Friday, March 6, 2015

Art Meme Post for Helen

Just a little post about me, 'cause Helen was blogging about this on her blog....and of course a sneaky peeky because you always need a photo in your post! ;-)

I am originally FROM the Rome, New York area, left my heart in Potsdam, New York half a year ago, now I am living in Corning, New York which is very close to the Pennsylvania border. None of those places I've lived are similar at all to our Big New York City which has a life of it's own! ;-) In fact we get quite annoyed when anyone thinks we are from THE CITY as we have our own identity as upstaters. Even when you most certainly are on the very bottom of the state....

A cutting mat is Always on my work table. It sadly looks a bit splattered although I always give it a nice wash after. Lucky for me it's double sided so I can flip it for company! Also on there right this minute are tags because I really need to use up some paper and I have this itty bitty little dragon fly love a dragon fly!

My Favorite Color Palette are pale pinks, gold, sparkles (which are a color, honest), and light yellows. Honestly though, I run what I brung meaning that I usually work in a kit that has great choices in colors. I do feel like I am cheating a bit, but if I didn't I'd never get a layout done...

My Favorite Creations are generally 3D and utilize some upcycled item. Currently I have a ceramic baby doll head in my studio which is freaking my family out...

Randomly I am inspired by Pinterest, things I pick up at the second hand store, music, and my mood. 

When I see a blank page or canvas my first thought is if what I am going to create will be useful or make someone happy. Having moved several times, extra stuff kinda freaks me out. 

We love both Cats and Dogs here, and also Lizards. Mad Eye Moody is our newest pet!

I drink both Tea and Coffee and I'm happy nobody is asking about my wine consumption!

During the day when my studio is an office, things are Simple but on the weekend, my Messy side emerges. The smaller the item I am making, the more things are pulled from the depths of cabinets to clutter up the space!

Currently I'm dreaming about spring gardening, losing all this snow, and coming up with my own tipping point. I'm reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference [Kindle Edition] by Malcolm Gladwell

Wish me well on that! Happy Friday!


  1. Loving the sneak and reading more about you!!!!!!!

  2. Veeeeeery interesting - on all levels , Miss M

  3. Sounds great! I need to know what a tipping point is though - I have no idea!!

  4. Nice to learn a little about you. I am embarrassed to say my cutting mat is a absolute mess.


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