Monday, October 31, 2011

Glitz and Glam Page and a Happy Halloween

Back when I lived in the Southern Tier of NY, a bunch of us girls would meet monthly for a Crafternoon. We chatted, ate lots of great snacks, and took turns bringing a project.

We also typically had a Close to My Heart consultant in the group. I was the third I believe. It was nice, because we could stay on top of the newest papers, get the newest book, and also have something easy to work out of as far as ideas.

Now days I spent hours on blogs in the evening, some of which include people working with CTMH products, so feel like I am still in the loop.

The ladies I used to meet with recently e-mailed me and asked if I was willing to do a party from a far and send everything in a box! They even told me which pages they liked out of the newest catalog.

I was glad they asked me. I hadn't gotten my hands on any new CTMH paper as of yet, and they have moved over to the really heavy stuff with the decorative boarders! It's awesome! So pumped!

This is one sheet of paper and is from the Mischief collection. I really dig the black and white side, but then the striped side works well too. They will be either making a Halloween page or a Thanksgiving page and I thought depending on what embellishments they use, it will work out for either!

This is just one of their projects. They are also making something for Thanksgiving dinner!

This page I thought would work nicely for me to show case this lovely photo I got of Lexi and her BFF. She and Laura added makeup to their costume and looked so lovely!

Have a great Halloween if you are celebrating!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Gather Ye Rose Buds....Challenge Page for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge Blog

The background paper and pink roses around the photo are from Glitz Design. I have a little hoarder stash going that I got recently from Blue Moon Scrapbooking and I'm enjoying my treat.
And, just a wee bit of a plug for Blue Moon Scrapbooking. The other day my phone rang and the guy said, This is (sorry, can't remember) from Blue Moon Scrapbooking and I just wanted to tell you that your order is shipping. I felt immediately like a rock star. I start babbling about how I read about them on Julie's blog and then the dude says, Julie is just as nice in person as she is on her blog.

But, I'm not surprised. I think scrap people are some of the best people in the world.

As far as the title brain had headed off to being sad for a wee bit. That poem always tells me to live life to it's fullest.

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
(To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time)

By Robert Herrick

(1591 - 1674)

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old Time is still a-flying: 
And this same flower that smiles today
To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of Heaven, the sun,

The higher he's a-getting,

The sooner will his race be run.

And nearer he's to setting.

That age is best which is the first,

When youth and blood are warmer;

But being spent, the worse, and worst

Times still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time,

And while ye may, go marry:

For having lost but once your prime,

You may for ever tarry.

My apologies if this is a bit pensive. We lost a 12 year old boy in our community a few days back. I know some of you live in huge cities and bad things happen every day. Our biggest excitement here in the North Country is talking about the weather most days. It's cold and frosty here, by the way. Brrr!

 The circumstances were odd and I got a few very strange e-mails home from the school saying we do believe it is safe to send your children home. Things are still unresolved and it's heart breaking to not know if his mother will get closure.

Now, I certainly didn't know the boy, but as a Mom I can only but imagine.

So, inspired by events surrounding me and a cool challenge over Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge blog, I am uploading this page. I do believe with the month coming to a close, there are only a few more days to play, so hurry! This challenge is to scrap your school days. As with all their challenges, the rules are pretty permissive (thank goodness for awesome rules!) and they have all kind of suggestions for scrapping their challenge to make your scrappin' life easier.

This photo is from my first day of Kindergarten. I wonder if that is Erica Heinz sitting beside me. Well, if it is, she'll catch it on FB when this posts! I do want to say that I loved that dress I was wearing! It had little embroidered flowers on the front smocking!

Here is a  close up of my Big Title and my smaller one.

The big letters are new...and are making me VERY HAPPY. I spotted them on someones blog somewhere and then had to have them when I found them in real life. They are Mist-a-bles by Pink Paislee. Yes, you will see them a lot until I run out of "e" since they take on various looks used with various things and depending on how you ink/mist/paint them. And I must not waste them away hiding in a drawer!

My little sticker basket originally held white flowers that I chose to pretend were roses so I colored them in, added some mist and called it good!

Here is a close up of my rose and some pearls. I chose to fussy cut around all the roses. They come pre-cut from Glitz, but as a further example of how my brain works, I couldn't handle the white space so cut them.
You can kinda see a smidge of the cool clear overlay I used. It's from Fancy Pants, but might be old since it was in the sale bin. I love it so much though! All these things combined make me happy!

