Friday, December 30, 2016

In Retrospect: One Little Quote of 2016 & Tim Tag Assemblage

Happy Happy! I'm off today. Have a hot date with a sander & perhaps some paint. It's my birthday and I'm turning 32 again or perhaps it was 42. I'll let you know how sore I am after sanding and then we can decide...

I thought my birthday was a good day to wrap up all these Tim Tags and what I did with them.

I feel like I've run a long race in 2016. At times this year I was jogging, other times flat out running with sweat dripping off my nose and honest to goodness boob sweat. It's been quite a year. The industry I worked in tanked a bit and I found myself reinventing in the early part of 2016. The very fact that I was relieved and happy I guess says something for the fact it was dying and I was slowly dying too. If my soul was a color, it would have been that of a dried up leaf and just as brittle.

Sat for a couple of months, jumped into the first job offer and then figured out quickly it was another place that my soul could die. I have nothing against earning a living but I think that large parts of it are overrated. Honestly, if you have been following along in the American dream, you are defined by your job instead of a lot more important things like not being a dick, raising kids that aren't dicks, and contributing to the overall well being of here. Or in your case, there.

Thankfully a job that caught my eye lined up with the fact that they needed someone like me badly to do the job. It's kinda more than a job since it's not exactly super high paying (hello, not for profit), you have to believe in the mission (see paragraph above about contributing to here), and you pretty much have to work pretty hard. The other day I came home itching due to insulation in my bra.

Earlier this month we kicked someone out of their house (and her two kids and a dog) for not paying the mortgage. You'd say we were dicks, but four years is a very long time to let someone live in your house for free. The motto around work is a hand up, not a hand out. The week before we held a home dedication for a new family who is moving from a shitty apartment (we have slum lords here just like you have them there) to a new home that is awesome.

I know every inch of that home. Well, not maybe every inch. I avoided the attic & the blown in insulation like the plague. See again earlier paragraph about coming home itching. That house is solid though. Which brings me around to my one little quote.

See I thought the one little word idea was cool, but in years past, by March I had long forgotten what I was striving for. Following along with the Tim Tags of 2016, I reminded myself at least twice a month (once making the tag and then the subsequent blog post) of what I was aiming for.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.-Isaac Newton
I wanted to remind myself that I was building off what others had done, to stay grounded, and that it was a team effort. It fit. I feel like I'm in a team. 

On the glittering, spray painting & blogging side of things, that is also certainly the case. It's now pretty cool (and also geeky) to be a pinteresting freak who would rather glitter than say bar hop. Or in my case, drink wine & glitter in pjs and slippers. Inspiration is just one pin or post away and could be from as close as the next town over or from across the world.

I like seeing my tags all together like this. Can't say I'll try it again, unless I make a collection of something else to display. I've got quite a few things for the walls here at Pratt Inc. as I'm from a long line of artist types. This particular upcycled frame was one I really loved though. Eighteen coats of antique gold paint later (and some plaster to fill in the gaps), a small piece of wood to build it up deep enough to display tags, and a sheet of velvet backing cut to size was also a fair bit of effort and I was nervous about spraying each tag with adhesive and then sticking them on. It worked though! Once I've got Christmas packed up, I'll show you where I'm stashing it!

So, onward and upward 2017.

A wave and a nod to the giants who have built what we have so far. A good foundation is always key.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throw Back Thursday Gratitude Layout

Eeek! How do we let Thanksgiving fly by in such a whirl? I actually had this page made and just needed to add the photo and flowers...FOR WEEKS! So it's truly a throw back, but honestly it's kinda nice to take a break from the Christmas stuff!

My favorite part of this page is upcycling that clear ring that came from a scarf that I bought. It's super pretty and I kept it outta the garbage! It's neat looking with those velvet flowers.

Just a quick look at the photo! THE MAN took it for us right before we dove in to all that food! Happy Happy!

Enjoy your Thursday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Snitch and Dragons at Pratt Inc. for Memorandum Monday

There was some talk of a Dungeon's and Dragon Christmas party a couple of weeks back by the kids. Was it going to be at Pratt Inc. or at Megan's house, nobody knew. Then, the kids did a little advanced math and figured out that if they played their cards right, they could have two parties. Since this is ALLLLLL they wanted for Christmas, I threw myself into planning a bash. The other important item needed besides food was a white elephant present.

