FROM the Rome, New York area, left my heart in Potsdam, New York half a year ago, now I am living in Corning, New York which is very close to the Pennsylvania border. None of those places I've lived are similar at all to our Big New York City which has a life of it's own! ;-) In fact we get quite annoyed when anyone thinks we are from THE CITY as we have our own identity as upstaters. Even when you most certainly are on the very bottom of the state....

A cutting mat is Always on my work table. It sadly looks a bit splattered although I always give it a nice wash after. Lucky for me it's double sided so I can flip it for company! Also on there right this minute are tags because I really need to use up some paper and I have this itty bitty little dragon fly love a dragon fly!

My Favorite Color Palette are pale pinks, gold, sparkles (which are a color, honest), and light yellows. Honestly though, I run what I brung meaning that I usually work in a kit that has great choices in colors. I do feel like I am cheating a bit, but if I didn't I'd never get a layout done...

My Favorite Creations are generally 3D and utilize some upcycled item. Currently I have a ceramic baby doll head in my studio which is freaking my family out...

Randomly I am inspired by Pinterest, things I pick up at the second hand store, music, and my mood. 

When I see a blank page or canvas my first thought is if what I am going to create will be useful or make someone happy. Having moved several times, extra stuff kinda freaks me out. 

We love both Cats and Dogs here, and also Lizards. Mad Eye Moody is our newest pet!

I drink both Tea and Coffee and I'm happy nobody is asking about my wine consumption!

During the day when my studio is an office, things are Simple but on the weekend, my Messy side emerges. The smaller the item I am making, the more things are pulled from the depths of cabinets to clutter up the space!

Currently I'm dreaming about spring gardening, losing all this snow, and coming up with my own tipping point. I'm reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference [Kindle Edition] by Malcolm Gladwell

Wish me well on that! Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Upcycled Spring Lantern for the Ribbon Challenge at LESSology

I am in the SPRING MOOD here despite the fact we keep getting snow! However, the sun feels warmer so it has to be on it's way! Trying to keep the flower projects flowing to drive away the snow!

This lantern started off brown and was sent to me from a bloggy friend Lisa at You Made Me Ink to alter. I thought spraying it gold with a hint of purple and adding sparkles was just the thing! (too bad I forgot to take a before photo!)

The purple ended up more on the top and then of course I added some mists to make my hand rolled roses shimmery! 

Used a smidge of moss as well and some twisty vine berries. 

The hand dyed ribbon really accents those roses. I have a tutorial on my blog for hand dying ribbon from stamp pads & seam binding. Hop on over if you want to see how I made it. This ribbon got really crinkled for a very vintage feel. 

I'd love it if you gave it a try when you play along with our ribbon challenge over at LESSology!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holly Short Fan Girl Project in Shades of Green

Right now Luke and I are reading the latest Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl book The Last Guardian. Well that is to say we have both read it and now he's rereading it. I started reading that series a very long time ago and recently when Luke was bored, he hit my bookcase for most of the series and then continued on with reading it on his iphone kindle app.

I love those books.

I have a fan girl crush on the fairy Holly Short from the book. She is teeny tiny, but kicks ass. She works for LEPRecon. (get it, Leprecon?) Anyhow, I won't give any more of it away but I always think of her when I think of fairies and St. Patrick's Day, which is just around the corner.

Thought I'd make a little piece of art for my office to celebrate both!

In this photo, you can see the layers I used to build up the clouds and the green rainbow. This was created from the Rainbow Shaped File from THE CUTTING CAFE. It's very pretty and easy to use in a variety of ways! It comes as a card, which I used to make all those layers!

I used a lot of inks and some shimmer spray to get the variated green tones and the blue on the edges of the sparkly clouds.

I really dig those green sparkle leaves and those stars I made from a stencil with plaster. My quote makes me happy too!

And one more close up! You can see my acorn with the heart! That is part of the book, honest!

Hope you got a good dose of green here and are getting all geared up for St. Patty's Day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

YEA! Layout

Here in Corning we have a unique opportunity we did not have up North. Here they have YEA! It's Young Entrepreneurs Academy. It's a year long after school class that teaches your middle school student how to start & run their own business. Their motto is to teach a kid how to make a job, not take a job.

It's a boatload of work. Lexi is wrapping up her business plan now and is miserable.

Let's face it, nobody wants to write one of those, but they are very necessary if you want to run your own business.

Part of the class was a recent session that involved five local CEO's that participated in question & answer sessions. I learned LOTS myself! Parents were invited. I managed to sneak a really terrible photo that I converted to black and white as well as adding the text of the event. I figured it worked, even if the photo wasn't all that.

I have a little butterfly on my layout from Renea Bouquets and a little piece of vintage from my haul I blogged about yesterday.

I'm really glad a scrapped a page about YEA! I think Lexi will look back when she's older and remember the things she learned.

Hope your Tuesday was awesome!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Big Bag O' Vintage from Mint Velvet

This past weekend was a busy one. THE MAN was off to a poker weekend in Pennsylvania that involved tire chains & offroading while THE BOY was at a sleepover, so Lexi and I planned our own fun. 

That fun involved a trip to Mint Velvet Vintage on Market Street in Corning. I was glad that Kristy had talked us into taking a stroll around the store 'cause I found this lovely bag of goodies for $10!

I was mostly interested in the foliage, numbers, and flowers. The game cards & postcards made me really happy too!

Not sure what I'll do with the wrapping paper, but it made me smile because I think my Gram used at least a couple of these to wrap birthday presents for me when I was young. 

TOTALLY not sure what I'll do with these! Anyone see these before?

Wish me luck! I am back with a  layout tomorrow that I used a green game card just sprinkling in the vintage! 

A quick shout out to Connie Mercer who is really good at vintage & who inspired me to grab an entire bag of goodies to play with!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Way It Is Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

Really enjoyed making this layout. Out came the bag of winter paper scraps and a new star stencil from Helen! My little stars represent snow flakes!

Haven't made a snow page yet this year as far as I know..hopefully now winter can go away NOW! Supposed to be super warm this next week, bring on the melting!

Our challenge this time 'round at Another Freaking Scrappy is to either use blue or scrap about something that makes you blue...I used blue, but I also scrapped about snow...and too much of that brings on the winter doldrums!

Of course gold doilies cheer everyone up! As does scrapping about your younger years! I used to ski on the cross country ski team at school so I used a photo I dug out of an old album. Since I had been skiing since I was a toddler, I was pretty good at it.

Fun times!

Some crinkle ribbon, a star dangle, felt snowflake, and some stamping made me happy too! Love those little crystal gems!

Easy Peasy Lemon squeezey challenge! Come hang with us Freaking Scrappy peeps!

Happy Sunday!