Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marilyn's Pages for Point Rock

Are these not seriously cool? The really awesome part is that she used her own photos as background paper! I totally LOVE that idea!

These pages were for the swap we did this past weekend. Of course, there a lots of fun pages left to do. My kids were only there for two days but the photos look like they spent weeks! I can't wait to dig into a few more of the photos Marilyn took of their fun times! Here is where I blogged about the page I made for Marilyn!

Oh, and did you see the crap pinching Luke?

Here is it merged together, isn't it amazing? I love it so much!

And you know what really makes me happy about these two pages? Firstly, I have some of Marilyn's amazing handwriting AND those leaves you see sneaking in on the first page are cut out from another photo.

How cool is THAT?


  1. Amazing pics....but I am terrible the best part that made me chuckle was the typo "Oh, and did you see the crap pinching Luke?"
    just love really made my afternoon...was so apt!!!

  2. Very cool indeed - she did an awesome job - love that crab pinching Luke on the butt!!

  3. Absolutely awesome pages. Marilyn is amazing, what an interesting layout. Love the cut out leaves,also the butt shot of Luke.


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