Monday, October 24, 2011

A Zombie Cake Photo for Lisa & a Costume Idea

Ok, apology in advance for the assault on your cake senses. I know, I know, not all of you guys out there celebrate this thing us guys do in the States here with Halloween. I admit, the pictures look crazy, but firstly I assure you, the cake was awesome. And the tattered shirt was $1 at Walmart!

My friend Lisa over at You Made Me Ink was sad yesterday and I thought these pictures might cheer her up.

So, on Lisa's version of the cake, there were all sorts of little toys. I was not so lucky. Lexi is too old for little barbie dolls so those were out, and Luke isn't into action figures. I'd have had to make zombies out of legos. So, found these little skeletons at the craft store and luckily the cake lady turned them into the walking dead with a bit of frosting. The cake LOOKED much better the day before when it was actually made but the jelly I mean fake blood must have been arguing with the cake coloring. Regardless, it was gory and gross and little people were freaking out. It was all Luke's idea after he spotted the cake Lisa made on her blog.

And, let me explain the hunter and the deer. The zombies killed the deer and the hunter is now hunting zombies. See? It makes sense! If you look close (please ignore the cake frosting also jumping off the edge) there is a zombie who gave up on hanging out on the cake totally and jumped off overnight!

On the outfit? My son tells me the day before the HUGE event that he intends to dress up and other kids were wearing costumes. I was rushing out for last minute stuff and I must have had hair standing on end. I kept telling myself as I rushed through to the store....what would a zombie wear? Lucky for me, our Walmart had this lovely new plaid shirt for $1 and the skeleton one for not much more. Paired it up with a pair of old jeans we distressed, added some fake teeth, and I was golden. I am thinking that the rib cage peeking out of the tattered shirt is pretty weak, but at least he can wear it again and again, which he has. I sent him out to the shop and his Dad used his really sharp scissors to make everything ragged. It was pretty funny!

And, do you want to know how I added that nice grime look? You won't believe me. No, you won't seriously.

I used my brown stayzon ink pad!!! I know, it was crazy. Worked like a charm too! Dirt that won't come off! And, the best part? It makes me happy!


  1. Freakin' AWESOME!!! We love it!! You were the lucky one for finding those cool figures for the cake. What a great mixture of gore and fun and goop and yum. :D
    Thanks so much for the smiles. I am not too terribly sad, kinda use to it, but some days you just have to "sigh" and move on. But having friends like you makes ALL the difference to the size of my smile and this one is HUGE! I'm sure it was a great hit and now everyone will be making Zombie cakes. LOL. The pictures are wonderful too and you used ink??? Hahahahaha. I'm so gonna run the ink pad across my kids face this weekend. LOL
    Lisa xx

  2. Freakin' Crazy!!! Well at least you can buy the stuff cheap over there so you don't feel bad ripping it up for a fun dress-up night!! Cami is the freaky bride in a Thriller dance and I've had to buy her a really pretty white dress that I have to rip up and I was thinking the same thing - to use my Staz-On - so thanks for the confirmation!! As for the cake - I think the guy that teetered over the edge just makes it - classic - I thought he was meant to be there, face down, lol...

  3. The standout for me is the dead and bleeding deer - very classy!! And Lego zombies just wouldn't be quite scray or drippy enough. I love this cake although I would struggle to actually eat any of it...

    Very cool costume, great idea to ink the shirt. Ahhh love a hobby you can transfer across to other areas. xxx

  4. It has NEVER crossed my mind before but if a Zombie Apocolypse were to happen I'd either want a hunter or a gamer on my side. Looks like you chose the hunter! Personally I am a big fan of the rib cage. No weak sauce there! Sorry to miss a Pratt Bash but not as sorry as I am to miss the Pratts! Happy Haunting!

  5. Fabulous fabulous. My kids would love to celebrate Halloween but it just isn't recognised in Australia. That is one fab costume.

  6. I loveeeeeeeeeeee the cake and his costume is AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. LOL, that is all I have to say. take care. Doreen x


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