Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Tim Tag-mas to you!

Well I did it. All 12 Tim Tags of 2016 are done and dusted! So, I'm here wishing you a Merry Merry from over here in blog land. I also am popping in with my very last Tim! Tag of the year. My one little quote for 2016 is now complete! Unless you have been writing down each word, you will have to wait a little bit for the post with them all together because I am mean like that. Honest tho, it's worth it.

Other big news is that my office is actually clean too. I would hate to have anyone see the glittery frenzy of crafting. I like my work to look like it's easy peasy and that I never accidentally empty half a jar of gold embossing powder all over everything. Or glitter. All the gold paint is cleaned up too. Alright, on to the tag....

I'd love to say I spent a lot of time studying Tim's tag, but I saw a cluster of Christmas greenery and was like BAM I can do that. Also, that kick ass little deer from Lizzy Hill  jumped out of her package and onto my tag. I wish I had some of those Tim stars left over but those got used early on in 2016, so no stars on mine.

I was happy to include a family photo inside that very awesome cameo frame. Also some up cycled plastic from a package of socks that got spray painted a vintage gold and was used behind the deer. Always love a gold doily too!

Here's another photo looking the other way. That glitter kinda flew's cool here though looking like snow. Love those snowflakes too!

Stop back on tomorrow, I'll have a story or two for you. We are hosting a gaggle of teens for a party for Lexi & Luke's Christmas present. I hear there will be a chocolate fountain, no bake cheese cakes, and mac and cheese. It's a cheesy kinda thing!

Happy Happy!


  1. Fantastic tag ! I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

  2. So glad that deer came in handy! Loving the 'cameo' - what a great idea & I'm thinking it relates to your quote. Least I know who it's by now! Wish I HAD written the words down. Oh well. Teaching me patience!!!!

  3. So glad I went back far enough to see this gorgeous tag up close... LOVE!


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