Glitter, roses, a fun challenge! What have you got cooking?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shirley's Pumpkin and a Pumpkin for Lisa

My friend Lisa forwarded me a project that was similar the other day. I took it to be a HINT! Plus she posted all the cool pictures of her house decorated up for her all time favorite holiday of the year on Facebook including the star I made for her a while back! I could tell she didn't have a super sparkly hand made pumpkin candle holder in the mix!

I must admit, I love the pumpkin I made so much better than that one she sent me. Mine has class! How can you go wrong with a cutie pie Prima Bat bow, green shimmery hair (thanks Shirley), a hand dyed bow, and curly wire? Oh, a glittery smile too! Thanks Silhouette! 

Project was super simple. Cheese cloth with some orange dye mixed in and glow in the dark modge podge. My goal with the glow in the dark 'Podge was to scare her hubby Romie. Hope it works. He does pick on me, so trying to get him back. If we don't tell him, it will be dark and glowing on a shelf in his house. SPOOKY!

And, look at Shirley's amazing pumpkins! I always do the first project, she makes one like mine and then I like hers more? I think she got the look I was going for! I know I know, you are all jealous of my neighbor. Do you have one you can call up and ask if they have a leaf punch and they do? Yeah, I thought so. I am lucky! 

Setting this on autopost for tomorrow. We are off to Fright Night in Potsdam. It is also calling for snow in the weather forecast! Whooohooo! Guess we'll have the butterfly and zombie get out their winter gear for the walk around town. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back 40ty Page for Scrap Fit challenge #54

Saw a challenge to use numbers on your layout at Scrap Fit the other day when I was out and about blog land and it coincided with this lovely idea neighbor Shirley gave me. She traced her leaf dish on a piece of scrap paper and cut it out! Lucky me got one to cut out too! And around the same time, I took this amazing photo of our back field all pretty with light going on towards evening.

Now, here in the states we refer to our property as the "Back 40ty" and I looked it up even to see if it was defined on Google. Here is what they said:

back' for'ty

remote, usually uncultivated acreage on a large piece of land, as on a farm or ranch

Read more: back forty: meaning and definitions —

I chose to spell mine using numbers. Not to mention how much shorter it was that way too! Anyhow, outlined my numbers with white which I LOVE!!!

Threw a few more letter stickers straight from Glitz Designs on there too for good measure. My leaf cluster was pretty easy too, a little recycled netting from Shirley, a few leaves cut out on my Big Shot from the Tim Holtz tattered leaves die, and a flower from Helen.

Short and sweet!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Most Embarrassing Moment Scrapped for Once Upon A...Sketch

Yes there is a soundtrack for this page as well. And yes, it inspired the title, thanks to my good friend Kristy who laughed at my story at the time and offered up a song. I am SO sorry if it get stuck in your head. I didn't mean it!!!

I don't FEEL tardy....

And, in honor of National Punk Rock Day day....

Hot for Teacher by Van Halen....and yes, the video is a bit wrong.

Inspired by the latest challenge up at Once Upon a......Sketch which requires scrapbooking an embarrassing moment. The boxers were placed on this page by request of my daughter who thought they were funny and who was hovering around my scrap table again. Enjoy my moment (s) of shame. She also took the photo of Mr. G. I really had to do some digging to find that in my on-line photo gallery. I love how it is looking up at him since she was much shorter than she is now. And thanks for those cool stamps Marilyn! I love them! They inspired me to print right on my cardstock of my page background!

Here is the most important part, the journaling:

There was no denying he was a hottie. All the Moms told me so
during our play dates. I personally thought Mr. G was just
plain cool, a little high strung for a little guy, but Lexi
seemed to really like him. I was just excited she got an
awesome teacher so the school year would be easy. 
Fast forward to one of those school nights where you must go
admire their writing and drawings and shake the hand of
each teacher you meet. We had finally made our way to
her hallway after talking to a variety of people
which only happens in a small town. Mr. G seemed happy
 to see me and handed me Lexi’s writing folder with a smirk.
I started reading. It was all about her Mom and Dad.
Mine said plain as day, My Mommy makes gas.
I was pretty sure she was discussing the INDUSTRY I worked in
and not the bodily function.  

