Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mel Gibson Next Right

Was coming back from the doc yesterday after getting blood drawn when I spotted this sign. For possibly the 200th time, it made me laugh. I'd totally have turned around if I truely thought Mel could be found at the next right....honestly Gibson is just a little town that isn't really on the way to anywhere..

I had decided that 41 is not only the first year of boob smasing, but also the year I get a regular check up by a doc that isn't just checking the girl parts. Hence, the two vials of blood & the early morning trip off the hill. Also funny was having coffee that morning minus the sugar and milk...but anyhow I digress.

I haven't been to Gibson for ages...well, three houses and two apartments be exact. Back when we lived in the itty bitty place on West William when I was 22 I drove through Gibson.

Gaming friends of THE MAN (fellow geeks?) decided that we needed to have a Lan Party at our apartment which lasted the better part of the weekend. A Lan party at the time involved setting up a lot of pcs and playing games together. There was way too much testerone in our little place by Sunday, so I took myself for a drive.

Ended up next town over in Gibson where I pulled off the road to check out a stream. Totally trespassing, but happy to see country I hiked up the creek. Eroding from the creek bank were large chunks of glass. Must have been an old dump for The Corning Glass Works or maybe someone's glass studio.

Anyhow, I still have that chunk of glass.

See it down there in front? It's in the garden at this house too. Kinda makes me wanna go back to Gibson & that creek...even if Mel isn't there! AND this photo makes me want spring STAT!

Happy Thursday!


  1. well a few good years ago I may have raised my eyebrows at Mel.. but if you had said Clooney for instance I would have looked twice!!! that sign is kinda funny though.. and pretty garden.. and that is a bit chunck of glass...

  2. LOL!!! That sign is hilarious! And loving your story about the glass you still have!!!!!

  3. It's decided. I'm gonna hire you for my landscaping. Your yard and garden photographs make me so happy! Also, this is the only tangible evidence that anyone will ever have where I admit to also participating in a Lan party. Of course, that was back in the day when one computer took up a whole trunk to transport.
    have a good weekend,

  4. Well, now since Mel is an Aussie...yup! I think you need to explore Gibson a bit more! And you never know what you'll find. When the snow melts. Soon, I hope!!!!!

  5. Love that photo!! Spring must surely be making a slight breakthrough there by now?! I did my blood checks a couple of weeks ago too. All fine thank Goodness. Good to take care of yourself

  6. I think you need to check out that creek again. Of course, I love the photo!


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