Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Luke: My Winner

 A page intensive with journaling takes a bit to get it all to fit. But there really was a story here to tell. 

I know when I first saw the challenge up at Once Upon A...Sketch, I was a bit flummoxed. Who really would want to know any note worthy events that happen to me in MY week? Seriously? I considered doing a little day to day scrap page but like Mary E. said, Life is so Just Daily! And to boot, they said TWO events. OK, so I went to zumba class..and got groceries...nah, that isn't fun to scrap!

So, I had to wait a week to scrap the event that happened to my son Luke that I knew would be note worthy. Every time I thought of it I alternated between being proud and wanting to have a quick cry. He is such a good boy! If you want to know the story, scroll all the way down the bottom and read Shirley's journaling.

Both kids did great when they ran the mile in gym. So, my second event I could add was about Lexi's run.

The sketch provided was adorable, but a bit girly, so I switched up the cool shape for a circle and made some manly flowers. I also flipped it so I could use my photo in portrait.

My second inspiration for this page was of course Bird is the Word. Typically these two challenge sites really enhance each other. Their word this time 'round is TOGETHER. And, it wasn't one bit of a stretch to incorporate that word into my page, although I did wish it could have been BIGGER but no dice due to space issues!

I was VERY thankful that Shirley went to see Luke run. Typically working at home, I can pop up the road to the school for a few minutes, but this fell in the middle of an important meeting we have with our main customer. Not to mention, they sent the slip home the night before asking so planning to go was a bit out of the question. I was thankful as he admitted knowing as he ran the last lap again that if no one believed him, they would surely believe Shirley since she worked as a teacher at his school.

 My last bit of inspiration is from a new challenge blog I spotted on Helen's blog. Check out Scrap with V here and the challenge on their sidebar. They are asking us to either use their sketch that is provided or the colors.

I love these colors! LOVE them! I didn't get to use a lot of color due to all the journaling, but I really love the jumping off point it gave me. I never would have thought to make my own flowers and glam up some cardboard stars with that peacock blue green color! And to add orange in there too! And peacock feathers on a page about running?? Oh what fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

 Here is also a close up of Shirley's journaling so you can read the whole story!

And, one other note about my page, if you are still reading along. I have been trying much harder these days to use recycled objects on my page. If you look close, I used a piece of card board down the middle that I used gesso and that light orange on. The flowers have a black mesh that came from a toy and the large tag I used in the middle to talk about Lexi's run was previously a Levi Jean tag that I also used gesso and four different colors of ink on.Now, I only wish I had a Popsicle stick! LOL!

Have a good hump day!


  1. What on earth is a hump day?! I keep reading that!! Love that meaningful layout and thumbs up to Shirley for all that fantastic journaling:)

  2. What an AMAZING story! I loveeeeeeeee that you documented this and the lo you made to go with it is GORGEOUS!! And I don't know if Helen will see this or not... but Hump Day in the US is Wednesday... it's half way through the week or the "HUMP" that takes us in to the last two days before the weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. WOW!!.....amazing story! love the journalling from Shirley...brilliant!

  4. Well...people should not have issues about scrapping everyday life events.This is something that this challenge has taught me! It's the little things that matter and that's what scrapbooking is about! To tell the story behind the photo!!! I LOOOOOOVE your layout and the journaling which is superb! Congrats on your super runners!!!Thanks for sharing your story with us at OUAS!!Great job!

  5. Wow, this is just fabulous. The journaling is such a highlight and the pic of a pair of runners just shines. Love the embellies and just love the whole feel of this page.

  6. hi.. that is an awesome story.. and well documented now!! fabulous layout. and well done on your son.. he sounds like a wonderful young man!!

  7. Aww geez...that put a lump in my throat. That is a wonderful story and makes me smile. What a great kid you have there! WAY TO GO LUKE!!! :D

  8. Wow! This is fantastic! Love the entire look and all the journaling!

  9. Look at that journaling! way to go!!! wonderful, meaningful LO!
    Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS!

  10. Great page and journaling! Thank you for playing along at OUAS!

  11. Such a interesting story, my friend:D I love everything little detail in this and journalling too:) This is truly scrapbooking for me!
    Thanks for playing along at BITW!

  12. Very cool with all the journaling!! awesome job!!

  13. I already said how much I liked it but just want to congratulate you on being featured on OUAS. it is amazing!! thank you for always leaving beautiful comments on my blog. I really appreciate your words. I know you were scrolling down yesterday but I don't think you got to the layout called "only time will tell" just scrolled down I believe you will like that one too. your layouts are always amazing!! congrats

  14. Wow great story!!! Fantastic page!!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Bird is the Word!!!


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