Saturday, October 22, 2011

yes, I use garbage & Modge Podge....Eragon Treat Container

So, last weekend when I was playing around with my pumpkin, my daughter was helping and thought maybe she wanted to make another fun modge podge type container. I told her, well, I have this coco container you can use, but it has this glossy coating that we need to cover maybe with paper or gesso, so it will take a bit before you can decorate it.

She laughed and retreated to the sink where she proceeded to PEEL off the glossy label.

It was like Tim Holtz invaded our kitchen and took over her brain.

Take a quick peek at the photo above. That is what I mean. Coco turns into cool container with a white or kraft base. It is important to let the whole thing dry after the water treatment, by the way. On this coco container above, the edges were curly so I was able to uncurl them a bit and really get a good handle on ripping the paper. AND, it means you have to drink massive amounts of coco to get more containers. See, a win win situation!

Not only was the underside this lovely kraft color, but then she sprayed the can with some brown and turquoise sparkly glimmermist. Some spots were torn a bit and it looks so pretty!!! Needless to say I was IMPRESSED with the results.

By then, she had enough, there was turquoise glimmermist on my wall, and she said here, you finish it. It might have been my slight tantrum over the mist on the wall. NOT that I mind mist on my wall oh no, it was more like, WHAT WILL YOUR FATHER SAY, and we both stopped having fun. He gets a bit dodgy with craft projects in his kitchen. It may be because he lived with gold spray over his kitchen sink in the last house for ten years.

Anyhow, the end result was I had this really fun project I got to finish. Her theme was as always her beloved CAT. He is not really a cat but a gargoyle come to life that meows for treats constantly. He has learned that this verbal assault on our eardrums gets results. Hence this container is for TREATS because we can never find any and that is the only thing that shuts him up makes him happy. 

I used this funny photo for the top. He got caught licking his furry tail and I thought for once it was a cute shot of him instead of his normal angry look. I had a piece of Dusty Attic Chipboard that I thought would work nicely and I just modge podged on the top. It was matte finish so, it really kind of gave it a neat look.

The stickers on the side were some that were glittery rub-ons from Shirley that I added on via pop dots. The cat was one Marilyn gave me that she cut out. I thought it fit perfectly with some pearl and glittery green eye balls.

This was a totally fun project to create. Lexi was lurking hanging around my craft area the other day and kept looking at it happily saying she couldn't wait 'til it was finished. Since she is off at a friend's house for an overnight, I left this all finished and on her desk. Hope the cat doesn't figure out what it's for or it will be toast with his gargoyle claws!


  1. What a pretty job you did of it - finishing it off - so typically child - mine get me to finish off all their stuff too! Love the lid :)

  2. wow! who's going to take the full-on or lexi? either way, it looks awesome! with winter on its way, going through hot chocolate shouldn't be a tough job. i smell more cool projects in your future!


  3. wow, that cat's not spoiled at all...uh uh, no way. :D This is a fantastic "group" project that you two did "together." I'm sure Eragon will LOVE this. Don't think any of my pets ever got something this fancy. I'm really impressed.
    What a great project.
    Off to make cocoa
    Lisa xx

  4. very creative, but your story did make me smile!!


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