Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Junkin Tea Pot & Vintage Tea Tins

I really try to get down to the second hand store at least once a week. I was rewarded last week by finding this pretty tea pot & vintage tea tins. The tea pot itself was randomly half off (red stamped items, which I hadn't been paying attention to) so it was extra nice at checkout.

I didn't find anything that needed altering, but I also found that pretty yellow glass plate that I'm using under my tea pot. It's officially spring here, but still snowing...so we need something pretty with flowers on the window sill to take off the chill!

Happy Tuesday, Peeps!


  1. Gorgeous teapot! You do come home with some wonderful bargains!! I'm sending WARM wishes & WARM breezes your way!!! You can HAVE em! I'm ready for a bit less humidity and heat:):)

  2. LOLOLOL.....would I be jumping to conclusions if I were to assume that you might be pairing these tin cans up with something else, say....oh I don't know, a head of something? I could just be jumping the gun. If not, even still these cans are amazing looking and I love that red dot special tea pot with Springy yellow glass plate under it and I see a precious lantern in the back yonder too. :)

  3. Oooh LOVE the look of those cute tins! I would be there once a week too if I could!!


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