I was considering the various angles we could discuss

rock stratigraphy on the way home and if I should drive
Lexi by a drill rig when another conversation caught my attention.
Mr. G and Lexi were discussing a class she was taking on the
weekends where she was learning how to do cartwheels, back bends,
and handstands.
I had started paying attention for fear she was going to
suggest trying a cartwheel right there in the hallway.
Oh no, it was worse. She got a bright little gleam in her eye and said,
My Mommy can do a cartwheel.
Now, it does take a bit to really truly embarrass me.
I do work in a rough and tumble industry where it’s common
place to use multiple swear words successfully in a sentence.
However, I can tell you I was not planning on Lexi’s teacher
imagining my poor attempts at a cartwheel. I did start stuttering
something and quickly wrapped up the conversation and we went home.
It made a great story for the other Moms but to this day
I am still slightly horrified.  I have always had a silly suspicion
he was enjoying my discomfort!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Zombie Cake Photo for Lisa & a Costume Idea

Ok, apology in advance for the assault on your cake senses. I know, I know, not all of you guys out there celebrate this thing us guys do in the States here with Halloween. I admit, the pictures look crazy, but firstly I assure you, the cake was awesome. And the tattered shirt was $1 at Walmart!

My friend Lisa over at You Made Me Ink was sad yesterday and I thought these pictures might cheer her up.

So, on Lisa's version of the cake, there were all sorts of little toys. I was not so lucky. Lexi is too old for little barbie dolls so those were out, and Luke isn't into action figures. I'd have had to make zombies out of legos. So, found these little skeletons at the craft store and luckily the cake lady turned them into the walking dead with a bit of frosting. The cake LOOKED much better the day before when it was actually made but the jelly I mean fake blood must have been arguing with the cake coloring. Regardless, it was gory and gross and little people were freaking out. It was all Luke's idea after he spotted the cake Lisa made on her blog.

And, let me explain the hunter and the deer. The zombies killed the deer and the hunter is now hunting zombies. See? It makes sense! If you look close (please ignore the cake frosting also jumping off the edge) there is a zombie who gave up on hanging out on the cake totally and jumped off overnight!

On the outfit? My son tells me the day before the HUGE event that he intends to dress up and other kids were wearing costumes. I was rushing out for last minute stuff and I must have had hair standing on end. I kept telling myself as I rushed through to the store....what would a zombie wear? Lucky for me, our Walmart had this lovely new plaid shirt for $1 and the skeleton one for not much more. Paired it up with a pair of old jeans we distressed, added some fake teeth, and I was golden. I am thinking that the rib cage peeking out of the tattered shirt is pretty weak, but at least he can wear it again and again, which he has. I sent him out to the shop and his Dad used his really sharp scissors to make everything ragged. It was pretty funny!

And, do you want to know how I added that nice grime look? You won't believe me. No, you won't seriously.

I used my brown stayzon ink pad!!! I know, it was crazy. Worked like a charm too! Dirt that won't come off! And, the best part? It makes me happy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

yes, I use garbage & Modge Podge....Eragon Treat Container

So, last weekend when I was playing around with my pumpkin, my daughter was helping and thought maybe she wanted to make another fun modge podge type container. I told her, well, I have this coco container you can use, but it has this glossy coating that we need to cover maybe with paper or gesso, so it will take a bit before you can decorate it.

She laughed and retreated to the sink where she proceeded to PEEL off the glossy label.

It was like Tim Holtz invaded our kitchen and took over her brain.

Take a quick peek at the photo above. That is what I mean. Coco turns into cool container with a white or kraft base. It is important to let the whole thing dry after the water treatment, by the way. On this coco container above, the edges were curly so I was able to uncurl them a bit and really get a good handle on ripping the paper. AND, it means you have to drink massive amounts of coco to get more containers. See, a win win situation!

Not only was the underside this lovely kraft color, but then she sprayed the can with some brown and turquoise sparkly glimmermist. Some spots were torn a bit and it looks so pretty!!! Needless to say I was IMPRESSED with the results.

By then, she had enough, there was turquoise glimmermist on my wall, and she said here, you finish it. It might have been my slight tantrum over the mist on the wall. NOT that I mind mist on my wall oh no, it was more like, WHAT WILL YOUR FATHER SAY, and we both stopped having fun. He gets a bit dodgy with craft projects in his kitchen. It may be because he lived with gold spray over his kitchen sink in the last house for ten years.

Anyhow, the end result was I had this really fun project I got to finish. Her theme was as always her beloved CAT. He is not really a cat but a gargoyle come to life that meows for treats constantly. He has learned that this verbal assault on our eardrums gets results. Hence this container is for TREATS because we can never find any and that is the only thing that shuts him up makes him happy. 

I used this funny photo for the top. He got caught licking his furry tail and I thought for once it was a cute shot of him instead of his normal angry look. I had a piece of Dusty Attic Chipboard that I thought would work nicely and I just modge podged on the top. It was matte finish so, it really kind of gave it a neat look.