Lexi, a bit more of an advanced planner than Luke had me scouring the ReStore for containers. She had a theme and a plan. The boy wanted to weld. One doesn't just weld, it's kinda like sewing. Unless you want to end up with quite a mess, you must hang with someone who can weld. Thankfully THE MAN who is quite talented at everything (with the exception of filling Christmas stockings) was able to spend some time with Luke in the garage. It's hard sharing your space. I get invaded myself quite often and get quite testy when I can't find my scissors or the tape runner.

This plane took them hours and hours and hours.

Megan, Luke's friend who is usually sporting a Harry Potter scarf made a snitch. I was trying to figure out to how to hide it and keep all the fun stuff, but the dude that got it was keeping a very close eye on his present.

Kayla made a cool collage. All I can say? These kids rock, they really really do!

I didn't even have to set up tables or start the fire! They got those ready right off! I guess they thought it was quite awesome and party planning for the next one has started!

Happiest of Tuesdays to you and thanks for letting me share my Memorandum! Miss Sian hosts us all and I think it's most excellent!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Tim Tag-mas to you!

Well I did it. All 12 Tim Tags of 2016 are done and dusted! So, I'm here wishing you a Merry Merry from over here in blog land. I also am popping in with my very last Tim! Tag of the year. My one little quote for 2016 is now complete! Unless you have been writing down each word, you will have to wait a little bit for the post with them all together because I am mean like that. Honest tho, it's worth it.

Other big news is that my office is actually clean too. I would hate to have anyone see the glittery frenzy of crafting. I like my work to look like it's easy peasy and that I never accidentally empty half a jar of gold embossing powder all over everything. Or glitter. All the gold paint is cleaned up too. Alright, on to the tag....

I'd love to say I spent a lot of time studying Tim's tag, but I saw a cluster of Christmas greenery and was like BAM I can do that. Also, that kick ass little deer from Lizzy Hill  jumped out of her package and onto my tag. I wish I had some of those Tim stars left over but those got used early on in 2016, so no stars on mine.

I was happy to include a family photo inside that very awesome cameo frame. Also some up cycled plastic from a package of socks that got spray painted a vintage gold and was used behind the deer. Always love a gold doily too!

Here's another photo looking the other way. That glitter kinda flew's cool here though looking like snow. Love those snowflakes too!

Stop back on tomorrow, I'll have a story or two for you. We are hosting a gaggle of teens for a party for Lexi & Luke's Christmas present. I hear there will be a chocolate fountain, no bake cheese cakes, and mac and cheese. It's a cheesy kinda thing!

Happy Happy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Silent Auction Chalk Paint Table

Ages and ages ago I brought this table home and THE MAN said, WHERE are you going to put it? He had a point. I really just wanted to try my hand at chalk painting and I was in love with the little egg feet and all the little details. Recently someone pointed out that I had best wrap up this table and get it out of Man Land, aka the garage as the youngest wanted to cut metal and weld.

Honestly, all that was left was to add that little scroll in the front with small air nails and drill a hole for the knob. The knob I used is glass and has a really pretty shimmer. It's kinda oversized for this piece but it's a pretty chunky piece already.

The table was a pretty big trainwreck before I painted it and the little plastic star and metal knob wasn't doing it any favors. Plus I had two extra holes to cover in the front, which is what I used that bigger scroll for. 

It's so pretty! Really love chalk paint & the wax for antiquing and bringing out the details. I wish I was keeping it, but it's off to a silent aution to raise money for building houses. Hopefully someone will fall for it and bid it up!

Happiest of Hump Days to you! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy New Year Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

oh goodness...did I just do that? Put up something NOT CHRISTMAS related? I know! It's a bit refreshing actually. In fact, I just threw a Thanksgiving layout up on my scrap table to wrap's almost time to put down the red and green paper, wipe the glitter off our faces, and start thinking about the New Year!

Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE has created a quick and simple background for a 2017 New 
Year's Card. It's just the thing for a quick card. I added some green sparkle background paper to mine, a gold doily, and some green crinkle ribbon.

I print my backgrounds on photo paper so they really come out nicely. Love it!

