Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mommy Heads by Lexi

My daughter is pretty amazing. She can paper craft with the best of them. Sometimes she is too amazing. One day (Ok, I may have been grouchy) she made me a special piece of art. On top of raiding my very precious hangers which I had never even used myself AND all my cute little baby clothes pins...(yes I have sharing issues) and making off with my very favorite sharpie markers for some of the finer details...I got this lovely piece of art I'm calling Mommy heads. Yes, they are all me. I was even consulted on my favorite head to go on my favorite body with my favorite purse. What makes me really nervous is how SHE thinks I look when I'm mad. Really, do I have FLAMES coming out of my head? And my very....pointy.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share.

Which one is your favorite?

I'm posting this because Anne at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge was asking for scrapbooking done by kids. AND, because, it was pretty darn cool. It has a special place in my scrap book album.

And, for the record, each head and piece of clothing are cut and pasted on here, not drawn. They are all little pieces put together in one place with in MY adhesive!!!

Love her, thanks Lexi!


  1. GREAT job Lexi-kins. I especially like the third one with your mom's eyes rolling to the back of her head and the mouth twisted off to one side. I can see her now!!!! Really cool how you cut all of those little details. :)

  2. I can't go past the angry one - I think it would be an advantage if we had flames coming out of our heads when we were cranky, scary is good!!

    And I do like the tired one with the lines under her eyes, accuracy is everything!

    This is a true work of art, thanks for sharing, made me laugh. xx

  3. This is sooooooooo AWESOME! I loveeeeeee the way she hung the clothes! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. WOW...talented just like mum!!
    I love the faces what a creative little girl!

  5. HI.. wow you have been busy.. i have had to scroll down a few posts as i have somehow missed them.. all so beautiful.. i love the mummys heads.. not sure which i would be though!! i love the pink layout too.. those flowers are so soft.. like a babys bottom!! gorgeous stuff.. love em..xx

  6. Mitralee - this is brilliant!! May I post the picture on my blog with a link back to the story?? Tell Lexi this is awesome work!! The detail is incredible!

  7. You sure can Anne! She will feel like a Scrap Star! She already asked me this morning HOW many comments she had gotten, the stinker!

  8. Haha this is hilarious!! I love the fire coming out of your head!! Kids are sooooo funny :) :) :) I remember when we were first invited to Chelsea's art exhibition at Junior School, when she was about 7 - so 11 years ago - it was an exhibition of portraits of the pupil's mothers - and I was BLACK - not sure what that was all about LOL...

  9. Hahahahaha PMSL! This freakin' rocks!!! At least you don't have horns and hooves. Flames, are pretty cool actually. Would make an awesome Halloween costume. :D
    Your daughter is obviously following in her mother's footsteps....
    I love this piece of art and it's great to see a child's perspective.
    Good luck with the sharing thing. I gave up hoarding a long time ago. 2 against 1, the odds were always against me. Especially when they bring you masterpieces like the one you have here. It's hard to squelch creativity and innovation.
    hugs to you,
    Lisa xx
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Come to think of it...we should have our kids collaborate on a craft project. Hmmmmm.....

  11. This is such a great work of art, your daughter is a very accomplished artist and she has a good teacher. Love all the work on your blog Mitra and thank you for the love you left me today on mine xx

  12. wow, that is just wonderful! All those heads, so funny and sweet. She did such a great job and the mini pegs and little clothing hangers got a great home here.


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