Friday, October 14, 2011

Shirley's Box and an invite! {maybe a sneak peek too}

So, just a quick post from me to show you Shirley's box! I'm so excited about this box. She really captured the vintage look she was going for! And the top is so rumply pretty! Here is a shot of the top too!

And, I thought I'd share my invite for our party this weekend. Since everyone in my immediate family has a birthday in Oct./Nov. we typically celebrate with a big fall bash! This card was a digi card that I printed out, handed to the kids and said, invite your friends. No clue how many little people will show up here tomorrow, but I have lots of food just in case. I can't wait! The cool little Monster on this card was a freebie from Lisa's son and was fun to play with! Check out his blog here! Lisa always has the coolest card ideas and Mr. B has awesome monsters! Stay tuned, as we have a joint project planned...I should give you little sneak just maybe since I'll be off playing host and flashlight tag this weekend.....

Oh, alright....

Since you read all the way down here....

Happy Monster Bash Weekend!


  1. Loving the box... that doorknob is awesome!! Your friend did an awesome job! And loveeeeeee your invite too! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Hello??? Mitra? You there? Did you make it out alive? Were there a bajillion-bazillion kiddos there? ;)
    Flashlight awesome is that!!!
    Your friend's box is the heat. Perfect assortment of embellishments and goodies. All around, a superb job.
    Hey, that monster is pretty freakin' cool too on the invite. Hee hee.
    Lisa xx
    On the other thing, oh the plans I have. :D

  3. HI.. the box is so beautiful.. i love the top cluster..

  4. Mitralee...that box is stunning!!! So beautiful! Love your invite too! :)

  5. Woo Hoo to Shirley for that beautiful box and well done you for hosting a party - rather you than me LOL - but sounds like it was a great success!!

  6. Stunning box and loving the Halloween invites, so love this time of year, sadly 15 and 17 year old's don't think it is so cool any more, will still decorate for the the littl ones who dare to stop by LOL, enjoy your party, take care, Doreen x


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