Happy Tuesday! Only eleven days until the New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Memorable Memorandum

We dedicated the house I've been working on since late summer this past Friday night. It's been done for a little while and we've actually started the next one, but that is a story for another Monday. It's a worthy story, honest. But right now let's talk about a Christmas tree, this one decorated with toy tools. My tree even made the TV. I'd tell you more, but honestly this news story pretty much says it all...

If you really want to watch something painful, take a peek at the video I made ages and ages ago of this house. It's worth the very end part where I almost fall through the floor...and I did a crappy job as I didn't know you were supposed to turn your phone to video...

The only thing I can add is the little person moving into the Bridge Street house is not only infatuated with her new room, but with all the closets in the house. I ended up hanging out with her and my boss in a dark closet for a while. She really didn't want to let us cute. Good thing we were both Mommies and know a lot of different escape tricks.

Luke was hard at work this weekend on his white elephant gift. The Pratt Kids have decided in liu of Christmas presents that they would like to have a party with their friends. They have been plotting and scheming for days. Sounds like it will be pretty epic. I hear mac and cheese from a new awesome local place is on the menu as is fondu. In fact, there might be an actual D & D game played in real life in my living room, be still my heart. I told Lexi it should be a themed party....a Cheesy Christmas.

Wrapped up the jello molds this weekend. Here's another photo in case you missed yesterday's post. I kinda rushed them at the end, seeing how I do actually have to fold laundry still and make dinner...

Anyhow, happiest of Monday's to you! Waving hello to Sian who is our hostess!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Jello Mold of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

Well, the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth jello molds are done and dusted! Wasn't sure I was going to make it, they are all due tomorrow to be in the challenge. This one here is number ten...Linda's tag had quite a bit of that cream color with a splash of black with a pink flower accent. The color scheme was the inspiration for me.

The eleventh tag was a bit of a challenge for me. 

I really LOVE that chalkboard look on Linda's tag and wanted to add a really small one to my ornament. I got a bit crazy with the glitter so it's not as clear as I wanted, but I LOVE the huge hot glue glittered drips I added. Super fun. The red twine she used and those snowflakes were inspiring as well. 

And last but not least...the twelfth jello mold!

I really like the color on this one and those rusty old jingle bells. I was inspired by the color as well as the hemp color from Linda's tag

And there you have it! A short and sweet post so I can get this all linked up! Although I can't leave you hanging on how I'm displaying them...I have a nook in a desk in my office where a desktop monitor used to sit. Since we've all migrated to laptops here, it looks pretty empty! Now it's all pretty for Christmas! Love it!

A huge thanks to Linda's Store the Funkie Junkie Boutique for having us over for a challenge! I've got my toes crossed to win! 

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Ninth Jello Mold of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge: TROLL DOLL

Well, technically I promoted this Troll Doll to Christmas Elf. Can't you tell with the fancy pants glasses and epic flower? Yeah, I know. My kid said the same thing. MOM SERIOUSLY.
I told her to not be down on my arting.

 Linda's Funkie Junkie Boutique is sponsoring this challenge. I'm on my ninth "tag" and although you might be wondering how this could possibly reflect Linda's ninth tag, rest assured that I was inspired by the pine cones and also the colors. 

She also has some gold sparkle...which I have too...

Used big gold sparkle on the hair and also on her shoes! Isn't she cute? Just a wee bit cold. I always wonder why trolls are nekked. 

Anyhow, hope this brought you a chuckle today and I suspect Linda is at least shaking her head a little...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Eighth Jello Mold of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

Thank goodness for awsome stores like Linda's Funkie Junkie Boutique who is sponsoring this challenge. I'm on my eighth "tag" and I'm already sad that I'm almost done! Not entirely sure I'll get them all done by the 19th, but we'll see. I don't like to rush these things! As I'm on my fifth year of partipating, I can say that I'm currently enjoying the past challenges on my Christmas trees so getting them done when I'm most inspired is the best way for me. Can't rush a good thing. ;-)

I was inspired quite a lot by the colors on tag number eight, the flowers, and the vintage French girl feel. I opted to run with the French theme and used an image that I printed twice. Not to mention I have been DYING to use that Eiffel Tower. Just a simple cookie cutter for the back to hold the image.

The second image was fussy cut & pop dotted to get some dimension behind the metal Eiffel Tower. It really makes me happy!

I'm back tomorrow to show you another jello mold. This one has the TROLL! Can you imagine? I laughed the entire time I was making it....

