Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rainbow Ribbon Tags & Birthday Card

Oh Grandma Skip! Why you gotta try to escape!?

She just celebrated her her 87th birthday last week at the Nursing Home. This week she busted out and was found in the parking lot. Seeing that the snow banks were over her head, she didn't have far to wander!

Thought I'd send her a pretty card and some chocolates. I made a card with a fairy graphic because she is teeny tiny!

And the beauty of Facebook...I didn't get to see her on her birthday, but then I did 'cause my cousin's wife posted this funny photo of Grandma and a birthday treat!

Love that glittery green paper and those ribbon roses! I also made up a bunch of those bottle cap embellishments because I made tags as well.Of course everything had to get a rainbow ribbon!

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma! Enjoy your chocolates! 


  1. Love your card and tags, especially those green sparkly leaves. Your Grandma is so cute, looks like she is enjoying that treat.

  2. Your Grandma looks like she's enjoying herself!!!! And your card & tags are soooo beautiful.... Stunning!!!!!! And um. SPRAY PAINT INSIDE????? Are you crazy? Rhetorical q. Obv!!!! Wonder you're still alive after that one!!!!!!!

  3. Oh No Grandma! I am glad she didnt get tooo far.. the tags look so pretty with the colorful ribbon, I hope Gran enjoyed her treat! She looks like a real sweetie!

  4. Oh no Grandma! Stay indoors!!! LOVING the card and the tags!! Gorgeous colors!!!!!!

  5. Your Grandma looks adorable and teeny tiny, bless her. Glad she was found quickly , especially being so cold ! Love the whimsical card ( just like your Grandma) and the tags , they look great

  6. Those are BEAUTIFUL and that picture of your Grandma is just precious!!!

  7. Beautiful card and tags! Grandma looks wonderful!! She is still going strong!!!


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