Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Most Embarrassing Moment Scrapped for Once Upon A...Sketch

Yes there is a soundtrack for this page as well. And yes, it inspired the title, thanks to my good friend Kristy who laughed at my story at the time and offered up a song. I am SO sorry if it get stuck in your head. I didn't mean it!!!

I don't FEEL tardy....

And, in honor of National Punk Rock Day day....

Hot for Teacher by Van Halen....and yes, the video is a bit wrong.

Inspired by the latest challenge up at Once Upon a......Sketch which requires scrapbooking an embarrassing moment. The boxers were placed on this page by request of my daughter who thought they were funny and who was hovering around my scrap table again. Enjoy my moment (s) of shame. She also took the photo of Mr. G. I really had to do some digging to find that in my on-line photo gallery. I love how it is looking up at him since she was much shorter than she is now. And thanks for those cool stamps Marilyn! I love them! They inspired me to print right on my cardstock of my page background!

Here is the most important part, the journaling:

There was no denying he was a hottie. All the Moms told me so
during our play dates. I personally thought Mr. G was just
plain cool, a little high strung for a little guy, but Lexi
seemed to really like him. I was just excited she got an
awesome teacher so the school year would be easy. 
Fast forward to one of those school nights where you must go
admire their writing and drawings and shake the hand of
each teacher you meet. We had finally made our way to
her hallway after talking to a variety of people
which only happens in a small town. Mr. G seemed happy
 to see me and handed me Lexi’s writing folder with a smirk.
I started reading. It was all about her Mom and Dad.
Mine said plain as day, My Mommy makes gas.
I was pretty sure she was discussing the INDUSTRY I worked in
and not the bodily function.  

I was considering the various angles we could discuss

rock stratigraphy on the way home and if I should drive
Lexi by a drill rig when another conversation caught my attention.
Mr. G and Lexi were discussing a class she was taking on the
weekends where she was learning how to do cartwheels, back bends,
and handstands.
I had started paying attention for fear she was going to
suggest trying a cartwheel right there in the hallway.
Oh no, it was worse. She got a bright little gleam in her eye and said,
My Mommy can do a cartwheel.
Now, it does take a bit to really truly embarrass me.
I do work in a rough and tumble industry where it’s common
place to use multiple swear words successfully in a sentence.
However, I can tell you I was not planning on Lexi’s teacher
imagining my poor attempts at a cartwheel. I did start stuttering
something and quickly wrapped up the conversation and we went home.
It made a great story for the other Moms but to this day
I am still slightly horrified.  I have always had a silly suspicion
he was enjoying my discomfort!


  1. The best part of this is how your journaling is done EXACTLY like you told the story the first time! So funny. Allison needs to see this. I bet she still walks down that hallway to catch a glimpse... if you can believe it, I don't think I ever saw him!

  2. What a wonderful page and your journaling.......oh motherhood, ya gotta love all the sweet things that come out of little mouths of babe's! I can just feel the embarrassment reading this! Tks. for playing along with us at OUAS!

  3. Too funny Mitralee!!!!!...fab journalling fab page...thanks for playing along with us at Once Upon A...Sketch!

  4. Here's an embarrassing moment. I just finished squinting to read that entire story. Had no idea you'd written it below in MUCH larger font. :P
    LMBO at the "Industry" comment. LOL...
    I think that would have been where I wrapped up the conversation forgoing any mention of a cartwheel. :D
    AWESOME page, Mitra. Had me in stitches again.
    Lisa xx

  5. Great layout - great story! This one really had me rolling on the floor laughing!! Fantastic job!!! Thanks for playing at Once Upon a Sketch :)

  6. ROFL.....!
    So funny.
    thanks for playing along at OUAS again.

  7. I think we need a video - Mitra cartwheeling!! Please...

    Equally impressed at your job description - I know a few males that would fit that quite well.

    Totally fab Lo, the journalling works so well (yes still jealous of your large printer). xx

  8. What a fabulous layout!
    Thanks for playing along at OUAS!

  9. That is just brilliant. You made me have a good belly laugh. I can only imagine how you felt. Very funny.
    Love the page and please pass on to your daughter that I think the boxer shorts are just perfect on there. Thanks for joining us at OUAS.

  10. Haha! This is great! I love it!! :)

  11. Well I certainly think you met the criteria for the 2 sentences of journaling!! I just LOVE that you told the whole story here, and I love seeing lots of words on a layout. What a funny story to tell! And your layout looks just fabulous :-)

  12. Oh too funny! Thank you for sharing this with us! And thank you so much for joining us at OUAS!!!


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