The stickers on the side were some that were glittery rub-ons from Shirley that I added on via pop dots. The cat was one Marilyn gave me that she cut out. I thought it fit perfectly with some pearl and glittery green eye balls.

This was a totally fun project to create. Lexi was lurking hanging around my craft area the other day and kept looking at it happily saying she couldn't wait 'til it was finished. Since she is off at a friend's house for an overnight, I left this all finished and on her desk. Hope the cat doesn't figure out what it's for or it will be toast with his gargoyle claws!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heather's Sketch and A few words....

So, I've been seriously blogging since Feb. A combination of a North Country Winter, meeting a fellow blogger, and wanting to be involved in something greater was probably at play. Now, it's been a pretty wild ride. I have met some AMAZING scrappers! Seriously amazing, like talent dripping out of their fingertips! The next four ladies I am blogging about totally fit that criteria. I know, I know. I am always talking about someone!

Now, just a quick shout out to lady who created Once Upon a....Sketch. Nadia is going through some tough times and I just wanted to thank her for such an amazing site. Just wanted to show her a bit of bloggy love. On their last challenge I was a Featured Artist and I am beyond pleased. I started waving my ipad in front of my hubby's face at 9:30 pm and yelling about how happy I was. You can check it out here and while you are looking at all the amazing pages (mine is at the end), please keep Nadia in your thoughts and prayers.

Another strong & talented woman I have had the pleasure of following since Feb. is Heather. She has a very interesting blog. You never know if you will see her latest sketch, a few of her super cool pages, or read a story about something one of her little people did. She has a really funny way of putting things, so whatever she is blogging is very interesting!

The page I created above came from her sketch. Check out her blog here!

Now, I took a few liberties. I was using some new paper from Pink Paislee (Architectural Arch in the House of Three series) and wanted to enjoy that really cool resist. I sprayed this paper with Glimmermist to get the arch resist to show through.

I also had some new bling from Prima and also this amazing Halloween paper from Graphic 45 I wanted to play with a bit. Not to mention the beautiful gate that I glittered up that came from Marilyn (another strong woman to keep in your thoughts and prayers while you are saying one for Nadia) and those awesome cool Thickers from Shirley (strong woman number 4!).

Now, let me just tell you, this page has been done for a few days now and I was just getting around to getting photos taken. Lexi wandered by earlier today and gasped! It was the nicest gasp. She was like WOW, this page is really cool! Now, it did have an awesome photo of HER in it! :-) The one of her brother is pretty funny too, he had his crack staff of make up artists at hand to pour some fake blood on his face! Thanks Chelsea and Heather!

And a big thanks to all those bloggers I regularly visit and who provide the extra spice in my life!

Marilyn's Pages for Point Rock

Are these not seriously cool? The really awesome part is that she used her own photos as background paper! I totally LOVE that idea!

These pages were for the swap we did this past weekend. Of course, there a lots of fun pages left to do. My kids were only there for two days but the photos look like they spent weeks! I can't wait to dig into a few more of the photos Marilyn took of their fun times! Here is where I blogged about the page I made for Marilyn!

Oh, and did you see the crap pinching Luke?

Here is it merged together, isn't it amazing? I love it so much!

And you know what really makes me happy about these two pages? Firstly, I have some of Marilyn's amazing handwriting AND those leaves you see sneaking in on the first page are cut out from another photo.

How cool is THAT?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Witchy Woman Page for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

Some days I feel particularly random. I have eight things to post and this is the one that I want to post the most, so that is what I'm doing!

I have all sorts of cool goodies to show you, a double page layout by Marilyn, a pumpkin that Shirley made, a treat box for our crazy cat..and....a page I did of the kids....

But I can't hold back....this is my latest page. Maybe it's because I had to hide something on it.....

Feel free to click on this youtube video to listen to the song that inspired the title.

Raven hair and ruby lips,
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night,
She's a restless spirit on an endless flight

Ooh, ooh, witchy woman, see how high she flies
Ooh, ooh, witchy woman, she got the moon in her eye

Yes, lets take a quick break for the Eagles. 

Now, back to my page.

Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge has a new challenge up regarding costumes, use a bit of purple on your page, and also something hidden. Go check out her blog for more details. The best part? Super easy going challenge with a fun bunch of girls!

Giggle, wait 'til you see what I hid. Yup, more of me being random. 