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Visions of Sugar Plum Winners

I have some winners. Miss Debbie Dee Fisher from The Paper Garden won my snowflake, which by the way I don't have a box for yet, so I'll be looking for one of those today. This snow flake isn't exactly small....

Marie B from Another Card Making Blog won my Angel, which needs a special sized box as well that I need to locate...And lastly....

One of these little lovelies are heading off to Tracey over at Trace-Elementz. Ladies can you pretty please send me your addresses? My email address is on the left hand side of my blog...Hook me up and just as soon as I find a couple of boxes, these are heading out to you to enjoy!

Happiest of Tuesdays!

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Fluffy Reindeer, an Outtake, and Glittering for Memorandum Monday

Last year the girls tried to schedule a class at Wine & Design, but you have to book quick or you don't make it in. Thankfully Teri was on it this year, and scheduled us for the Reindeer Pallet. She brought wine and doggone it if I didn't hear the lady say to paint fur and next thing you know I have this super fluffy happy reindeer...but he's kinda like Rudolf....everyone else's wasn't quite so.....fluffy....or big boned.

I freaking swear it was the wine...

The next day I had to add sequins, holly, and sparkles. Of course, mine isn't the same as everyone else because instead of bringing pizza, I brought gold paint. You can see how this is pretty important, right? So I have gold antlers. The lady there was like where did the gold paint come from and the entire table ratted me out. Thanks guys....

As you can tell from all the photos, we got snow. Snow that inspired me to con everyone else into taking a Christmas photo. Well, everyone agreed except Duncan. He kinda turns into a rather large turd in the snow. Add in a fancy Christmas tie and he gets down right dick like. Thankfully we got a good one..the camera was getting wet!

And I'm off! Lots to do! I'm back tomorrow to announce some Visions of Sugar Plums Winners and then back with some jello of which that involves a troll! I've been glittery all weekend! Can't wait to share!

Join me in waving a glittery hand to Sian who hosts us for Memorandum Monday!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chalk Painting, Waxing, and Market Streeting for Memorandum Monday (or Thursday if you are keeping track)

Goodness! I'm writing this post Sunday night, but due to Sugar Plums, it won't be posted until Thursday! Anyhow, it's still a Memorandum even if it's a bit delayed, right? I actually started my weekend on Friday, but then worked Saturday on our new Habitat House (which in itself is a story and a very good one, so stay tuned) and then went to Sparkle with our new fancy smancy Volunteer Trailer for work (which is also another story and an awesome one at that so again, stay tuned).

Market Street was a freaking wind tunnel and I was so cold, I'm still cold if that makes sense. I wore a wool sweater and stood by our heater, but it wasn't all that pleasant if you weren't moving around. The people were nice and some lady told me lots of stories about Habitat in Uganda, which would have been way more interesting inside and over a hot cup of tea. So it was quite a relief on Sunday to get caught up on laundry with binge watching Netflix and doing a little painting in the garage with the wood stove.

Interestingly enough this little table is my first foray into chalk painting & wax. In fact, the drawer has brown wax on it because it was dry enough for me to try and it's kinda really cool how vintage it turns something with hardly any work. The whole thing will get done at some point this week, probably.

I'm also looking at my Tim Tags all together in one place and contemplating their display. Gunna have to build something and I can't wait. I'm guessing I'll get on that this weekend as well as actually decorate all three trees. I have been enjoying them up with the lights, but they are naked at the moment!

Well must rush off and finish off the week. Waving over at Sian who already Memorandum-ed this week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oh Deer Noel Container for THE CUTTING CAFE

Regina from over at THE CUTTING CAFE wanted us to decorate a container using her Christmas files this month. I was pretty sure this was going to be super fun and I wasn't disappointed! Printed out some of the paper from the 3 D Christmas Tree set which I used like washi around the top of this clear paint can. Then I cut the actual trees out of the file. Aren't they awesome! 

Wait, you need to see them from a different angle...

So much fun!

Those trees make a most excellent backdrop for my happy deer. I used the medium and small one here, but really they can be resized. And if you don't use them as a 3D item, they can be used flat on a card or scrapbook page. 

The paper that is included as a printable file is super cute too!

Gotta love a file that is really versatile! Happy Hump Day!