Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Upcycled Spring Lantern for the Ribbon Challenge at LESSology

I am in the SPRING MOOD here despite the fact we keep getting snow! However, the sun feels warmer so it has to be on it's way! Trying to keep the flower projects flowing to drive away the snow!

This lantern started off brown and was sent to me from a bloggy friend Lisa at You Made Me Ink to alter. I thought spraying it gold with a hint of purple and adding sparkles was just the thing! (too bad I forgot to take a before photo!)

The purple ended up more on the top and then of course I added some mists to make my hand rolled roses shimmery! 

Used a smidge of moss as well and some twisty vine berries. 

The hand dyed ribbon really accents those roses. I have a tutorial on my blog for hand dying ribbon from stamp pads & seam binding. Hop on over if you want to see how I made it. This ribbon got really crinkled for a very vintage feel. 

I'd love it if you gave it a try when you play along with our ribbon challenge over at LESSology!


  1. It's beautiful!! I'm so happy you had fun with that. I knew I'd never see it in its original form again and was so excited to see what you'd do :D


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