Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Rainbow Colored Unicorn Kitten with Butterfly Wings

Got this sent to me at work the other day. The gist of the email was talking about clients and how we try to make them happy. And when you don't get a clear idea of exactly what they want due to lack of communication, they end up with a rainbow colored unicorn kitten with butterfly wings.

Immediately I was upset by this image. The wings were upside down!

I pointed this out to the engineers who were like, oh yeah you are right. How did you see that?

I thought to myself, wow, how did you not see that?

Then I thought, I need to take the rest of the day off. Someone just gave you a rainbow colored unicorn kitten and your glass is half full while you complain because it can't fly right...

Anyhow, I showed this to Lexi, my resident Photoshop Expert. She was like, cool gradient on that kitten, but I'm pretty sure I can make something better.

I present to you Lexi's Fioxcaowl.

A mixture of a cat, owl, and fox and goldfish.....oh and by the way, she is the one who made my blog banner! Love it!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. First thing I noticed was your new banner. I NEED LEXI in my life. In my photoshop!!! Not so sure about the slightly SCARY ummmmm THING she created!!! And yes. Glass half full. Take practise!!!

  2. I love the banner but cannot see the apostrophe... sorry, just being a pedant now.

  3. Well I was wondering if I was lacking in sleep when I saw the picture, but then I realized that it was in fact the creature you described.. but holy toledo the next creature is just a bit tooo mutated for my liking... too many experiments in the lab gone wrong me thinks!!! but clever editing all the same... I think i need a ly down...

  4. I guarantee you I would NOT want to run across this morphed creature in the woods. The kitty flying in constant circles might not be as disturbing but disturbing nonetheless. I love how talented your daughter is and despite my desire to not cross paths with her creature, I admire her talent and I LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER!!! :)
    Lisa x

  5. With what a collection of mythical creatures!! Reilly is our resident PS expert. Kids are handy aren't they?!


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