Anne provided us with the lovely sketch below. Normally I don't have photos of myself being silly. I am occasionally, but normally I am pretty serious. But, Marilyn snapped this at my house over the weekend. I am wearing a witch hat I made for Lexi. Check out this post! She had left it out and I grabbed it as a joke and voila, the rest is history! Thanks for taking the photo Marilyn!

Here is a closeup of my tattered black roses. They were some stash from Tink! Love them, took them apart, rolled them a bit and got some fun flowers for my witchy page. Added those cute little glass mushrooms too! Those all the way from Australia and a cool blogger at Eye Candy Magic. (ppssssT! She is running a sale)

My next photo is of my moon! It was hard to take a photo of due to the glossy coat of Tim Holtz crackle glaze I added. Mr. Moon was originally black, but a bit of gesso, some yellow glimmermist, and glitter....and of course the little eye ball I drew in....

Thanks for my cool Halloween pieces Marilyn! See, I've used TWO already that you know about!
And, last but not hidden journaling! See, I knew you spotted that wine cooler and wanted to know for SURE! I will tell you, there were 15 little kids running around. I needed that wine cooler! 

OH, I crack myself up. 

So, go check out the challenge!!! You can also use photos of a dressy occasion, those count too! What fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin #2 Tissue paper and Modge Podge Technique

Linking this up with Passionately Artistic! What a fun blog! It's like Thanksgiving where you browse through taking a little bit of this out of a project and a little bit of that out of another...Or, in my case, a whole lotta banana pudding and turkey and just a little salad please....anyhow, go check her out!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love modge podge? It is really quite useful.

After our fun party on Sat. and clean up on Sunday, I HAD to get my hands on some craft time. So, instead of folding laundry, I made this pumpkin!

Some small person gave my son a present in a gift bag and it had some lovely orange tissue paper. Now, I am pretty fond of orange already and I thought maybe I could reuse this tissue paper on my pumpkin to give it a bit of a crinkle look. I modge podged chunks on, waited for it to dry, and then went over it with a bit of orange ink pad. A wee bit of glimmermist for a few freckles and some drying time....then I was ready for some flowers!

Marilyn passed along this AMAZING turquoise flower. It really didn't scream fall, but I loved it so....and it made a cool contrast to all that orange. So, a bit of hot glue later...You can see from the side that it is knitted and they basically had added a wire to allow the wrapping aspect. Haven't ever seen one like this before so I am super excited to enjoy my pumpkin on display and my awesome flower! Oh, I added the center portion with a bit of hot glue. Those flower stamens are glittery and produced by Wilton for cake decorating in a variety of colors. Mine are white and glittery, but I believe are mistable too, so that is why I opted for white!

Also included in my montage of flowerness was a few white flowers from Prima, some gold glittery ferns I've been hording in my stash, and the same white Prima flowers that I've added some Tim Holtz NEW (oh happy dance) distress ink on (Gathered Twigs, Ripe Persimmon, and Seedless Preserves) that are new for the fall and will only be out this time of year.

Also, I ran the Tattered Leaves die through my Big Shot with a double layer of aluminum foil and got some fun leaves to play with! I made up some cardboard ones too for a bit of a contrast.

You can really see them better below. I added the Tim Holtz distress ink on them and got a nice mottled affect. Add in burlap for texture, a modge podged doily with more distress ink, added glitter in the fresh modge podge, and a flower from Helen and I'm so happy with my result!

I do have a challenge to play along with. I have been stalking I mean watching this blog forever, but haven't played along. This month they are having an Alcohol Ink Challenge and I thought that I'd play along with the Gingersnap Creations blog. They have a TON (and I am not kidding) of amazing ideas monthly so go check them out. Blue Moon just shipped me the limited addition Tim Holtz distress ink too so I was doubly inspired!!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Project and Love at First Sight Scrap Page

update 10/16/2011:  Got invited to a SECOND linking party at One Artsy Mama! Whoohooo! 
Go check all those cool projects out! And it's for a great cause.

All this pink really has me itching to hit The Body Shop and get a hot pink hair extension.

Should I? Do I dare? If you knew me, this would be stepping out of the box!!

Leave me a comment and tell me to DO IT and I just might put on my big girl panties and get one!

oh happy dance! New baby in our family and I got invited to a linking party!

PitterAndGlink.blogspot.comNow, Bethany at Pitter and Glink did not know when she asked me to be a part of her linking party exactly how important this subject is to me. She is having a linking party for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out her party!

She asked us to create a project in pink and link it up!

