Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heather's Sketch and A few words....

So, I've been seriously blogging since Feb. A combination of a North Country Winter, meeting a fellow blogger, and wanting to be involved in something greater was probably at play. Now, it's been a pretty wild ride. I have met some AMAZING scrappers! Seriously amazing, like talent dripping out of their fingertips! The next four ladies I am blogging about totally fit that criteria. I know, I know. I am always talking about someone!

Now, just a quick shout out to lady who created Once Upon a....Sketch. Nadia is going through some tough times and I just wanted to thank her for such an amazing site. Just wanted to show her a bit of bloggy love. On their last challenge I was a Featured Artist and I am beyond pleased. I started waving my ipad in front of my hubby's face at 9:30 pm and yelling about how happy I was. You can check it out here and while you are looking at all the amazing pages (mine is at the end), please keep Nadia in your thoughts and prayers.

Another strong & talented woman I have had the pleasure of following since Feb. is Heather. She has a very interesting blog. You never know if you will see her latest sketch, a few of her super cool pages, or read a story about something one of her little people did. She has a really funny way of putting things, so whatever she is blogging is very interesting!

The page I created above came from her sketch. Check out her blog here!

Now, I took a few liberties. I was using some new paper from Pink Paislee (Architectural Arch in the House of Three series) and wanted to enjoy that really cool resist. I sprayed this paper with Glimmermist to get the arch resist to show through.

I also had some new bling from Prima and also this amazing Halloween paper from Graphic 45 I wanted to play with a bit. Not to mention the beautiful gate that I glittered up that came from Marilyn (another strong woman to keep in your thoughts and prayers while you are saying one for Nadia) and those awesome cool Thickers from Shirley (strong woman number 4!).

Now, let me just tell you, this page has been done for a few days now and I was just getting around to getting photos taken. Lexi wandered by earlier today and gasped! It was the nicest gasp. She was like WOW, this page is really cool! Now, it did have an awesome photo of HER in it! :-) The one of her brother is pretty funny too, he had his crack staff of make up artists at hand to pour some fake blood on his face! Thanks Chelsea and Heather!

And a big thanks to all those bloggers I regularly visit and who provide the extra spice in my life!


  1. Awww! Thank you so much for your kind words. You made me smile this evening! Your layout certainly is gorgeous and I can totally see why she gasped. Very pretty! Thanks so much for using my sketches and for supporting my blog.

  2. HI.. this is absolutely fabulous.. and well done on your mention too!!

  3. OH what a great page. Fantastic embellishments, add just the right touch of spooky!!! I'm gasping just like Lexi :)

  4. Alice in Wonderland for a Halloween layout...BRILLIANT!!!
    You ARE truly a special lady and this post is a wonderful tribute to some other REALLY amazing crafters out there and TALENTED too.
    Love the layout page. Your kids always look so happy. :D
    Thanks for the help too, btw.
    Ciao for now..
    Lisa xx

  5. The layering on this is awesome! It never ceases to amaze me how you are able to put together so many things that are different, and you make them look great together. :)

  6. Gorgeous layout! So many beautiful details and great textures. TFS!!

  7. Aaaw I love your heartfelt journaling to your kids here & that gate is gorgeous!! Your Lexi looks so pretty and like she had a ball! Have a great weekend - oh yes - and a huge WOOT for your mention at OUAS - WTG!!!

  8. Hi dear, great layout! we dont have halloween here so I love to see layouts about it. Loved the layers! Thanks for the visits...I love it :)

  9. Spooky, loving all the Halloween inspiration and huge congrats on your feature, you are a talented artist yourself, take care, Doreen x


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