Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy New Year Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

oh goodness...did I just do that? Put up something NOT CHRISTMAS related? I know! It's a bit refreshing actually. In fact, I just threw a Thanksgiving layout up on my scrap table to wrap up...it's almost time to put down the red and green paper, wipe the glitter off our faces, and start thinking about the New Year!

Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE has created a quick and simple background for a 2017 New 
Year's Card. It's just the thing for a quick card. I added some green sparkle background paper to mine, a gold doily, and some green crinkle ribbon.

I print my backgrounds on photo paper so they really come out nicely. Love it!

Happy Tuesday! Only eleven days until the New Year!


  1. I TELL YOU, I COULD POINT YOUR WORK OUT ANYWHERE...this is beyond gorgeous

  2. Super fun card. LOVE the background print and the sparkly touches. :)

  3. New Year? Nope. Ignoring this entirely. Even if it does look brill;)!!

  4. Wow... wow wow wow!! Love it all and Regina is right... I know your works of art right away when I see them and I LOVE them! This is no exception... awesome!

  5. It's really fresh looking. A very merry Christmas from everyone here to everyone there

  6. Your card is beautiful!! I think you should frame it!
    Krista H/Cutting Cafe Team Member

  7. Mitra,
    Your creations are so lovely..Your work just seems to always tell a sweet story with so much to say and see..Krista


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