Here is my project and here is all the scoop:

Let me tell you a quick little story.

The day I found out I was pregnant for my daughter, my husband's Aunt Denise lost her battle with breast cancer. I mean, we knew it was coming but it was still horrible and terrible and a shame. We drove out for the funeral and I let everyone know that I was preggers. In the midst of being sad, it was one really bright spot for our family. The first grandchild on both sides.

So, when I was asked to create a project, it only made sense to make something around that event.

I decided to create a scrapbook page because we just found out we have a new baby in our family! I was going to send a card, but thought a scrapbook page would be better and is celebrating new life! The baby's Mom scrapbooks, but I am figuring it might be a few days before she gets around to scrapbooking little Lillyan's first photos.

Here are some details about my page:
The roses are recycled, coming from a bouquet given to me by Marilyn. I took them apart (actually made two flowers from one) and sprayed them with my home made glimmermist.

My letters made me super happy too. They were colored chip board stickers I painted white and drew a pink line around their edges. Some crackle glaze from Tim Holtz made them PERFECT!

My little heart with a calendar is awesome too, I can't wait for Stephanie to write all the neat little details like the baby's height and weight on there in her own hand! That is why I stamped the two little hearts!

Most of the papers in this project are ones I've stashed for a while. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays so I pulled out a huge packet I had that contained some Stampin' Up papers and also Close to my Heart. E-mail me if you want to know something that I used specifically, but most of the products used are just stash stuff!

So, if you want to party with us, please make something pink and link!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shirley's Box and an invite! {maybe a sneak peek too}

So, just a quick post from me to show you Shirley's box! I'm so excited about this box. She really captured the vintage look she was going for! And the top is so rumply pretty! Here is a shot of the top too!

And, I thought I'd share my invite for our party this weekend. Since everyone in my immediate family has a birthday in Oct./Nov. we typically celebrate with a big fall bash! This card was a digi card that I printed out, handed to the kids and said, invite your friends. No clue how many little people will show up here tomorrow, but I have lots of food just in case. I can't wait! The cool little Monster on this card was a freebie from Lisa's son and was fun to play with! Check out his blog here! Lisa always has the coolest card ideas and Mr. B has awesome monsters! Stay tuned, as we have a joint project planned...I should give you little sneak just maybe since I'll be off playing host and flashlight tag this weekend.....

Oh, alright....

Since you read all the way down here....

Happy Monster Bash Weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Point Rock page for Marilyn: warning, contains sea food

Sorry about my title. Some days I crack myself up when I make a joke that is yet only funny to me! These photos instantly amused me when I got them from Marilyn. There is something about playing around in a creek and add in the world's largest crayfish ever and I have to admit, I am jealous! Doesn't it look like fun!? The kids were hanging out with Marilyn & Joe for a few days this summer and it all looked like a blast!

Funny thing is I grew up down the road from this stream and never have been. I think I need to do some crawfish hunting this next summer. Five or so of those large ones would make a meal. Do you think they taste like chicken?

Alright, back to scrapping. No challenges were involved with this project at all. I know, can you believe it?

I opted to go with not matching my daughter's wild swim suit. She has a couple, but it always seems she wore this one when photos were taken, so I am opting to go with a less wild and softer page. I know, seriously? A crawfish with pearl eye balls?

Sorry! I couldn't help it!

They were so cute!

Ok, here is a bigger photo.

I got my page finished and though, boy, this needs some kind of little crawfish. So, jumped on-line and grabbed a lobster cutting file from Silhouette. And arranged some letters for cutting as well.

Which brings me around to die cutters. Some days I am seriously a sticker girl, others I love my punches, while other days I have to run scads of paper through my Big Shot, and then, there are Silhouette days. I guess that means I am a real good supporter of the scrap industry!

Well, at least I am of the pop dot industry! I used them all over on this page. Under my letters, under my wave! Just a little less flatness and I'm a happy crawfish I mean camper!

Another fun detail was the journaling. Marilyn and I are trading pages at some point (this weekend I think) and her only requirement was journaling by the kids. Lexi wrote a funny story about the crawfish taking it's revenge on Luke for playing with it. It was pretty large so I opted to create a pull out tag.

The last thing I wanted to tell you about is this lovely doily and twine I used. I got them from Eye Candy Magic and I somewhat designed my entire page around using one. I feel the best place for stuff you really like is on a page! Working on not being a hoarder! So, check it out! Also, Shirley found the cute little fabric tie dyed boarder that I used along the bottom. How pretty is that! I can't wait to use the second half soon!